A Fool’s Hero (60FPS)

A Fool’s Hero, 34 min of fun, made by Bastati, PsychoSplash, Nanashi, CuddleBear and Fryz3.

Good luck 😉

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11 Replies to “A Fool’s Hero (60FPS)”

  1. Yo.. this was actually made by more people in only about 2 weeks.


    these are the people who worked on it..

    so it’s a bit off calling it bastatis a fools hero.

  2. Although I have not watched a lot of hentai or played all of the fap heroes available, I must make some observations regarding this piece.

    First, the positive points.
    I like the lighting effects, such as pulsating and varying zoom according to the beat. I also found the beat bar to be clearer than the one normally used. Also positive is the fact that the scenes seem to have all been selected from recent hentai, which I personally prefer.

    Now, for the criticism.
    First and most glaring is the excessive use of cuts. While most fap heroes tend to loop certain scenes two or three times, this one not only didn’t, but it cut them in half. The action taking place changed so often in the screen that it was hard to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. The progression of the beats was also significantly underwhelming. There were 60 bpm periods up to round 4, and not just small stretches either! Perhaps different song selection would have helped.
    Another issue was the fact that both initial round were centered on women with very large breasts. Ideally, the rounds should have different types of women and different types of sex scattered across the video, so that if someone doesn’t care for a specific scene (e.g. very large breasts) the following will appeal to them. Other might disagree with that last observation, as it is of a somewhat subjective nature. The Pepsi Man ans Shia appearances were completely unnecessary.
    Lastly, I think it could have used more POV scenes, but that’s admittedly my own taste.

    In any way, thank you for your contribution to the genre. I (and others) definitely appreciate your dedication.

    1. I must agree, most of these fapheros tend to use the most vanilla of the vanilla, with the type of sex and type of woman mostly the same throughout the entire vid.

      I appreciate the effort of people making these, and I’m very glad that people are, but I hope that some more nonstandard stuff can crop up over time.

    1. Thank you for your opinion but this blog is a bit more than just a review database ^^

  3. Isn’t there a version of this meant as an april fools joke? It first apeard online around april, and its called the real version… i wonder if that alternative version is also avalible somewhere

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