“Will onahole take your virginity ?”

So, last month this was asked to Google, which led the curious boy (or girl) to Onahole Review, where the answer isn’t given (the two main keywords “onahole” and “virginity” are just spread all over the place). Like every month I put together all these failing Google/Bing/-whatever-  requests in the Answers for Googlers thread. Keep in mind my Piwik only tracks visitors who didn’t activate DNT (and for Google keywords: who aren’t logged in). I can only see a rough 1 out of 10 search keywords and it’s already quite fun, I can just imagine how epic some keywords may be. Anyway.

To this question,  I answered that virginity is nothing of a big deal, especially of you’re not religious. I find it sad that people focus so much on their virginity (may it be loosing it or “getting it back by surgery”) that they just can’t enjoy sex, dirty thoughts or living in couple/group. This old concept of “virginity = purity” should not exist anymore.

In that sense, using an onahole is already pretty much “impure”, no ? (so may say the major religions at least)

People are saying a girl is a virgin as long as their hymen is intact. As a matter of fact:

  • a girl can break her hymen quite randomly, for example during sports or while trying to apply a tampon
  • some girls are born without hymen at all
  • the hymen can be restored by surgery
  • … the hymen isn’t a membrane, just two “skin flaps” each side of the vagina’s entrace
  • .. the hymen doesn’t contain blood
  • .. the hymen is not supposed to be injured

Doesn’t seem to matter how, but when a girl hasn’t a hymen: “she’s no longer a virgin” so they say.

So, does a girl loose her virginity by injuring her hymen with a dildo ? Well yes, they might say. (and you bet I found a video of this some time ago, a girl who just filmed herself breaking her hymen open badly injuring her vaginal walls with a dildo without even masturbating, just to show the blood, kinda)

So… how do people generally define virginity for boys ? Are virgins:

  • boys who never had erotic thoughts (does that even exist ? well, maybe Buddhist monks..)
  • boys who never masturbated
  • boys who never sticked their penis inside a hole
  • boys who never were inside a girl’s pussy with a condom
  • boys who never raw fucked a girl’s pussy  (and does the girl has to be alive, mature and willing ?)

Pick your choice. You guess if the answer is “raw fucking a vagina”, this is plain stupid and dangerous since STDs (and since people make such a fuss about virginity, a boy could want to loose it by any means as fast as possible: a prostitute, a person without love, or raping a random person -even his 5 year old little sister ??!!)

Onaholes aren’t meant as “vagina-replacements” even if they sometimes try to mimic it, and sorry fellow feminists but I don’t think onaholes train boys into “fucking a girl anytime” -it may actually reduce girl sexual objectification. Onaholes are masturbation aids, exactly like dildos and vibrators are for girls. That’s why I don’t see why “boy’s virginity” couldn’t be lost with an object. Hell, the whole debate is stupid.

Boys, girls, don’t care. You’re not virgins: you have nothing to “loose” by being happy. Enjoy yourself !

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6 Replies to ““Will onahole take your virginity ?””

  1. In my opinion virginity is something that has to do with people, using objects is just masturbation for both male and females alike.
    About the importance of virginity and purity… that is something that change from a person to another so it’s useless to discuss no one would change their mind and rightfully so.

  2. Great job with enlightening those who were unaware or curious about this topic. Even though most here will disregard virginity as something important, Its still nice to see something like this every now and then.

  3. You’re taking this too seriously.. I don’t find this article necessary. You should know that most of nerds like us online don’t give a fuck about their virginity, just only the “non-losers” care about it.
    “I found a video of this some time ago, a girl who just filmed herself breaking her hymen open with a dildo without even masturbating, just to put that away and show the blood, kinda” I kinda wanna see that, if u got a link.. 😛

    1. Don’t take away my pleasure of writing such kind of pseudo-philosophic posts, I know most regular visitors won’t learn anything new with it, but still ^-^

      I found that video on eMule and it was like.. 10 years ago ? Don’t know if I can find that on porn streams, but I’ll try 😉
      EDIT: found ! h++p://motherless.com/E722DC9
      (well the one I got then hadn’t sound… don’t even try to search “hymen” on eMule nowadays, WTF)

    2. That was interesting.
      Especially because you describe pretty well how stupid “virginity concept” is.
      I never had sex with anygirl or anyone else by the way ^^’ because no, i am not gay or bi.
      But i like yuri eroges lol . Well, i only read/play “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo” but not all games from this serie. And I read/play “Sugar’s Delight” even if there aren’t voices).
      Anyway, i don’t care if i am still virgin (as “they” say) because “i didn’t do it” yet with a real girl or if i am not virgin anymore because i use an onahole.
      Ah, by the way, i think wedding is as stupid as virginity concept (sometime more even if both of those are useless and bothering).
      For me, feelings between a boy and a girl (or 2 boys or 2 girls ^^ ) are a bond strong enough.
      No need of a worthless paper for that. However, people can marry if they want but, it’s still useless.

      OK, i told some of my thinks.
      Now about that video link, that was the “first time” (if i can say ^^’ ) that i see that.
      I mean, a girl who breaks her hymen with a dildo. And well, not a so awful bleeding, i guess.
      No, i didn’t see many porn video since i look for ecchi and hentai pictures.
      And, i haven’t a “loosing-virginity” fetish so, voilà quoi lol
      thank you ^^

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