Enslaved Elf Girl

From Outvision comes this new onahole, of an elf girl in a somewhat uncomfortable position !


Year 3845 after the Great Battle of Arschfluss. Not much is left of the city-state of Laracal, previously hometown of the powerful forest elves. After their last war against the dwarfs, the weakened elves lost much of their territory to the humans. Those stinking greedy bearded barbarians seized the opportunity and conquered all the surrounding forest land, cutting down the elves’ city food and medication supply. But unlike the dwarfs, who came to a truce and trade agreement with the humans who failed to raid their underground fortress, the elves couldn’t hold much longer. Starving and dying from illness, they surrendered to the humans. The surrounding forest was soon cut down and destroyed, replaced by crops and grass land for sheep.

Gruyn the dwarf lord was a talented negotiator. In exchange for the human’s wheat and wool, they extracted precious metals… and goblin slaves. The two species now depending on each other, a long lasting peace was signed between humans and dwarfs. However, the filthy human pigs were soon bored of goblin sex slaves. A new law was quickly passed, allowing sexual activity between humans and the submitted forest elves. The elves started a strike, small groups spread in town at night to assassinate humans, but at the third day the humans gathered the army in the city and at that same night, all male elves capable of holding a weapon were cold-bloodily arrested and executed, sealing the destiny of the former forest elf capital: a giant brothel for all human pigs to enjoy…

Several months later. You’re a young squire, accompanying your lord during the clan wars between humans. During your long journey towards castle Feuerstein, your lord suddenly stops his horse, and looks down towards you:

Hey lad, ya know what ? I want elf pussy. Ya don even know what goat ass feels like huh hahaha, no wonder with that babyface of yours ! Let’s ride to Laracal, and you’ll jerk my horse while I make them elves’ pussy bloody !

As you reached the town that evening, with your lord already almost humping his saddle, you notice a young elf starring at you while biting her lip. She follows you from a distance, her silver hair shining in the setting sun. Suddenly, your lord stops his horse and jumps down from it.

“For two elves paid get a third for free” huh ? ‘guess that’s where I sleep tonight ! See ya tomorrow lad, and make my horse shine !

As you box up your lord’s horse to the stable nearby, the elf girl from before grabs you from behind, and whispers to your ear:

Wanna have some fun tonight, hun’ ? ?

Before you could react, she grabs your purse and looks inside.

Oooh that ain’t much, young boy. Oh well, you’re a squire after all. You seem inexperienced, but I’m gonna help you ?

Shortly after, you find yourself in a corner of the stable with your pants down your ankles, and the elf girl kneeling in front of you and skillfully sucking your throbbing cock. You can’t help but releasing a light moan as you feel a powerful orgasm building up, but the elf suddenly grabs your balls and stops sucking. Bending down, sticking up her butt, tearing up her panties and looking at you from between her legs, she says:

Come here and shoot your load inside my ass instead, baby ! ?

Holding your twitching cock with your shaking fingers, you slowly go forward, press your tip against her butt hole, and..

Outvision created two different onaholes, one depicting an elf girl, and one depicting a goblin girl.

The products are more or less the same, the difference being: elf is soft, goblin is hard. Well, I went for the soft route.

Sorry yes there’s a complete story on the box itself, but I very much lack Japanese language skill to read and translate it, so.. made my own. If any of you is able to read the background story on why this elf girl has her uncensored butt up, be welcome to post in comments 🙂

Your very own piggy bank ! “Please insert coin”
(inside: a code for a game ?)
(inside: a code for a game ?)

Time to dig in !

So far so good, but I must say: the shape of it.. furiously reminds me of Secret Twin Tales 2.

Includes a small bottle of lube… of light brownish color

One tunnel. In case you doubt: the pussy is just a very small hole, you can insert your pinkie to create a “belly bulge” for visual arousal. The fun happens in her butt.

I think they drafted something different initially, and released it anyway without rethinking. Because: there’s way not enough padding in it’s “back”, it’s almost like you could pierce her spine with your dick. Why not the hole leading to the middle ? Anyway. The sensation is actually quite good, it’s simple yet effective. But then…


Oops. When something like this happens on first use, you know bad stuff will happen at the second use:


Yyyyyeah, I totally destroyed that poor elf’s ass, even while being very gentle and careful with it. The material simply doesn’t resist, and instead of stretching, it rips open. I think that’s about it, I rarely get to review an onahole after only 2 uses, and I totally agree with Biggus_Dickus’ review at otonaJP.

This was Enslaved Elf Girl.

Enslaved Elf Girl
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 1/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Ruined by weak material

User Review
3.33 (3 votes)

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7 Replies to “Enslaved Elf Girl”

        1. Something to do with the logo on the bottom left of the box front (the red haired girl). Could be… bonus content for a PC game ?

  1. Enslaved goblin girl is worse. It`s hard and rips easy after 2-3 uses it`s game over.

  2. Yeah i bought it since it was so cheap, got my tip in and then riiiiip…..now im waiting on “Tight Virgin”. Looks good and has a decent price tag.

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