Foot Job Hole

foot job hole

This is N.P.G, releasing the first footjob sex toy ! The Foot Job Hole !

When it comes to sexual fetishes, Japan is always ahead of other countries. Not as far as used-panties vending machines (urban legend), but panties sure are a recurrent fetish, the zettai ryōiki bare skin gap between socks and skirt, schoolgirl uniforms themselves, of course school swimsuits, various things involving latex suits, ropes, tentacle monsters, nipplefucking, sperm/urine showers by a dozen men on a single girl, sexual harassment and rape in the crowded train, .. the list goes on and on, blending more “western-style” fetishes in more extreme style. Because it’s fucking Japan !

Foot fetish, sexual play with the feet, aka “footjob”, or in more Japaneesy Japanese: θΆ³γ‚³γ‚­Β  ( Ashi-ko-ki). These keywords may open a whole new world to you in any popular image repository. The basics about it is giving pleasure to your partner’s genitals either by rubbing with your toes, the sole, one or both feet, squeezing, stepping on, …. For further information I may redirect you to Wikipedia (NSFW) or any porn video website. As so commonly seen in hentai, I’m still somewhat neutral about footjob, it’s about the same as handjob in the sense that one partner is totally passive and “receiving” while the other can act fully tsundere, you get it. The difference being that with footjob, the partner is much more further away and can be seen fully. “I’m curious about that thing, gonna ask NLS if I can get one.” Let’s start !


“Good grief, look at what you did to my knee-socks !”


Yeah yeah, N.P.G took the measures from a 2 year old girl. Average foot size in the EU and USA, at least. Who knows if Japanese girls still have 13.3cm long feet at 13. This will have some downsides about the playing with the toes: you can’t really pinch your dick between the big toe and the pinkies. Anyway.



One thing must be said: the toes are skillfully shaped !

Now I want you to put off your shoes and anything else around your feet, and slide your fingers along the sole: flat and smooth, isn’t it ? Not totally since you feel the cracks and folds of your skin. Well: this toy is absolutely flat and smooth. More than baby skin. You achieve no sensation when stroking these feet on your dick. N.P.G’s smart move was to include:


socks ! They feature little bumps and pads on one side, which make the stroking much better. And having made myself a handjob while wearing knee-socks, I can tell they feel more intense than the real thing.

In short:

1_1358318391_7_Vb7bBis “meeeh”

1_1358318392_8_r19Wris “mmmmmh”

Foot Job Hole
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


Cute and fun novelty, needs the socks for better play !

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3 Replies to “Foot Job Hole”

  1. I have a moderate foot fetish, but i don’t think i like the look of that product very much. I’m actually more turned on by watching your video using it than i am the actual product. You have a really nice looking dick! ^ ^

  2. Whenever I see your cock I star to salivate and I feel kinda gay. Do you think I should buy a dildo to violate my slutty ass instead of an onahole, or should I just buy both?

    Thanks man.

    Also, I wanted to see you cumming. πŸ™

    1. Actually, get both πŸ™‚ Cumming into an onahole while poking the prostate should be pretty intense

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