Melfi the little succubus!

From the demon world she came, eager to sharpen her nascent powers on young humans. Melfi the little succubus silently glides in the night sky over the sleeping city, sensing the pent-up lust of the unaware citizen, biting her lower lip she looks forward many feasts for the weeks and months to come. Who’s gonna be her first victims?

Among the potentially yummiest preys, she seeks those using sextoys. She’s gonna find them, she’s gonna embed her powers into their favorite toys, she’s gonna grow their sexual thirst yet deny them any relief, she’s gonna drive them to the brink of insanity up until she appears to them and make them beg for the ultimate orgasm! visitors, beware of Melfi !

Welcome and many thanks to @Alpacameltoe for the commissioned artwork, also make sure to check out Alpacameltoe’s other πŸ”ž creations on Twitter and Tumblr!

Do you also wonder what Melfi the little succubus is up to next? 😊

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4 Replies to “Melfi the little succubus!”

  1. I beware of nothing!

    …as an unfortunate amount of scars crisscrossing my hands, one testicle a peculiar perversion relating to cream eclairs may attest to…

    Gotta say, she’s a little cutie! Though I say that about pretty much anything in knee-highs. And I mean anything!

    Is she a new mascot or is she something more devilish?

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