Ayase (My little sister’s best friend can’t be this tight)

Because of the straight line it’s easy to stroke quickly, and in addition to the tightness it feels really good (with the force of a thousand suns). Better than Kirino ? Dunno. Can’t choose. Don’t wanna choose.

From the same series:

  1. Kirino
  2. Ayase
  3. Ruri
Ayase (My little sister’s best friend can’t be this tight)
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Close as good as Kirino, has stronger tightness (maybe too much ?)

User Review
3.38 (8 votes)

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23 Replies to “Ayase (My little sister’s best friend can’t be this tight)”

  1. Hello, AkaiHebi. I’ve purchased this onahole and I’m very pleased with it (no pun intended). I’d like to ask you a few questions about this onahole, though, and onaholes in general. My first question is why do we need to clean our onaholes? Couldn’t we just place them in the box, in a bag, or wherever we store them and reuse as we like? My second question is whenever I pour the lubricant onto the onahole’s entrance, and insert my penis into the onahole, there are small air bubbles that “blow up” the onahole. Is this normal and if not, then is there a way to stop them?

    1. Sorry for the quick replies 🙂
      → it’s like not flushing the toilet: it’s still usable but it will smell bad and micro-organisms and mold will grow, making it unhealthy to use
      → air bubbles that blow up ? Squeeze the air out from the onahole before inserting, since the onahole is very tight then when you slide in, you act like an air pump compressing the air at the bottom or any place inside where the air can expand. Plus when there’s no air inside, when pulling out it creates a nice vacuum 😉

      1. Thanks for responding! How do I clean out this specific onahole and what should I use to clean and dry it? Can I use a bar of soap and dry it with a towel or should I use a specialized product?

        1. By the way, where’s your banner and profile image from? Is it an OC or is it based on an anime character?

  2. Thank you so much AkaiHebi~
    I found in NLS there is two type of bangee shake, that normal one and a HARD one… Which one will you recommend??

  3. I see~ thanks for replying… If that is the case, then I want to ask something… What is a good onahole for the first timer?? I am an Asian, and my ‘thing’ is average. If it is possible, I prefer less than $20… Since my country’s custom will hold it for checking purpose it if it is above that price… And they will take it if it is an adult toy… Thank you so much before and sorry for bothering you…

  4. Hi akaihebi, I’m new to this kind of thing. Just want to ask out of curiosity, is Ayase still good comparing to another girl you have right now?? Since A-one released her about 3 years ago, and I’ve seen a lot of hole from toy’s heart which is also good in the review… Is she still good comparing to another girl?? Thank you so much before~ it’s interesting to see this blog’s review~

  5. Ask NLS if they can restock it, or get it for you from Amazon Japan. Seems like this series is getting out of production.

  6. Just curious, but what exactly do I use to clean these onaholes? Say the Kirino and Ayase ones. I was thinking of getting them next. When I say cleaning, I meant maybe something like dishsoap or something.

      1. when you say hand soap, do you mean like just regular liquid and soap or bar soap or antibacterial or something? or does it not make a difference?

          1. Regular liquid soap, antibacterial is optional for newer toys if they contain silver ions 🙂
            I don’t recommend sponges, they usually are very good bacterial breeding.

  7. Hi Hebi,

    It seems that Ayase was a little too small or I was too violent on my part. There I was, happy doing my business, when I heard a hissing sound and realized, to my horror, that I had torn a small hole in poor Ayase. I have since discarded the onahole, since it could no longer hold lubricant without leaking. Have you exprienced such accidents before? Any advice?

    1. I read so much reports of broken onaholes on forums, how do you manage to break so much stuff… you’ve all got elephant cocks and fuck it raw brutal for hours ? 😀

      Not much of my stuff got broken, maybe because I’m often a “quick shooter” and don’t use each onahole more than 5-10 minutes (the lube doesn’t really have time to dry). But I have to be careful when cleaning the onahole, turning inside-out sometimes leads in internal structure damage.

      Considering this kind of damage: Kirino, Bubble Shake, Hunter Girl.
      You guess with that much onaholes in my home a single onahole can last pretty long, because… I barely use each one time per month ? :mrgreen:

      1. It was my first time using Ayase, so no structural weakening from washing. What a waste of 10+bucks. That being said, it definitely was very tight though, tighter than Kirino .Your review was spot-on!

        I do take my time while stroking and have to re-lube several times. Sigh…looks like I have to go for the more durable and more expensive ones. Any recommendations? Ayase-tightness without the fragility?

        1. “Ayase-tight” ? None 😀
          Nowadays onaholes by ToysHeart and G-Project/Outvision are pretty durable -I think.

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