Oh, here’s 2015 already

Happy new year everyone πŸ™‚

Oh bloody hell, what a year. Lots of ups and downs at full speed, like a roller coaster. New things learned. Awesome people met (Tailstelltales, RenRen, Infernal Monkey…). Good (and less good) onaholes fucked to reduce the stress. Getting onaholes choosen by visitors <3 . Gu’s Faphero. The VORZE A10 Cyclone SA porn-fapmachine of the future. Showing prices in lots of currencies (including Bitcoin, that ToyDemon now accepts for international customers). More fun with Ask.fm. Youtube channel ’cause why the hell not. A short visual novel for Christmas (thumb up to RenRen for the amazing drawings). Lots of russians preparing for the Fap Hero world championship (seemingly). And having fun on Twitter with new onahole users.

These last months, I noticed a big increase of tweets about onaholes. There’s always an onahole thread on 4chan’s /jp/. Guys, in 2015, we get onaholes broadcasted on CNN so they never get confused for mushrooms in China ever again. Well, maybe not so far. But I’m very happy seeing onaholes become more and more popular, because in the past years “western male sex toys” stagnated and remained overpriced low-quality crap. Doesn’t matter if the keyword is “onahole” or “masturbator” or “male sextoy”: I wish more and more people discover onahole-masturbation and become comfortable with it. Exploring new pleasures, enhancing their faps, making new bed games with their partner(s)…
2015 will be interesting, with new steps towards sexbot technology, new hentai kinks hitting the market, maybe even some more otaku-sextoys for girls. I also hope to see more onahole bloggers, don’t be shy and open up a WordPress already πŸ˜‰

Have a good time, be safe and have lots of fun next year !

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4 Replies to “Oh, here’s 2015 already”

  1. Happy New Year Akaihebi

    To a year that i hope will be filled with lots of new and pleasurable onaholes ^^

    Also Happy New Year Gu if you’re reading this, i hope you’ll be able to continue your Fap Hero series in 2015

  2. Happy New Years, AkaiHebi.
    Thanks for showing me the wonderful world of onaholes and helping me avoid some dodgy entries this year.
    Hopefully 2015 will be even better.
    By the way, have you had a chance of trying the Maiden?
    I saw your tweet on it, but haven’t heard much else. It’s mouth watering good.

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