Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-

Maho shoujo design ! Looks like it, kinda. Whatever.

Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-

I feel the need to add this pic:


“Zettai kitsukitsu sengen! Shimetan”. So, NPG named her “Shime” (-tan being like -chan, that’s used when addressing a young person; you’ll note in the “otaku world” it’s mainly “tan” and “shi” that are used instead of “chan” and “kun”).ย Now Google Translate gives “I was occupied” for “shime tan”. And “shime” ? “Tighten”. I don’t exactly know but I think NPG used a word play, using the word “tighten” as given name.

.. ok people are already shouting that they don’t care. ‘guess you wanna know if this is suitable for your meat stick ๐Ÿ™‚


The external side has kind of … grooves. Pretty useful when holding in the hand, and allows to put more accurate pressing to the penis. Nothing special to say about the material, obviously it’s TPE, which means good elasticity with little odor and good skin-like touch.



The inner structures look at bit like Transfer Student, but with added ribs. It says “Super Tight”, is it tight ? Well enough yes, of course not as strong as Ayase, but you can tell the toy resists a bit against your insertion… and doesn’t want you to pull out just after ๐Ÿ˜€ The structures respond pretty good and you get really decent pleasure stroking with this onahole. Sliding in you feel bumps, sliding out you feel ribs.


It’s tight, it’s powerful, it’s magic. Comes with a 250 mL bottle of pretty efficient lube.

Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10


Tight, tight, tight !

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14 Replies to “Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-”

  1. My shimetan just arrived and I gave it a test drive. Boy is it tight! It resists quite alot, but feels very good. Too good even. I own the fuwa cyun w, and compared to that, shimetan stimulates my tip quite alot (which i actually don’t like). My tip is incredibly sensitive and I feel like I’m cumming a bit too fast. this requires further testing though, as I am onaholes while playing faphero. I can go till the end of faphero 1 without cumming with fuwa cyun, but with this I lasted ~10 min (both with a loaded gun).

    My shimetan feels like it is curved a little to the left, but it could be my imagination. Great hole for the price, definitely purchase!

  2. I bought shimetan, too. It’s high stimulus good hole.

    Dolan said;
    >mine was very thin at the left wall

    There are individual differences in shimetan. Good shimetan has straight hole to the end, but Bad shimetan has diagonal hole, like Dolan has. In Japanese forum, many users claims this problem. Solution is … pray to God when you buy.

  3. sadly i seem to have had bad luck when i got my shimetan.
    mine was very thin at the left wall near the end, so the danger of penetrating through the material is skyrocking on my shimtetan.
    sucks pretty hard, any1 else had this problem ?

  4. Just asking but is it possible to turn this one inside-out for cleaning or will it cause to much damage and thus must be cleaned with just the fingers?

    1. The quality is ok, the lube is sticky enough. But it has some kind of… strange smell. A bit like Tamatoys’ lube, there’s a little perfume in it. Doesn’t smell bad but I don’t approve.

  5. Instead of those you need to try this www. sextoyport .com

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    1. I’d say both, because the feeling is pretty different. On a practical side, SB come with enough lube for one time, STDS comes with enough lube for about 20 times or more.

  6. Got this one about a month ago as a first ona hole. Pretty good purchase.
    Good ona hole, 250ml in lube and all at a very cheap price.
    Will probably order some other types next.

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