Kimoi Onaho

Hello hello, fellow hentai consumers ! Let’s have a look at Kimoi Onaho, an onahole made by Trance Innovation, a product series by Outvision !



My oh my.

Trance Innovation is a series of products combining an erotic audio CD and a matching sextoy. I unleashed Google Translate onto the story:

Foreplay brother just follows me beyond me. It is surely awfully embarrassing, is not it? Because, because girls control the actions as they like, “o I do not know what I mean by my favorite ??? I taught you how to give it to you, okay? Hey, play with yourself, you broke up with this … Is not it crazy ?? And you are being ordered by girls … Older brother, you do not get infatuated ?! Does not fertilize? I do not know if a baby can not do it?

Temporal hell Have you thought that you can go? Hey you thought? Hey, you did not answer, you misunderstood to make it empty ?? There is no stupid foolish brother who did not understand it right ?? Such transformation of garbage

Ejaculation hell Well is okay, it will not break as it is, hey, follow me … Hello, I wish I had not made a while ago if I could taste such a hell …. but more I have to replenish it in Ho? Everything you do, you only have this opponent, so whatever it is you can not do it. Even if your head is pleasant and going crazy, I will continue until it gets stuck.

As you can guess, the girl is having a leading role over her brother, and uses the onahole on him, not letting him go until all his semen is taken out.

As illustration on the box, you’ll see that little sister in school uniform, with a maniac facial expression and holding up a grossly slimy organic-looking onahole or an actual monster she wants to get fertilized.

I like that so much ! Picture this: tentacle monster sliding a thin tube into your urethra, continuing further and further along your sperm duct until reaching your testicles, where it injects a special venom that boost their semen production hundredfold, then pulling out, and wrapping your whole penis inside a slimy tentacle that keeps stimulating you and sucking out the permanent cum stream shooting out of you, draining all your vital energy through sperm production which the monster feeds upon to create tentacle-monster eggs it then deposits into your ass and €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

Well that’s not exactly the story of this onahole πŸ˜€ There is hentai like that, so maybe someday we’ll see a matching onahole.


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole in plastic wrapping, and a 15mL sample of “Excellent” water-based lubricant. While I wouldn’t rate it “excellent”, it’s still a rather good lube. Should be enough for 2-3 uses.


This. Onahole.

When opening, you’ll notice the onahole has a rather strong plastic smell. It gets somewhat better after a few washes, but yeah. Don’t expect a high-grade material: it gets a bit oily too.

Like on the illustration, the onahole’s outside is a rugged surface, a mess of organic bumps like big warts or bernicles, surely conveying the “gross” context of the product. Around it’s entrance, little “teeth”. Actually convenient to hold the lube.

The entrance is just a small hole, so make sure to lube up properly to slide in without turning the toy inside-out on your way.


Inside you’ll see the red inner layer, the assembly is rather basic and significantly weaker than Magic Eyes’ dual layer toys.

The general shape of the inner layer is a straight tube. Just after the entrance there’s nothing more than 2 ribs, before a carpet of little suckers, a ribby section, then a few more suckers.. and that’s it.

The onahole lacks any significant suction/vacuum effect, and it’s small size will make you poke at the bottom very quickly. Too quickly.

About the suckers: they suck are useless and hardly felt. You feel them tickle somewhat when your glans brushes against them but.. nah. Lightyears away from Chu type 3.

When using, the onahole produces some “wet” noises, it… works great if you fantasize of a tentacle sloppily sucking at your penis, you see ? gross <3

What saves the onahole a bit is that rib section, they feel nice when you get them attacking your glans with shallow insertion. You better be deeply aroused by the toy’s external appearance or a juicy hentai to make them give you a satisfying orgasm.


Normally I don’t recommend turning dual-layer toys inside-out for cleaning, but I think you may not be using this onahole very often so… go ahead.

Nothing in particular about cleaning the toy: washing, soaping up, rinsing, patting dry, and storing away from direct sunlight in a well aerated spot.

Why would you apply baby powder on it’s surface ? Keep it oily and sticky, gotta keep the “gross” aspect of it ^^


What I retain as positive is the illustration and story behind the toy, monstrous onaholes allow for new kinds of fun so that’s welcome. Some nice ideas for the outside appearance of the toy.

But everything else.. smelly cheap material, tiny size, weak sensations, .. Overall that would be worth half the price.

  • 3/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3/10
  • 4/10
    Materials and cleaning - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 3/10
    Price - 3/10


+ illustration: crazy girl with gross organic thingy
+ outside appearance of the toy
+ some gross noises when using
– weak stimulation
– oily and smelly material
– too small for convenient use
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