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Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-


Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-

Since Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-, had some success, NPG strikes back with Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-.

“Zettai yawayawa sengen! Fuwarin”.  “Fuwari” means “gentle”, “fuwafuwa” being used to describe softness, plush-style. Anyway.




A straight hole, with smooth ribs and little extras. You can see how close the hole ends to the lower wall: I don’t think it’s very durable with you go rough with it for some time.

It feels okay, good for newcomers since it also has a 300mL lube bottle and makes an interesting experience when you don’t want too intense stimulation to get started. Stimulation…  it lacks of it, actually. Because there’s no vacuum chamber at the end, you barely don’t have any suction effect, which could have been of need here. But you only get a wobbly jelly-mass softly stroking your dick – of course good enough for real fun, but makes me think most of the price goes into the lube bottle… Dual structure would have been great to outbalance outer grip and inner softness.

Not exactly what makes NPG compete against my “top4”, obviously. And quite a deception after Shimetan.


Author: AkaiHebi

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