Kirino (My little sister can’t be this tight)

One of my first onaholes, and -oh wow, I still enjoy it today !

Believe in the name: it’s very tight ! Don’t get me wrong: it’s not difficult to use, it’s very flexible… but the penis is strongly wrapped. I especially enjoyed the ribs in the first half, but the bumps at the end feel good too. Gently press the end before insertion, so you get a really nice suction while stroking 🙂 Grip is good, just stroke: so tight you don’t need to press.

Section view, so nice ribs

What’s nice to the eye is the entrance: labias and clitoris. Technically the hole should be a bit lower to be more life-like, but who cares.. it’s central to keep the balance. The outer ending could have been less “flat”, too… unless you lay it vertically.

Just the right length (I barely reach the end), just the right girth, maybe a bit heavy. Sometimes the holes are great but with poor packaging, sometimes the holes are with great packaging but poorly made. This onahole belongs to neither of them: nice packaging, amazing feeling ! 😀

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Kirino (My little sister can’t be this tight)
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Nice packaging and great price for a quite good onahole.

User Review
3.43 (14 votes)

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28 Replies to “Kirino (My little sister can’t be this tight)”

  1. So I just got one and it seems kinda moist inside the packaging. I haven’t opened it but wasncurious if it was already lotioned up and if I need to rinse or wash it before using

  2. Hi, I’ve got 2 questions about this “toy”
    Is it long enough for 16cm “tool”? (I’ve read it’s 11 inside, but after some measurements I think it’ll be okay)
    Which site is most reliable to order this? (I was wondering about Jlist, but I’ve read many horrible stories about them (orders split on 2 packages, empty boxes etc.))

    1. You’re not gonna be “balls-deep” in but that’s okay, don’t worry 😉 And from the few shops still selling this onahole, I’d recommend NLS.

  3. Been wondering about getting something like this for ages as using miss-right is getting too dull 😛
    Just have to wait for my wound to heal as i’ve just been circumcised.
    But deffinitly going to try one of these 😀
    As long as the package is wrapped and named pretty anonymous =^_^=

  4. So, thanks for the review, it made me buy one.
    Feeling and pleasure-wise it’s way better than the dozen or so fleshlights I’ve got, but damn it’s really tailored for asian use…
    My dick punched a hole at the end during the 10th use of the onahole, it still usable but a bit painful (my glans punch through the end at every stroke, but it’s way too tight and not designed for this…).

    Any recommendation for the same feeling but with a 18-20cm long hole ?
    Anyway, thanks for the reviews man !

  5. I got both Kirino and Ayase today. My just is just average size (~6in) and I noticed that only the entrance is tight and inside is kinda loose perhaps due to extremely soft material. But I guess it is tight cause if I let go for a sec, they shoot out like a projectile. (Again, I’m not saying I have the length or girth, I only have average size)

    I went back and forth between the two and I would definitely choose kirino > ayase because of the ribs that give additional sensations. Ayase was kinda blend if you ask me. These are very soft material which I like but perhaps too soft. As I get close to the end, for some reason, it pokes through the side (wtf lol). Still I enjoyed it and perhaps I will toss it out once I get something better (more expansive). Good for first onahole I guess.

    I think since this is my first set of onaholes and I had too much expectation. Do you have any recommendation for onahole that will be more stimulating with same length? (i like this one for discreteness) I’m looking into Admission or Graduation atm.

  6. I have both Kirino and Ayase. Although both of them were really tight and good initially, they loosened up after some faps, maybe nearing 10 times each. I couldn’t feel much as time gone on, so I guess they weren’t made to last long.

  7. I just wanna know how long the inside is since my, *cough cough* ‘tool’ isn’t very long. Also can you recommend me some that might be suitable for my, er, disposition.

    1. That’s definitively for otaku and/or newcomers 🙂 Durability is ok, mine didn’t tear open yet. But I guess it wouldn’t get such high rating today, even if the price is very good.

  8. I had to get the one from J-list due to stock issues, it was nice of them to write “figure” on the packaging; I was concerned about how discreet it’d be.
    I read on a forum that cleaning can be tricky, do you rinse it out? Or turn it inside out?

    1. For this one I don’t suggest turning inside out at the beginning, inside structures break easily.

      1. Ah kay, hopefully it won’t be too troubling. They don’t give you very much lotion, other than watering it down, any alternatives for when it runs out? Buying more seems like overkill taking into account the waiting period P:

  9. It’s just me, but i found Kirino a little lacking in length when i stroke all the way down; the tip of my “assistant” protrudes at the end. I could barely feel the nubs at the end. The ribs were good though, and tightness great( I struggled to get my index finger out when i cleaned it).

    1. I find that my penis pokes out from the side of the hole, not the end. I dunno if I have a defective copy or what.

      1. It’s more of an anatomy issue. Don’t worry – you’re not the only one who has this issue.

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