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Winter: Naho-chan is here to warm you up!


Winter is here, but no worries, Naho chan is coming to warm you up… with onaholes 😉
The new Winter themed banner was done by RenRen, a good friend of us the guys at Onahole Review. RenRen takes comissions, so if you like their artstyle, contact them without a doubt!
And now, the full sized wallpapers! Enjoy!





Author: AnonymousD

Professional fapper. Member of #2dmasterrace. Ask me any questions about the review in the comment box below!

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  1. Hello AnonymousD,
    I have bought some items from NLS.
    I have done my payment. i did not receive any order conformation from NLS.
    But the all 4 Processing status in Order Status turn blue already.
    Is this mean the items have been dispatched?

    Btw,Naho-chan is so cute 🙂
    J monster

    • It happened to one of my friend. If more than 5 week days have passed, send them a note to give them a reminder.

    • AnonymousD

      Hello, sorry for the late reply. I must receive an email when the order is shipped. If I remember correctly, if all fields are blue, then your order should be shipped soon in a few days. I guess you should wait around 1 week, and contact them asking them if they will ship the order,
      Add the order number in your message to make it easier for them to reply you as soon as they can. Hope I helped. 🙂

  2. I think it looks like is going to be that cold.
    But Naho-chan should take her work serious! 😀

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