Mantis the Drone

Hello everyone, today let’s take under review Mantis the Drone, a dildo made by Twin Tail Creations!

One thing that there’s no shortage of in the western sextoy industry, are dildos. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials, to ravish any user experienced or not.

Yet when it comes to fantasy toys, the selection shrinks significantly. Out of the noteworthy dildo makers appealing to the fantasy of mythical animals, one company gets mentioned more often than it should: Bad Dragon.

Upon reading about some ethical/legal issues about Bad Dragon, one company got mentioned as a relevant alternative: Frisky Beast. Many thanks to fellow blogger Hierophant for their review of the Euphoberia, making me discover Frisky Beast! Sadly, by the time I had the opportunity to get one of their products, Frisky Beast had developed a significant backlog of orders and humanly it couldn’t grow further. That’s when Frisky Beast merged with Twin Tail Creations, bringing it’s product catalog and business operations.

Fast forward several months, I receive my Mantis the Drone in my mailbox, a former Frisky Beast product now made by Twin Tail Creations!

Note: for the products, it is possible to select size, firmness, colors. In my case, I selected the “mini” size, “medium” firmness, “copper highlight” coloration. It’s product reference is 1951.


The toy comes in a simple plastic wrap with the company brand

However that would hardly give justice to a fantasy toy, so luckily TTC gives the customer some fantasy fuel on their website with a character artwork:

Ouuuh, that seems quite a dangerous creature to encounter :3 And TTC gives out some yummy details:

On the outskirts of the planet’s desolate terrain there are creatures that make these wastelands their home. “The Drones”, as they’re called, are very single-minded in their drive to grow the massive and ever expanding colony. Yet, despite their name, Drones are actually highly intelligent, selecting only the best partners to mate with and pass on their genetic code. Are you ready to become part of the swarm?

The Drone was designed, sculpted and printed by Video with character art provided by RevaDieHard!

Ain’t you feeling a shiver down your spine at the thought of getting captured, forcefully taken to the hive and bred over and over again? *drools*


Inside the parcel you find the already pictured toy in plastic wrap, also in the wrap you may find a little bonus item, showing you the material, and maintenance instructions.

It’s quite “right to the point”, would have been nice to have some additional goodies like a printout of the illustration Drone, perhaps a toy bag..


Mantis the Drone in “mini” size has a total length of 130mm, of which about 100mm insertable, around 35mm maximum width and ~110mm girth for the insertable part and a 70mm wide base.

Side by side comparison with Pride Dildo Thick Rick:

It’s firmness is rather lower than Pride Dildo, pretty comparable to an erect penis’ firmness. It can be slightly bent, which eases insertion. The flared base allows safe sitting on the shelf (optionally the toy can be made with a suction cup), and also prevents the toy from getting sucked in and stuck inside the rectum (which is a medical emergency requiring surgery, always be careful about what you put into your butt!)

In the “copper highlight” coloration, Mantis the Drone has a nice copper color with shades and glitter of orange and grey/blueish oxidation marks, hinting at a copper alloy such as bronze.

While the original colorations revolve around metal-like appearance, it’s possible to customize with marbled colors, fading,… or trust Twin Tail Creations for a surprise.

As for the material, it’s made in non-porous silicon. It has no smell, doesn’t get sticky or oily, and is safe to use with water-based lubricant. Just avoid putting it into contact with other silicon toys, and -absolutely not- use silicon lube.


Oh, this is the part I kinda struggle with. As much I get a clear picture when using an onahole almost daily for a few weeks, I’m way less confident there.

See, I’m pretty inexperienced with anal play still, and my latest session reminded me of it: despite the small/mini size and plentiful lubricant, I just don’t relax enough to comfortably welcome Mantis the Drone in my butt (that distinct stinging sensation when you get a micro-tear mmmmh)

Nevertheless, it’s shape allows rather easy alignment with your hole, and the “scaly” surface doesn’t hinder sliding. The little wavy structure on the underside of the dildo? Yup yup, felt!

Obviously it doesn’t feel as “filling” as Thick Rick, and it’s shape doesn’t target the prostate. Still: close your eyes, and imagine being bred by a Drone as you slide the dildo in and out of you~

As I’m sure most of penis-wielders already know, simply having something inside your butt (may it be just fingers) significantly increases orgasm intensity; clamping down hard around the toy got me pop it out, telling me the toy’s narrowing base is not pronounced enough to keep the toy comfortably in place.

As for oral, well for that I have no trouble at all fitting it in me, although my gag reflex kicks in quite long before I manage to reach the base, soooo there’s room for self-improvement here too!

Feel free to post in comments your own experience with Mantis the Drone!


Since this toy goes into a body cavity (no matter mouth, anus or vagina), it’s very important to clean it before and after each use.

Quickly rinse it off with hot water, soap it up well and good, rinse again, repeat if necessary. For extra cleaning you can put it in the dishwasher, it withstands the detergent and heat very well.

Then, use an antibacterial spray (benzalkonium chloride, hydrogen peroxide..) and let the toy rest and dry for several hours.


The internet is riddled with rubber or plastic crap that you really shouldn’t get a hand on, let alone getting them anywhere near a body cavity. Some brands go as far as creating fake blogs (disguised advertisement), or bribing popular bloggers for unearned praise. In the quest for good dildos, many find themselves in the middle of a minefield.

So, it’s always a pleasure for a blogger to talk about a genuine product people can safely explore. Took me almost 4 years but I finally bought and got to post about a Frisky Beast product, even if it’s now in Twin Tail Creation’s catalog. As expected, it’s a customizable silicone dildo, and a great companion for fantasy-masturbation. So far, so good!

For an anal-fun novice like me, Mantis the Drone surely can’t express it’s full potential. In “mini” size, the dildo barely reaches the prostate, and it surely doesn’t pack the “filling” of bigger dildos. Nevertheless, it already does great as tension-helper, for quite impressive impact on orgasm intensity during ejaculation.

Cleaning is not particularly difficult, even in the crevices. Some may simply throw it into the dishwasher to get it sparkling clean.

However, silicone has a price: a rather high one. While I consider the 30-40 USD range relevant for higher-tier sextoys, Mantis the Drone requires at least 45 USD for the mini size in solid/surprise color, going as high as 145 USD for the large size in the signature or fade coloring. Not including shipping fees, who can be hefty outside USA. And perhaps import taxes and duties.

Mantis the Drone is an investment. And while I don’t use it often, it’s still a beautiful product 🙂

Mantis the Drone
  • 4.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4.5/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8.2/10
    Packaging and addons - 8.2/10
  • 2.5/10
    Price - 2.5/10


+ beautiful!
+ great fantasy help
+ customizable to the core
+ high quality silicone indeed
– experience in anal masturbation recommended
– price
User Review
10/10 (1 vote)

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  1. silicone can also be boiled to sterilize it. keep in mind it must be stored carefully! silicone can react with other materials, which has cost many people numerous toys. pure silicone should never be stored with silicone blends, other rubbers, or plastic. I recommend cloth toy bags. they’ll last pretty much forever!

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