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Onaholes: sometimes a risky hobby

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Hey guys, I think I should get into details and tell you the scary and somewhat painful story of mine during the last days :)

About ten days ago, I had myself a little overview with the new stuff I bought, including a disposable cup called “Virgin Cup”. You will learn more about this item in a following review , the only thing to consider for now is that this onahole has a sort of hymen. A sort of, because there’s no way this can be lifelike. The idea is: with your shaft, you rip open a plastic membrane, releasing a small amount of pink-colored lube in the aim to make you think about defloration blood.

Little problem: the membrane is rather thick and solid, you have to press the onahole pretty bad to force your full erect penis into it. I didn’t register immediately what effects this kind of forceful use has on me. The next hours, I mind my business, somehow reading this article (French) about testicular torsion. Maybe like many men, I don’t feel quite good after reading this, in fact I didn’t know this actually exists. I feel strange but I don’t pass out, somehow I feel my left testicle feels more… sensitive.

No, not sensitive, that’s not the word. A kind of… light but continuous pain, under the belly. At first I thought it was a psychosomatic effect after reading the article and Wikipedia, then I thought it was because I kept thinking about it… then I had to face it: something was wrong with my left testicle. Took a shower and examined the testicle, but no symptoms like swelling or deformed glans, I didn’t judge it worrying enough to go to the doctor.

The situation lasts for days, the main worry being in the bed: I had to lay flat on my back, laying on the side was unpleasant and sometimes lightly painful. And I kept asking myself: why this ? Has the reading of the article awaken something chronic ? Did an onahole or a lube started this ? Was it plain coincidence of something I could have had anyway ? And then I remembered how forceful I was with the Virgin Cup: forcing my hard cock inside really could have pressed and damaged not directly the testicle, but the spermatic channel and/or a blood vessel. And that’s the conclusion I kept. And I tweeted it.


I’m checking this out daily, but it really seems it’s healing. Big relief. Can fap again. At first carefully with the fingers, the next day with Ona Pit, and now I enjoyed Puny Virgin and Secret Twin Tales.

But two things are for sure: experiencing the kind of constant discomfort and weakness I never want this again, and the review of Virgin Cup will be rather… irrational. There’s no space for forgiveness now :)

Really take care of your parts, gentlemen. And never bruteforce any hymen.

Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pan-oriented and liberal. オナホ復習 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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  1. Ouch that sounds horrible, I feel sick just reading about it. Good to know you’re okay though.

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