Apprentice Succubus’ First Job

Are you prone to wet dreams lately? Yes? Well, we may have found the culprit!

Freshly arrived from the demon world, talented yet still clumsy with her powers: Tamatoys takes us on a bedtime journey with the Apprentice Succubus on her first tour in the human world! Don’t let your guard down, as this fiercely horny sex demon has more than one trick up her sleeve to feast on your libido and turn you addicted to her!

Long time no fuck, Tamatoys ๐Ÿ˜ What parody toys are you up to lately? Me I have a kind of libido roller-coaster for reasons so I doubt about giving a try to a succubus-themed toy to help manage that at sundown, and it just so happens you released one! Nice nice.


As one can guess, succubi are a tiny little bit too perverted for Amazon Japan, so quite logically the product pictures are… well..

But fear not, I have the original packaging to feast the eyes upon!

Much more informative, right? Quivering sweaty body, all senses ablaze, feeling your lust, craving your vital energy, thirsting for wild demonic sex. You will succumb to her. You already fell prey to her sister Melfi, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Inside the box, you’ll find a 12mL sample of medium grade water-based lubricant (good for 2-3 uses to get started right there and now), and the toy wrapped inside a sealed plastic bag.

This and Tamatoys’ track record got me expecting, and indeed: upon opening, the toy has a pretty strong bad plastic smell yuuuck. A few washes with soap help.


Apprentice Succubus’ First Job is a closed-ended medium sized onahole, weighting about 330g, measuring 140mm in length, 65mm in width, and hole depth of about 115mm, and made in pink-coloured TPE material.

The internal structure of the toy consists of a straight tunnel whose walls features ribs, and separated into “sections” of different shape: in the first part the hole walls form a “M” shape, further down a “X” shape, and finally a “W” shape.

No suction chamber inside the toy, which is a little bit of a shame IMO.



Now I wasn’t expecting anything crazy but knowing Tamatoys sometimes pushes nice stuff into the market, and yeah from experience I know just simple little ribs can often make a pretty enjoyable toy, RIDE-Japan notably demonstrated it with Virgin Loop or Bangee Shake (but notice the original being better than the sequels).

After a bit of trial and error, you’ll find just the right amount of lubricant to use with Apprentice Succubus’ First Job. The subtle coating of the walls to allow your (or your partner’s) cock to comfortably slide into the succubus’ demonic abyss. And it works!

Each rib softly scraping around the glans, as soon a section is passed there comes a different section, bringing a subtle yet noticeable variation in sensations, in and out it goes unhindered, snugly engulfed with just the right tightness, draining out all the sexual energy and slowly yet steadily pulling the cock into orgasmic bliss. It’s best used all night long for a lengthy period, and leads to a surprisingly strong orgasm for such a toy. Wow wow, don’t underestimate this young succubus, she’s not as innocent as she seems!

BDSM Roleplay idea for couples: tightly tie down your partner onto the bed (think: the paralysis powers of succubi), blindfold them, maybe put them headphones playing hypnotic/transing/glittery noise, sit on them (bonus: while wearing leather or latex or vinyl boots), tease them plenty, then use this onahole on them. Take your sweet sweet time like a succubus would, feasting on them during an unending wet dream. Edge them but deny them any orgasm, use cooldown times to kiss and gently scratch and bite them, turn them completely into your prey and make them beg for release ๐Ÿ–ค


Since Apprentice Succubus’ First Job is a single-layer onahole, simply turn the toy inside-out to wash away all fluids. Then use regular hand soap to rub it clean, rinse, pat dry with a cloth, and turn it back to normal. Done! Afterwards, just leave it to dry fully with hole downside, then store in well ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Now Apprentice Succubus’ First Job gets rather sticky on it’s surface, you really may consider applying baby powder on it’s surface to make it extra soft and smooth to the touch.


Technologically wise, Tamatoys didn’t reinvent the wheel: their concept/character choice is good and their material somewhat decent (no complains on durability despite near daily use for 3 months), but with the two major downsides that are the smell upon opening and the surface stickiness.

But oh my, I didn’t expect such a ride. I mean, I can guess what a toy can feel like from it’s structures, but the delivery exceeded my ideas, the first run was like “ooh what the fuck, that feels nice!”. Of course it’s no match against succubi toys from TOMAX, and not same price league either (a toy hovering in the 25 USD area, versus toys three times higher). But the Apprentice Succubus claws herself pretty solidly in her rank, it’s surprising. Would you let her absorb you at night?

Apprentice Succubus' First Job
  • 8/10
    Appearance - 8/10
  • 8.6/10
    Sensations - 8.6/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ affordable
+ pretty nice sensations
– smell upon opening
– material stickiness
– lacks a bit of suction
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  1. OMG these Japanese companies are something else, i think i need to visit and explore for myself.

    Seems like a land of sexual fantasy come true….Who is with me on this one?

    Nice review on the Apprentice Succubus First Job, looks like a neat tool i will like to add to my collection

    Keep em coming


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