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Kaitai Shinsho is yet one of the most realistic product of Magic Eyes featuring 4 layer and including an internal bone structure. Simply put, this product is litteraly a concentrate of technologies aimed to enhance the pleasure of us, perverted user, by improving the sensations and mostly the realistic aspect of the toy.

At this rate, I honestly wonder what’s going to be the future of the onahole’s industry. But one thing is sure: Japan is not going to stop releasing those amazing toys anytime soon. And knowing Magic Eyes all too well, I have high doubts they’ll ever stop releasing those things.



As usual let’s start with a few pictures of the packaging itself.

The box of the Kaitai Shinsho is really well done. The quality of the cardboard itself is really good, juste the same as Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE: it’s sturdy and hard so your torso is well protected. Plus it also improves the lifetime of the box if you were to keep her to store the toy inside like myself (or you just don’t want to throw it away because the design is too awesome)

Talking about the design, that’s actually what I expected from Magic Eyes. Professional explanation of the product with nice and clear picture on the back side. I personnaly love the artwork of that chick, even though she’s not a loli but a bishoujo, her expression and pose have definitely catched my attention the very first time I saw her :3

The box is rather huge, at least it’ll seems so if you haven’t own any other toy of this size before. To me, it’s the exact same size and weight as Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE so I don’t really mind since it’s not too big for my tastes and allows me to store it without trouble in my trunk. Just take in consideration that improrting something as massive and heavy as the Kaitai might probably be a pain in the arse if you what to hide it from your family or any people you’re living with.

There are a few things I truly love about this packaging, like the hidden opening where you’ll find a 3D picture of how hers insides actually looks like. It’s pretty clever and original and I must say that I was highly surprised when I opened it for the very first time. It doesn’t add much but it’s always nice to have something funny like this.

An other cute thing is that one of the girl’s tits has been carefully drawn on the small opening tab. Then once opened, you’ll find an other full size drawing of her fully naked. I don’t know where the staff of Magic Eye’s find all those ideas but I do like it a lot ^^


Enough chitchat about the box, let’s dig right into the content since I’m sure this is what you guys have been waiting for all this time

First of all, you’ll be greeted by a sorta poster with the exact same pic as the artwork on the box. Personnaly I just leave it inside since it’s a bit oily from the toy stored underneath so not very good to hang on my wall. Also, those are already full in each and every corner by hentai drawing, artwork and CG from artist that I adore like aki99. (down bellow a few of her LOLICIOUS creations)

All in all, I didn’t hang it. But again, it’s yet an other funny gift that is coming with the Kaitai ^^

CREDITS: AKI99 (don’t hesitate to check out her art gallery on pixiv and patreon if you also are a fan of her drawings!)

These are the two main addons delivred with the product. A packet of powder aimed to be used for powdering once the torso gets too sticky and a coin supposed to “lock” the exit hole to creat some more powerful vacuum. More about this later. (of course there is also the typical and useless stick of lube but I forgot to take it in picture individually)


For my tastes, the shape of the Kaitai Shinsho look simply amazing. The ass, the boobs, the pussy lips, the belly button… the only reccurent and annoying thing is that shitty stamp from Magic Eyes on her back.

Please. Magic Eyes. You need to stop this shit once for all. Guys. We KNOW this product is from you, ok ? And I’m very thankful for the job you’ve done with her but PLEASE stop destroying this masterpiece of art with that shitty stamp of yours ! It’s just a, a… a disgrace to this beauty and it hurts my otaku soul soooooo deeply to see her like this ! Such a waste…

Jokes aside but as you might already have guessed, the thing that I wanted to try the most during the unboxing was to finaly touch that girl to see how it actually changes from a regular product with that inner bone structure. And I must say the first time felt really… strange ? I mean, it was so freaking real like if I was REALLY being touching a girl’s chest so I admit that I kinda freaked out (yeah I’m a coward).

