Summer: Naho-chan and the Suikawari

Summer in Japan is very hot and damp. With mid-term exams at school coming to and end, Naho-chan and all her friends (including the Onahole Review team) decided to go to Tanoshiihama by train, and having fun together at the beach. Naho-chan got so excited to show everyone her new summer swimsuit with ribbons !

One of Japan’s traditions when going to the beach is the suikawari ? ( スイカ割り ), the “watermelon-splitting” game in which the watermelon, lying on the ground, must be split open by someone blindfolded using a stick.

As the game was ongoing with Cr4zyDuck’s turn in trying to hit the watermelon, a stronger wave suddenly ran over the beach and took the watermelon with it ! Swiftly, Naho-chan jumped into the seawater and saved the watermelon from drifting away into the ocean. “Waah~, safe !” she said, looking up at the applauding friends while holding the watermelon between her hands.


But barely did she caught her breath, up came the next wave, flowing over her body and rushing onto the beach, before pulling back into the big blue depths. A sudden silence happened, as Naho-chan felt something was taken away from her by the ocean…


? Many thanks to RenRen for these awesome new wallpapers of our mascot Naho-chan, make sure to check RenRen’s Pixiv for more stunning drawings and how to get in touch for commissioned work !

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1 Reply to “Summer: Naho-chan and the Suikawari”

  1. I did the watermelon-splitting last year in Japan, great memories!

    Thanks for the nice artwork!
    It seems that Naho-chan can’t be a incocent gril any more^^

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