Fuwa Cyun W

Ladies and gentlemen, today let’s talk about the long-awaited Fuwa Cyun W, sent to me by NST !

Fuwa Cyun W has been requested by many of you since the March poll, and me too I kept an eye on it since the preorders opened, aaaand G-Project kinda underestimated the demand and quickly ran out of stock ! NipponSexToys being still a very new shop, the first preorders were the first served. But now that G-Project ramped up the production, Fuwa Cyun W gets smoothly delivered worldwide !

As usual, let’s begin with the packaging:


Pretty uncommon is the printing of the words “FUWA CYUN W”, in glitter ink. It doesn’t show very well in my scans:

Fuwa Cyun W – Feel good. Feels right. Fuwa Cyun W not only feels great, it’s well made, durable, functional and it feels right with new and experienced users alike. With Fuwa Cyun W, we strive to satisfy and not dissapoint.

I say it’s about time the onahole industry hires foreigners (gaijin) for product descriptions, especially English-speaking ones 😉 But let’s not be too rude, after all how would you translate “kupaa” ? (it’s the onomatopoeia for a spread-open pussy). By the way, what does “Fuwa Cyun” stand for ? “Fuwa” means “soft / mellow”, and I suspect “Cyun” to be a wordplay of the cyan color, and the onomatopoeia “kyun” (the sudden heartclick when you see someone you love). And the “W”.. what’s written below ? ダブル → “daburu”. Oh, yet another wordplay:  “W” → “daburu” → “double” !

G-Project’s character choice is simply gorgeous. What could be better for a double-hole than twin sisters, I ask you ? Genetically the same, twins often want to stand out from each other and show totally different behaviors, at least in anime. And so you get the “soft” sister with pink hair and cute smile, she’s gentle yet she doesn’t seem innocent to me. A yandere ? Pretty sure to me that the other sister is a tsundere, who will pretend that she doesn’t do this because she likes you or anything, baka. S-Stop starring at me you perv. I don’t know if they’re up for some incest-threesome but I like how their generous boobs touch together. How would it start ? You’d slide your throbbing dick in the middle of their boobs, or would you rather let them lick you from each side competing on who makes you feel better ?

Fast forward, opening the box !

Waah~ those colors ! Exactly the Ju-C PUTI 2 blue, and..  Ju-C PUTI 1 pink ? NUKO-NUKO‘s color seems very similar. Those two colors together are very beautiful.

What’s more in included accessories, you’ll find a 15mL lube sample from PePee and illustrated by Namo. Loli professor with catears rises her arms up, I think it’s a good sign. I didn’t open it but I guess it’s pretty much the same as PePee’s standard lube. And oh ! Also included is a storage bag to keep the dirt off while letting your onahole dry, I’m more into NLS’ storage bag but that’s a good accessory already.

Unsurprisingly from G-Project, on opening the onahole has quite some “plastic” smell. The smell fades away after a few washes but doesn’t disappear totally, and the onahole tends to get slightly oily especially on the pink side:


This is understandable, it’s the included oil that makes the material softer, therefor the pink side gets more oily. To make the surface feel dry and smooth, rub some powder on it (corn starch is recommended over talc).

"Hey guys, long time no see uhuhuh"
“Hey guys, long time no see uhuhuh”

Oh, I think Tomoko’s up for something..

"eww Akai's been rough on that part.."
“eww Akai’s been rough on that part..”

That’s not… hey, don’t use your Hitachi as microphone !

"this one, that is Akai's favorite hole fuhuhu"
“this one, that is Akai’s favorite hole fuhuhu”

Please stop…


Hey hey okay, let’s talk about the insides.


This makes it as complicated and mechanical as a Tenga cup, yeeeet we’re not quite so far in onahole microstructures.

It’s more like that.. I think neither me or onado from onahodouga wants to slice the onahole open just yet



So yes, Fuwa Cyun W is a double-hole, or kinda like a penetrated onahole, this means that it’s easier to clean, but you have to block the opening to create some vacuuuuum:


Some other things: lubing up and carrying the onahole around can make you find lube drops on the floor and since lube is to make sliding easier, well…  don’t slip on it. Also.. uuh how to put it…   be careful when you cum, semen leaking or even shooting from the opposite hole. Use the vacuuuuum technique.

The pink side, soft…  it’s really.. soft. It reminds me a lot of Fuwarin. I liked that side the most as “starter”, it’s really good to just wrap the glans with it and move very gently to imitate the girl’s mouth building you up. It is enough to make me cum, but I’m eager to some more stimulation. →

The cyan side, it reminds me once again of Ju-C PUTI 2, the stimulation is similar yet with more padding. It’s not tight, the stimulation is mostly done by the ribs of it.

… both ? Hell yeah ! You enter the cyan side, you slide deeper through the pink side and the average westy penis just sticks out at the tip. Believe me: making the more intense side take care of your shaft and the soft side wrapping your glans cozily is simply… HUUNNNNGGGG.

Again, you would prefer using Fuwa Cyun W in a place where you don’t make a mess when cumming all over, like during shower. That’s why you should be careful when you need to smuggle the onahole in the bathroom already lubed up and that lube spills on the floor. Use a more sticky lube that you can water down when getting started !

Fuwa Cyun W can be turned inside-out but it can create some wrinkles and surface damage on the pink side (as Tomoko showed earlier), so the best way is simply to spread one hole open, letting water flow through, and rubbing the internal walls from each side to remove any remaining lube. Drying is easy too, simply rub a cloth inside from each side.

Now with that durability issue on the pink side… I think the pricing is still honest, and actually pretty good when seeing the packaging. I simply couldn’t discard it, so I made a “fapcard” with it:


That’s all folks, sorry for the delay ! I hope you enjoyed the read 😉

Fuwa Cyun W
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


As of today the best of the (few) penetrated onaholes I tried, beautiful packaging and colors, pretty good performance and good pricing, be extra gentle with the pink part !

User Review
3.75 (4 votes)

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9 Replies to “Fuwa Cyun W”

  1. Would this onahole be good for somebody who is uncircumcised? I’m pretty sensitive as a result so the only other onahole I’ve bought shimetan tight declaration is way too uncomfortable to use.

  2. Has this one potential as a “2-player” onahole?
    any other ones to suggest for this kind of play ?

    1. Yes, it’s multiplayer friendly 🙂 Right off the bat, I can think of Puni Ana DX (vaginal + anal).

  3. which do you recommend more?
    the Virgin Puni 1000 ?
    puni ana dx hard?
    Kaitai Shinsho?
    puni fuwa mocchi 2000?
    which gives more pleasure?
    Which do you think is better??

    Thank you.

  4. Seemed interesting until i noticed what a mess i would make with it ^^.

    Say AkaiHebi i’m searching for a good soft onahole that possess good suction, do you know any that could fit the bill?

  5. Oh, nice analisis of what “Fuwa Cyun W” means.
    I agree, the colors indeed look nice!
    LOl at the nendoroid part, I should do something like that as well xD
    Was “vacuuuuum” on purpouse with 5 letters like in the picture? xD
    Haha, nice drawing xD
    Well, it sounds like the onahole gives a lot of pleasure, but I wouldn’t use an onahole like this because you gotta be careful when cumming, and I hate that. I like to lat it all out without a single worry when I’m at the climax 😛

    1. Had a “two-round” yesterday.. oh my 🙂 During the second session the cum+lube foam was overflowing and leaking onto my hand and around the onahole
      Yeah, penetrated onaholes are really for shower-fapping, or 1-shots

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