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Chibi Naho-chan for the ‘About’ page !

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Quick news: I just updated the About page, replacing the pictures used for the sections by RenRen‘s newest drawings of chibi Naho !


RenRen was already working on another project, but immediately started drawing Naho with all those different outfits and situations, I’m very very impressed by the result and RenRen’s gorgeous speed and talent, and oooooh Naho-chan is such a qtπ, and chibi isn’t even RenRen’s specialty ! Thank  you RenRen, you’re the best !


Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pansexual. Genderbender. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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One Comment
  1. AnonymousD

    Woah, nice! This blog gets to look more and more professional with this. Good job RenRen!

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