Fryz3’s Faphero: Henthype

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Who said the Faphero community was dead ?! Proved wrong once more after Bastati’s Fapheroes, here comes Fryz3’s first challenging fap-to-the-beat hentai mashup ! Feedback appreciated !

33:17. Do as you’re told, and try to hold it until the end. Good luck and have fun !!

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9 Replies to “Fryz3’s Faphero: Henthype”

  1. just want to share feedback with Fryz3, that this one fh become gold classing in my playlist! It is great.

  2. You just made me recall really how much I HATE MOSAIC CENSORING!!! /( > , <*)\

    How doujinshi get away with tiny black stripes, I'll never know . . .

    . . . Yet I still hope for the day when a hentai anime production has enough balls to release something ALMOST uncensored.

    1. Im happy you liked it 😉

      and for the Mosaic censoring, i don’t see that happening. at least anytime soon.

      it is restricted by the law in Japan to uncensored any adult footage, so the only option,
      that seems rather possible, is that another country without that law makes a hentai.

      … I’ll just leave it at that 🙂

  3. Quite a nice faphero, the only problem in my opinion is that the last round doesn’t feel last roundish if you get what i mean.
    Might have been a good idea to put a reward round at the end otherwise perfect job regarding the choice of hentai and the quality of the work

    1. Ty for your feedback! i appreciate the comment.

      I think you are right in both cases, i wanted to swap round 5 and 6, but i wanted to bring out
      the fap hero before my vacation ended. So i kinda forgot to make the swap ;p

      You can guess why i didnt make a reward round 🙁 no worries though,
      i think i can fix both problems but you have to wait until my next fap hero 🙂

      1. Hearing that there’ll be a next one is comforting though i can guess it’s a lot of hardwork so we likely won’t see it next week xD.

        Btw anyone here know what happened to GU? Is he still working on faphero?

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