Chichikan Nipple Penetration Onahole

The Chichikan – Nipple Penetration Onahole (aka “NIPPLE FXXK”) is one of those masturbators made by A-One that prove how wacky the Japanese hentai industry can do !

Oh my, oh my. Take a look at that.


The box was kinda bigger than I thought, more difficult to do proper scans.


Big boobs really seems to be a specialty of the artist !


Nipple penetration. Insertion of a dick into a dangerously stretched nipple lubricated with breast milk. You know, I actually didn’t see many hentai anime about that fetish (partly because very-big-boobs isn’t my fav genre of hentai) but that one hentai anime I can think of is Bondage Game. Dark and fucked-up.


(un-)luckily for me Japan has plenty more about nipple penetration in manga format, to ensure you get into the mood for this toy !


This onahole is shaped after a boob including a nipple having (sadly) the same color than everything else. Could have sprayed some paint on that like your comrades, A-One ! It comes with a 300mL “Tit Milk” lubricant, and while it may not be toxic I still don’t recommend gulping it down your throat if perchance you’re into baby-roleplay.

Upon opening, a stinging smell attacks your nostrils. A-One, the out-of-the-box smell of your toys is something you should improve.


It’s made in a soft material, if powdered then the surface is smooth like real skin, and you only slightly regret the nipple doesn’t erect when you grope the boob. Hey you’re going to penetrate a nipple, the realism has to end somewhere 🙂


Alright. So. Let me tell you. Inserting your finger inside the nipple is fairy easy. That’s nice and arousing. But inserting your dick, in turn, is a pain in the ass. You have to literally squeeze and push your way in there, crushing the nipple onto your glans in the hope the hole aligns correctly and you get inside ! I simply hate it when I have to struggle for 1 minute to penetrate a toy 👿 And I think NLS did also struggle a bit, look the difference inside, did they break it ?


When cutting open, it looks much more like NLS’ result than the “official” picture. With this “alternative tunnel” that could harbor mold.


The structures themselves aren’t bad, being dual layer the inside feels more firm, definitively more “pussy-ish” than a tunnel through mammal tissues… maybe. Oh, another thing: it’s not very long, so if you want to get deeper then you poke at the base.

Good grief, I saw my spunk shooting out and flowing along back into the tunnel. It’s a bit like coming into a condom, ya know. While the flat base is useful to lay the toy on a desk or somewhere else, the angle of the nipple+hole simply isn’t convenient. And in no way it can be used hands-free without attaching the onahole to something. And you’d poke your desk.

Once the business is done, comes the cleaning.


While it is indeed possible to stretch the nipple like that to clean the inside, it’s still a massive pain in the ass. You weirdly stretch the toy around in the hope you can stick a couple fingers inside to ensure everything gets flushed out and soaped, I rarely was so frustrated at cleaning an onahole. And the drying, oh the drying ! Tried to rub a towel inside, more or less successful, then I just abandoned the toy nipple downside in the hope all water drops out.

Chichikan Nipple Penetration onahole: if you’re not into nipple-fucking, then avoid it !

soundtrack: “The Abstract Wave” by Chronic Trax

Chichikan Nipple Penetration Onahole
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 2/10
    Materials and cleaning - 2/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Have a nipple-fucking fetish ? A-One got something for you ! But in terms of usability, this onahole is frustrating as fuck.

User Review
2.2 (5 votes)

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3 Replies to “Chichikan Nipple Penetration Onahole”

  1. Shame the toy is such a pain to clean.

    The 300mL “Tit Milk” lubricant, can be bought separately though in case you’re into that type of fetish though.

    Thought it was a pretty nice smell, smooth and not too sticky one the deed is done.

  2. Thanks for rewiev! I’m kinda into this kind of fetish because of ero-mangas i have read. I was planning to buy that one, but after reading through you rewiev I’ll pass on this. I found another one on your site I’m interested. Still there are many more to check before I’ll by my first onahole. Thanks for your effort in writing these!

  3. Interesting design for something that I’d imagine is a bit of an odd fetish. Like you ended up saying in your review, this doesn’t look like a very good design.

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