Air Girl -Air Usahane-

Air Girl -Air Usahane-

Ladies and gentlemen, Usahane ! A quite popular love doll made by Tokyo Libido. I’ll tell you why it’s one of the best inflatable love dolls on the market. Do your last prayer to whatever you worship, because I’ll ruin your mind right now.

Air Usahane official website and Twitter.

The first thing you’ll ask me is: why the fuck did I buy this. You surely remember I got in the past HUG ME!! air pillow (mega-deceiving), Small Sister Hug Pillow (WTF), Piston Magic (doh) and the Airy Doll (holy crap).

Remember that ?


Yes, I still had the seifuku while the “nurse” was long gone. I had three choices for this seifuku:

  1. thrash bin
  2. gift to 9 year old kid
  3. Air Usahane

Obviously, choice 3.

Air Usahane is quite interesting as love doll because unlike many others (Aki, Nana, Miyu, Risa, …), Usahane is a “complete” doll with a head, arms, legs, hands and feet. Well, I guess some people prefer beheaded, but… well. Usahane also has a wide variety of accessories (“rich jewelry” so says NLS) so the doll can be customized at will to match your fantasies: dresses, “skin”, face masks, wigs, .. lots of stuff. For now I only have the doll itself with the seifuku, but I’m considering pushing further. Here a few examples:


There. Are. So. Many. NLS doesn’t even have that much. I’m discovering right now. OMG.

..  ok your custom waifu is ready. Now what ? Sitting on lap, kissing and hugging ? Where do you think you are ?


Actually no I didn’t got the dedicated onaholes. I’m using Virgin Loop, quite good. Some baby powder on it for easier putting inside, then blowing up doll, dressing up, profit. Virgin Loop gives pretty good stimulation while being easy to go into, not too tight, just fine.



(with the mandatory pantsu on the face, it’s the one coming with Secret Twin Tales 2)


I bet you never saw something like this: love doll on hentai Kuroneko dakimakura and hentai Haganai dakimakura (Maria+Kobato)  all this on a hentai Lucky Star bedsheet.

Aside from this (awesome) doggystyle, Air Usahane can be fucked in missionary, cowgirl, spoons, lotus,…  arms and legs can’t be moved much, but most stuff is possible (but not blowjob.. maybe “unblowjob” in that case…)

À propos unblowing: Air Usahane is obviously much more durable than the other blow-up shit I got before. That’s good because to dress the doll you have to press and stir the arms.

The cleaning can be troublesome even if you didn’t smear your semen on the doll and clothes: because it isn’t the official onahole I’m using, I have to unblow the doll a bit to take the onahole out. But I’m generally so lazy after the fun that I just use this. When everything’s clean, I store the doll back in the closet.


In case you wonder how it feels to kiss the bare plastic of the doll: nowhere close to kissing a dakimakura.

I bet this lovedoll sexdoll creeps out most of humanity and that’s okay because YOLO and life is all about experiencing crazy stuff, but I need some time and thinking about if I really want to customize further (how far ? So far I have to start a contest here to give the doll a name ?).

… hey, got an idea. I could lend the doll to you, you would just need your compatible onahole to stick into and for 5 € I let you have fun with it. And with the money I’d buy more clothes, face masks and wigs, you will like it and come back for another round again and again, at the end I’m rich and with all the accessories while you had your fun without having to buy the stuff and store it in your room because you live at your parents’ or whatever. Sounds like a good plan ? 😀  “Akaihebi, official love doll pimp in the EU”

Anyway. If you do like quality air dolls with many accessories, go for it.

[addendum March 16th, 2014]

Oh well, it exploded. Forget about that doll, ain’t that ultra durable after all.

Air Girl -Air Usahane-
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


Match your fantasies with this highly customizable love doll

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13 Replies to “Air Girl -Air Usahane-”

  1. I’d highly recommend usahane myself very durable (talking 70 uses plus) and of a good size for those of us who like petite/delicate girls. there are loads of OFFICIAL ACCESSORIES but the way its made allows you to mix and match with other brands such as the namachichi stuff. all in all its a good cash void

  2. Whoa the prices of the accessories are not cheap.. cheaper than for a dollfie but not cheap compared to usahane itself..
    Any threads in the board discussing what must-have accessories when buying usahane?

    1. No. And I don’t think so: to be they seem overrated, expensive, and “mainstream”. Porn actresses on the box don’t justify everything.

  3. Congrats for the usahane doll…
    I´m really scared to buy one because of the durability…
    I once had the air doll Risa version from the love doll series… and it punctured in the first use.
    I already owned 3 love dolls, the risa, ren and aki.. and all of them have the same problem in the same place, near the entrance… just get… POOF with a few uses.

    And i dont even force them… or sleep with them… and nothing like that.

    But what about this one akai ?
    What can you say about the durability of the Usahane one?
    Can i trust in this one?

  4. ufufu :3
    Maybe the next doll i’ll order… well, once i’ll live alone in a studio (or another kind of apartment). If it happens in a close future. I am not there yet T-T
    So, sure this doll seems something great (or could i say huge ? no, too “big” to say it lol).
    Even if, the picture is always better (for me ^^ ), here we can try to get a close similiraty with the “virtual” girl (but not totaly, only dreams each night can do it, as well as you can control it. Not so easy and not working often enough T~T ).
    But first, i’ll continue to use my Puni Ana… oh well, tou know what onahole i still have.
    And, in the bed with Flan, this is quite enough for me, for now and a quite long time 🙂

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