Kimoi Onaho

Hello hello, fellow hentai consumers ! Let’s have a look at Kimoi Onaho, an onahole made by Trance Innovation, a product series by Outvision ! Packaging My oh my. Trance Innovation is a series of products combining an erotic audio […] Read More

Onasheet Monster

Look at them. Pieces of soft TPE with dangerous structures. Perfect for fantasizing about dirty stuff with tentacle monsters and alike. Pour some lube on it… and get started ! (for those with very sensitive glans like me, this feels […] Read More

Hunter Girl series

Tentacle monsters are quite common in hentai series. But almost always, you notice that the tentacle monsters “take care” of girls only. Almost. From my (huge) hentai collection, I’ve one or two shows where the one being raped by tentacles […] Read More