Ultra Mint Lotion

ultra mint lotion

It’s summer ! In the north half of the planet, this means sun, heat and drought ! Why would you go out and catch a sunstroke and skin cancer ? Let’s stay at home, have a cold drink and masturbate ! And RENDS has something refreshing for us !

No that’s not a drink, that’s..




RENDS brewed a special lube, stuffed with menthol ! It’s not “normal” menthol like in your toothpaste, it’s not “SUPER”, it’s “ULTRA” ! I did not capslock for the post title but frozen hell NLS does it. They go further: “The strong menthol that can be proud of its highest concentration in the industry may be “torture”. On the monitoring tests, some sensitive people felt it even hurts.” .. sounds fun 😈

See ?!  These crazy people made a fluid that will freeze off your manhood and put your brain into hibernation mode like it’s a new ice age ! Fuck you, global warming !

Yeah well, it’s not pure menthol. Contains ceramide, hyaluronic, collagen, xylitol, peppermint essence and… placenta extract. Shit’s serious, there’s also placenta in Golden Lotion. Yummy yummy !

On the other side, NLS doesn’t recommend that lube for hard material for long play since, quote: “it feels too strong and can be a little dangerous”. Along with this:


Thanks for the warning ! If you use it with A10 Cyclone, you will FUCKING DIE ! You’re been warned, emptybrained gaijins ! “a little dangerous” according to Japan :mrgreen:

Ah oh, ladies: also not recommended for clitorises and .. “love juice”. Oh come on, just say the words: that lube doesn’t belong inside the vagina and anus (and mouth). But ! “But you can mix with polyacrylic acid type lotions and find your favourite ways of playing.”.  Get it ? Mix it up with a standard lube if you wanna use for internal sex stuff, or else you’ll die from horrible pain and frostbites.


Of course they’re exaggerating, it may be a bit too much for sensitive people but that’s no liquid nitrogen, the “cool effect” of menthol is just activating the TRPM8 receptors in the skin, the actual temperature doesn’t change. No risk of frostbite ! And Japan is dealing with menthol for more than 2000 years, they know the business.

This lube has good performance, not as long-lasting than Golden Lotion but still enough for common play. I did not sense side effects, apart the fact that my dick reeked of toothpaste or Swiss candy afterwards, which is fine by me 😀 I recommend using it along with a neutral lube like Peace's or Pepee, to improve the durability. It does feel cold but not like “burning-cold” like an ice cube. It’s very enjoyable in this hot season !

Summer’s always a time for menthol-powered sex stuff in Japan, for example the “cold edition” for Tenga deepthroat and soft tube are selling well on Amazon, and Pepee also released their “cool mint lotion”, a 360mL bottle you may consider if Ultra Mint Lotion’s 120mL get empty quick 😉

Ultra Mint Lotion
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Feels cold and smells nice, perfect for summer !

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8 Replies to “Ultra Mint Lotion”

  1. Je m’attendais pas à voir un compatriote. 😀

    Mais ce sera plus facile pour mes questions au moins
    Est-ce qu’utiliser un onahole warmer avant enlève l’effet “fraîcheur” de cette lotion ou c’est entièrement compatible?

    1. (please forgive our french ^^)
      J’ai pas essayé mais je pense que c’est l’effet fraicheur qui primera 🙂 Je vérifierai à l’occasion.
      Pour demander des conseils et partager tes évaluations, tu peux utiliser ce board: http://boards.onahole.eu/a/ 😉

      1. Réponse très rapide, merci.
        Sinon ton avis personnel: Ju-C PUTI 2 ou Virgin Age Admission, tu préfère lequel? 🙂

  2. Could you review this: http://en-nls.com/pict1-30077
    I got pretty curious about it and would love if you did a review.
    Oh, and i’m pretty new to this… I was just thinking about getting the NEW USB ONAHO WARMER + Some lube(could you suggest one?) + this onahole
    Hope you answer, leave some suggestions and have a nice day!

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