Monster Wet Real

Before starting this review, let me wish to all of you guys a happy new year 2017 ! May this year bring you luck, fortune, health, money, a girlfriend, new awesome hentai and fap material or even a 2D hollogram of a cute anime girl ! We’re reaching our heaven mates, so be patient. (robotic dools, VR, stuff like this…)

But new year also means new onahole to review. The one I’m going to review has been sent to me by the awesome staff of Motsu Toy’s (BIG thumbs up for them!) and is made by Magic Eyes. As you may already know they are well known for their uh… original and unique ideas, I would say.

Here, they came out with the idea of a tentacle. Yes. A TENTACLEEEEE ! ~~~~~~~


You remember in my last review of Chitsu Niku Puni Puni when I said the design kinda looked like a fuckable tentacle ? Well, here it doesn’t only “look like” it actually IS a fuckable tentacle ! Amazing isn’t it ?


As always, let’s start with a few pictures and a quick review of the box.

Concerning the packaging itself I would say that it’s both weird and good. On one hand, the box looks rather disapointing since we have no cute 2D artwork, tons of kanjis you can’t possibly read (at least I can’t) an overcharged design with tons of things here and there… but on the other hand I feel like it depicts perfectly all the madness and excitation of all those tentacle hentai/eroge with harsh and amazing sex scene we’ve already all seen. (if you didn’t, get out)

The cardboard used is rather weak and thin though, I didn’t like it that much since I like keeping my box in nice shape to store my onaholes. Also the images of the inside of the product aren’t really clear so we don’t properly see how it actually looks like…

I must say, the Inyouchuu series is definitely THE hentai you should watch if you were to buy and use this product. Because yeah, tentacle onahole are the best match with tentacle anime !


If you haven’t seen the Inyouchuu series yet, and if you love tentacle rape, bug/insects/tentacle insemination (and other weird shit…), womb penetration, epic and exciting sex scenes, endless climax, nipples penetration, madness, girls being used as vulgar fuckable trash aimed to have their womb filled up with shitty monster semen while going insane, then this masterpiece is for you !

Period, let’s get back to our onahole ~


Inside the box you’ll find: The onahole tentacle, a strange artwork and a 120 ML BOTTLE of tentacle juice ! (no it’s lube, rest reassured). After all that time, Magic Eyes finaly provided something decent instead of those usual stick of lube, that’s a very good point.

Quick note about the lube: The quality and texture are really nice and enjoyable to use with any onahole. It’s rather slimmy, so pay attention to not put too much inside your toys otherwise everything will pour out and make a mess over your chair or whatever you’re sitting on. The design isn’t special at all though. Same as for the box, we only got kanjis which I can’t read… however the shape of the bottle itself kinda reminds me of a hip flask ^^


As you can see, the Monster Wet Real is a unique onahole both because of its outside design but also since the inner structure is definitely something surprising that I’ve personnaly never experienced before. The pussy tentacle is double layered, which means that the outside feel soft to the touch while the insides are more firm and hence provides more stimulation. Actually, this layer is probably one of the most durable I’ve ever experienced with Magic Eye’s (which is well known for the fragility of its product)

Also, you can see it on one of the pic but the tunnel is not that deep. Actually it should have been a little bit deeper to fit my tastes since you end up having a huge part of the onahole being wasted for nothing. It’s also a bit annoying since all the material at the top keeps flopping on the sides while stroking…

The product itself looks really nice. I truly like the design with all those curves on the outside, you don’t necesseraly have a better grip on it but at least it makes it looks more like a tentacle, or at least something original and unique comparated to any other onahole. They wanna be a bit annoying for when you’ll be powdering it though…

The entrance looks ok, not much to say about it. Concerning the feeling of the outside and the smell, I personnaly didn’t notice any strong factory smell while opening it for the very first time, which is rather unusual with product from Magic Eye’s. Also the touch is really soft but as always tends to get sticky if you don’t powder it regularly !

The size is an other asset of this onahole. Despite the inner tunnel being a bit too short for my taste, I can’t complain about the outside lenght of the product standing at over 18.3cm for 620g.

This tentacle beast sure looks massive !


The sensations provided by this onahole aren’t anything like what I’ve already experienced before. The inner structure doesn’t include bumbs or dots and its aim is also not to reproduce a realistic feeling like you could experience with product such as Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo or La vie en ROSES.

To be honest, Magic Eyes once again surprised me by achieving on creating such a unique and impressive product. I’m not joking here but you can really feel like some kind of freaky tentacles are actually twisting and licking your dick once you get inside ! Or else, you could compare it on thrusting a bag full of hot noodles… yeah, I guess thats a good comparaison :3

Since the material used for the outside is rather flabby, the tightness of the product isn’t that strong. If you’re searching for something with an extreme tightness and vacuum, then this is definitely not the product that will suits you. I would say the tightness is average, not too strong or too weak so perfect for my tastes. I’m a bit disappointed there are not a stronger suction though (no vacuum chamber), I feel like this onahole could have been near perfection if it was a bit more intense on that point ~ like litteraly seeing this tentacle swallowing and playing with your dick without releasing her grip for a second !

The inner structure is definitely more focused on turns and twists aimed to stimulate your glans. You see those 3 tentacles at the entrance ? (yes tentacles inside a tentacle, isn’t life amazing ?)

Actually once you get your dick inside, those 3 little monster will keep on sliding up on your glans from the entrance hole up to the bottom. At first you won’t necesseraly notice them, but once you’ll be used to this brand new sensation, you’ll definitely see how much more pleasure they will add to your experience. Adding to that all the curves and twists of the tunnels (there are two other main tentacles deeper, but we can’t see them on the schema) I can assure you the sensation once reaching climax is totaly overwhelming !

Trust me, those perverted tentacles will suck every single drop of semen out of you !


To clean this depraved tentacle, simply rince and wash it under your focet with tepid water. Then pat the outdsides and insides dry with a thin microfiber towel (roll it up around one of your finger and then just go all the way inside). I recommand applying some cornstarch or baby powder though, because the material gets rather sticky after a few washes.


I really love using this toy. Actually I got used to prefer gentler onahole lately since I can have a better hold over myself on when I want to cum or not. It provides me more pleasure and I definitely love using it for like 30mn to an hour and even sometimes more. It’s just better and more satisfiying than finishing it in less than 5mn…

For this, the Monster Wet Real is awesome. And to enhance the experience, I really recommand warming the insides beforehand with a New USB Onaho Warmer ! However the price is a bit higher than other regular onahole, even though it completly worth it to me.

Now who said tentacles could only provide pleasure to a girl ???

Monster Wet Real
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ New sensations ! (tentacles ~~~~~) + Great feelings + No noticable factory smell + Easy to grab + Nice feeling on the outside + Super awesome design ! + Easy to clean and dry + Very durable materials + Finaly, Magic Eyes provides a BOTTLE of lube!
– Sensations might be too soft for some people – Lenght a bit too short to my taste – Material a bit too squishy (I don’t mind) – I guess people who dont like tentacle based hentai won’t like this product =)
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2 Replies to “Monster Wet Real”

  1. I was waiting for a Japanese company to hop on the tentacle onahole idea! and it would be Magic Eyes, wouldn’t it, haha. Ever since I saw Primal Hardwere’s Petunia (western hole w/ the same concept) I was wondering when I’d see a review of one of these come up.

    The outer design is really… soothing? To look at? I can’t really explain it, but it’s like ripples on a pond, or something.

  2. Monster wet real is probably one of my favorites in my collection, I bought the hard version and it has still lasted. Glad you like it. I’m debating getting the alarune one next.

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