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SAX’ Faphero: Animex 1.0


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The Animex is a connected device for playing games and videos. But yours got hacked, and now you must defend it or else you’ll loose control ! Can you resist the hacker’s assaults and try to save your sanity when even your virtual imouto got her functions “tweaked” ?

SAX created here a very good faphero with 3D animations, it’s not easy to beat and it’s pretty fucking much satisfying to cum at the end of the final countdown.

47:44, with 1-minute countdown in final reward round. Do as you’re told, and try to hold it until the end. Good luck and have fun !!


Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Asexual. Genderbender. Panromantic. Liberal. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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  1. Tried it already twice, can’t finish it. Finally something challenging! Thanks for making it SAX, I love your Fapheroes!

  2. I’m looking forward to playing this. I always find sax’s work quite challenging

  3. i like the first scene. Is it from a game?

  4. Cr4zyDuck

    Didn’t know what this. Kind of strange for me to fap while listeing such good music (does anyone knows the title of those playing at 4:00 and 10:00 ?)
    I’m better with doujin/eroge/or hentai.

  5. This is amazing! Definitely the hardest one to beat to date. This one might take me a while.

    • Oh, if you’re looking for the hardest ones, try Bastati’s Fap Heroes :3
      Even the Warm-ups are quite challenging :p

      • Way ahead of you there haha. I feel like the tempo for bastati’s are too fast to use with an onahole though. Still have yet to beat era.. :/

  6. It realy is hard.
    It went quite well for me (even tho I was “playing” a different faphero right before this one without cumming), but the loli totally got me 😀

    I love that there are so many different characters and not just some straight, big busted, 20-30 years old girls.
    there are some “normal” scenes, a loli, some XXL tits and even one futa “level”.

    sorry for my english and for using so many quotation marks 😛

  7. dam, this was a good one, just wish I didn’t recognise so much of the music!

    like, the VVVVVV and FTL music at the start was a bit jarring but I got used to it but what really threw me for a loop was the girl on the train. spent most of the time with her thinking what her music was from! Impossible game gave me frigging PTSD man

    overall a stellar challenge, well done

  8. Could you maybe make a version with just scenes from kabegami shoujo? I’m aware the original is 25 mins long so at least there exists source material.

    • Well… Definitely not gonna happen :p
      And you might be surprised but I actually used 80% of the scenes from “Kabegami Shoujo?” in her round.

  9. For a testrun I tried it without an onahole.
    The speed was horrible, I coudn’t get in the mood!
    I made it until the end but there was no pleasure at all (but the countdown was a great idea!).
    Have to search for a much slower rhythm faphero.
    I also don’t liked the CGI Characters that much, I still prefer drawn anime figures.

    Maybe I just had a bad day….
    Next time I try it with different oneholes (hard and soft).
    I won’t give up 😀

  10. challenges like these are why I end up breaking my onaholes. thanks mate, great work.

  11. Great work! Merci!

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