USB Onaho Warmer

Update Feb. 10, 2014: you may want check the new version (I added warnings and reports you may want to check)

One step closer to the “real thing”. Until recently, I was fucking ice cold plastic too. But these days are over: now I’m fucking nicely warm plastic without using hot water !

And since it’s USB, you don’t have to worry about outlets and voltage. (hey fellow Australians: I totally love how your outlets look like 😀 Makes me wanna watch Scream again)

If you’re fapping on your standard PC then there’s no worry, but if you’re fapping on your bed and need your laptop: make sure you have enough battery power. Hell you can find outlet-to-USB adapters or stuff for your car’s cigarette lighter. Or you can plug it to your hamster’s wheel *just kidding.


(Apple keyboard, booo ! Let it fry ’till there nothing more than smoke !)

So, what can I say…  you plug it in the USB port, it warms up after a few minutes, you pour some lube in the onahole, you stick the warmer inside, you let it heat the onahole for 2-5 minutes, and there you go.


Don’t let it warm too long ! The warming stick heats up to 42°C, which makes the onahole conveniently as warm as a girl’s vagina, but the onahole material (especially TPE, which is pretty common and best whatsoever) is pretty sensitive to thermal variations (that’s also why you shouldn’t use the hairdryer to dry the onahole after cleaning).

Your beloved blogmaster experienced this with “Miu“, that’s what happens when the hentai is slow to reach the dirty sex scenes: the onahole heated up a good half an hour, and the entrance changed shape (became wider). Not to mention it was too hot for using. I see hobo had this kind of issue with his Seven too, so keep track of the heating time 🙂

USB Onaho Warmer
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Onaholes more lifelike with very little investment

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6 Replies to “USB Onaho Warmer”

  1. Question about this: The lube you pour before inserting this will dry while warming up? I mean, after warming should I pour more lube or just with the first dose is enough? Thx!

    1. Um, yeah, it will dry a bit, but the problem is that you can’t put lube inside it, because the walls of the onahole will push the warmer outside. What I do, it’s put a bit of lotion at the lips of the onahole, to be able to insert the warmer, leave it inside for 10 min without lube, and when the onahole it’s well warm, put some the “cold” lube inside it, but since the onahole is already warmed up, you won’t feel the lube’s temperature.
      Also, this warmer “broke” a bit for me. The pink part from the white one separated, if I try to pull it outside holding by the pink part, it will open and the white part with the cable will stay in the onahole.. but oh well, it still works 😛

      1. Yes that’s what happens with tight onaholes: they push the warmer out 😀 What I do is making sure there’s no more air inside (vacuum), and I let the setup rest against an object (say: the keyboard) which prevents the warmer to pop out.

        For the bit of dry lube in the onahole I add a bit more lube on my penis, glides well but also get it warm from my human corpse heat production 🙂

  2. I also got this, is Super usefull! I recommend this to anybody, no matter if beginner or.. “advanced onahole user”. Once I left it for like 40 minutes, it was a bit way too hot xD, and yeah, the onaholes can get melt. I think the perfect time is between 5-8 minutes. Buy it, you won’t regret it 😀

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