Bastati’s Faphero: Era

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Here another Faphero “fap to the beat”-game made by Bastati: Era ! Grab your hand or favorite toy and drive yourself crazy !

  • updated 2016-06-26 : 60 FPS version

32:17. Do as you’re told, and try to hold it until you’re allowed to cum, at 30:40. Good luck and have fun !!

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Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Pan and sex-positive. Freedoms activist.

10 Replies to “Bastati’s Faphero: Era

    1. なまイキ ~生粋荘へようこそ!~ THE ANIMATION
      namaiki ~namaikisou he youkoso!

  1. Hello 🙂
    Nice work!
    The songs on all these videos are awesome but i got no idea what tipe they are or how can i find them could some drop a link or a description ? please

  2. I liked this faphero particularly because it kept my donger up the whole time. Most fapheroes i’ve played has gotten my donger to go flaccid while taking a break before the next round. Maybe because the breaks were short in this one?

  3. Is the best FAP of my fucking life, its a torture follow the rythm of the music but its awesome, I’ll do it all the year, may be interesting doing with a robot girl that eat my semen

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