I was like “Ohh man that is some impressive shit ! Better not be too rough I don’t want to hurt her…”

The pair of boobs is HUGE even though they don’t have a lifelike feeling to the touch. At least with a bit of technique and some experience with the toy you should be able to find a way to use them too in order to provide some pleasure to your dick :3 Don’t be surprised, it isn’t the main meal here and they don’t provide that an amazing stimulation. But I’m now used to do it since it is perfect to regain stamina when I feel that I’m about to cum. I would have liked to see the nipples in a pinkish layer though… for the price I don’t think that was much of an issue. That’s too bad.

The pussy is super exciting though, I really love her. You know that “V” shape all girls have from the top of their thigh down to the crotch ? That is something I ADORE and that EXCITE me a lot so I’m glad to see how beautiful it looks on the Kaitai !

You can see the exit hole at the back which is also made of pinkish layer. I must say that it was the part of the product that got broken the quickest (with the joints). But I don’t use it that much so I don’t really mind actually.

I admit that I expected the product to be a little bit bigger, and mostly in width since comparated to my Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE she is a lot slimer even though the weight is the same. For exempple, grabbing Cocolo with s ingle hand is very difficult but easily possible with the Kaitai.

I also had a bit of bad luck since the one I received came with a slight defect: the inner bone structure was not perfectly aligned with the rest of the body. Hence, it looked like it bent on the right and the vagina wasn’t 100% straight but included a slight curve right in the middle. You can clearly see it on the following pic ~


As you might have already guessed, the main selling point of the Kaitai are her insides with those 4 layers of unique layer including the bone structure. But before jumping head first in the insides, let’s first take a look at the look of the pussy ~

Holly fucking damn shit. This is porbably one of the best “pussy” design I’ve ever seen. The look, touch, and that cute pinkish color are soo beautiful! Not getting aroused by looking at this pussy is not posible, I swear. Right now, every guy reading this article should have a boner.

Now let’s talk about the insides. As you can see on the pic right above, the Kaitai Shinsho is really complex. The first layer is actually the “skin” layer located on the outside. You’ll have to powder it regularly since dust and shit will get stuck to it over the time. Then we have the bone structure which is actually the second layer. The third one is an extra gel inside the skeleton itself and aimed to increase the realistic feeling when you’ll be touching it. Finaly the last layer is the pinkish membrane from the pussy which gives you that realistic looking and those awesome sensations.

No doubt here, Kaitai Shinsho is litteraly the most impressive thing I’ve ever tried. And this is ALL for the pleasure of your dick !

Man, what a great time to be alive…


Thanks to that 4th layer, the insides feel really good and realistic. But keep in mind that the Kaitai isn’t particularly tight. You probably already saw it with the previous pictures of the pussy but insertion is pretty easy since there is no resistance from the opening. Once inside, you’ll probably feel good and at your ease since the tunnel is extra long and should fit most sizes. No need to worry about not having enough place to release your cum or whatsoever… and since it’s not really tight, you can trust it really quickly and at a nice pace !

The defect that came with mine wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, this light curve in the middle was really nice since it added a bit of sensation for my glans during the use.

But to put it simply, that torso offers two distinct types of stimulations.

  • Gentle: My favorite. This method is actually without the coin included in the box. There aren’t anything too special to say about it. If you like soft sensations, then you’ll love it. If you don’t, then well just go for the coin and you’ll see which of the two fits you the best.
  • Hard: Put your dick inside the pussy. Get the air out. Plug the hole. You got it. The most INSANE vacuum I’ve ever felt. It was so strong I though it was going to rip my fick off my crotch ! Sorry but I really didn’t like it. To me, the soft feelings were great since I like soft sensations a lot, but the strong one was simply insane and didn’t provide me any pleasure.

For people looking for something in the middle range with an average tightness and feelings, I don’t think you’ll find those with this toy…


Cleaning is also a pain in the arse. Having that super long tunnel with an exit hole is great for washing but getting it dry is an other story… I don’t have much to say here, you’ll need to finds your own technique like I did. Personnaly I use two towels, one inside the pussy and the other in the exit hole. With my long and thin finger, I can reach up to the middle for each (so the whole tunnel). I repeat this a couple of times until the insides feels dry enough to my tastes to avoid mold.


