SAX’ Faphero: School of Sin

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Back to school with this new faphero, made by SAX (and helped by DoniZ for English translation) ! Hostess, beatbar, good anime and music choices, everything one needs for fun masturbation ! Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy !

35:32. Do as you’re told, and try to hold it until the end. Good luck and have fun !!

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19 Replies to “SAX’ Faphero: School of Sin”

  1. My god SAX, that was amazing. I realy like how the beats were at a pretty high tempo from the start. I have been defeated

      1. I made it, I have redeemed myself. Last time i tried i failed on the final set of beats before the reward round ×_×
        Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to your next chalange

  2. love the bgm of koi x shin ai kanojo
    it’s a good h game
    all bgms of that game were masterpieces.

    and thx for this awesome work ^^

    1. I didn’t know about this game’s BGM before making research for the FH.
      But yeah, all these musics are just amazing 🙂

  3. thanks for creating this piece of work, you have my praise!!
    the editing is high level, one of the best 3 fap hero i’ve seen yet 🙂

  4. sax is the only one to have a reasonable beat timer for human beings to follow the beat, lol great job

    1. Ah ah, it actually fits my own “Fapping level”, that’s probably why some people seem to feel like it’s a little too easy.

  5. SAX, you really like oldschool hentai! Thanks for making this one, kinda too easy but enjoyed it a lot.

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