Kaitai Shinsho is definitely a product apart from all the other ones actually one the market. Among the bone structured torso, I checked that it was one of the most famous one in Japan along with the Puni Ana SPDX from EXE (review coming soon). To be honest, this torso is really good but not perfect since to me it has a few flaws and mostly regarding the sensations. Being a lover of softness, I don’t mind and truly enjoy my time using it. But if people buy it and don’t like either of the two… then it would be a big disappointment and a waste of money.

I still recommand it though if you want to experience something unique and super realistic. By the way, daki-sex with that thing is AMAZING !

EDIT: The other day, I saw that there was a sort of air bubble stuck between the skin layer and the bone structure. I thought it wasn’t something that concerning but I was wrong. Things are getting worse and worse and I’m afraid that I might not be able to use the Kaitai anytime soon. Actually, that small bubble kept on getting bigger and bigger over the uses ~ she litteraly inflated over the back and forth of my dick during my faping session.

Hence, I had to perforate it since it became INSANELY HUGE, litteraly like a third oppai between her actual boobies…

After the perforation, the air bubble was gone. However, that’s where things went even worse. The skin layer litteraly started to separate from the bone structure. I would say he’s now detached to around 50% on the top area but I think all the bottom is going to be that way soon…

Moreover, I noticed a hole in the inner tunnel of the pussy (in the skeleton) resulting in water, lube, sperm and other shit to get inside the structure of the toy. Impossible to wash, to dry, and not hygienic at all.

It’s the worst mess I ever wnet through…

I heard some quality issue were spotted by many people on amazon.com, but I didn’t think it could get that bad since at first the quality of the product seemed super good. I don’t know how things will evolve for me, but I’ll edit my post to let you guys know of the state of my Shinsho.

EDIT 2: Became completly unusable, broken all over the bone structure, tears in the inner layers hence water got stuck inside the body and is completly impossible to dry…. it’s even more dangerous to have the bone broken because you could harm your dick and glans on it. I threw her to the bin today, really disppointed from you Magic Eyes.

This is the worst torso I’ve ever tried.

Kaitai Shinsho
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 2/10
    Materials - 2/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ Gentle sensations were nice + Outside feels smooth to the touch + Easy to wash with the open ending + Nice packaging with addons
– Too strong vacuum for my tastes – Shitty material and durability (bone structure broke) – Just a stick of lube – Difficult to dry – Smaller than expected – Just the worst torso I’ve ever tried – Shame on you Magic Eyes…
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8 Replies to “Kaitai Shinsho ~ Cr4zyDuck”

  1. Have owed one and must say, the feeling was tremendous, absolutely super, that suction when coin is inside, waaaoo, was about to cum several times but finally didn’t manage to hold back.
    But, as other mentioned, got loose, inner layer got broken, think after 5 – 6 uses…
    Sooo sad

  2. I currently own it and haven’t been using it all that much due to the pain in the ass it is to clean it. Though now I wonder, how many times (approximately) did you use it before having this bubble problem? Haven’t had it yet but if it’s a recurring problem I kinda want to know when I can expect it to happen to me as well…

  3. Ah man… I’ve been eyeing this product for years now! Really unfortunate that it’s just not built to last. I really cannot justify the cost if she’ll only be good for a short time. I’m so disappointed :/ If not for those shortcomings, I think I would have really enjoyed it.

  4. Say with “+ Durable material” still standing there, isn’t it about time to adjust your scoring or at least edit those pros/cons to reflect the reliability/longevity?

    Nice review though, made me lust after it again, even despite knowing ..

  5. Thank you for your support !

    Honestly I’d go for the Punia Ana SPDX. It’s so much better in every aspect (bigger, larger, heavier, feels better, better looking, better quality, better shape…) At least that would be my choice if I had to choose one out of the two. I’m having some serious quality issue with the Kaitai, all the skin is getting separated from the bone structure. It’s a complete mess, I won’t be able to use her anymore.

    The review of the SPDX should be up by the end of April, stay tuned =)

  6. Thanks for the review. I can’t choose between this and the Puni Ana SPDX. Nice to hear you are doing a review about that one too.

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