G-19 Secret Uterus

Warmest greetings, fabulous people! Today I’m gonna tell you about the G-19 Secret Uterus, an onahole made by Toysheart!


Toysheart is not unfamiliar with cervix-penetration toys, in fact pretty much all their toys exhibit an uterus-like vacuum chamber to give an extra noticeable suction effect during use! With G-19 Secret Uterus, they simply walk us the extra mile!


To illustrate the onahole, Toysheart selected the image of a young busty woman in a light summer dress, enjoying the oceanic breeze on a beach. On one side of the box, her dress seems wet and subtly showing her nipples. Be amazed: this sight didn’t got censured on Amazon at the time of writing! 😏


Inside the box, you’ll find the toy in a plastic seal, and also a 20mL sample of “Moisty” water-based lubricant that gets you started for 1-2 uses.


Onahole after onahole, Toysheart confirms their mastery of one not so negligible feature: their toys are practically odourless right off the box!

With 160mm length (of which 140mm insertable), 68mm width and weighting ~337g, made in flexible and body-safe thermoplastic elastomer material with closed bottom, G-19 Secret Uterus fits nicely in the medium-size handheld onaholes range.

It’s entrance is sculpted in a labia-like shape, helping with retaining lubricant inside and easing insertion. So far, so good!


Let’s admit it: Toysheart tries hard to get close and beyond to the “real thing”. The toy begins with a pencil-wide vaginal canal with ridges, leading to a “cervix-like” opening which feels significantly tighter. Further lies her secret: the “uterus” vacuum chamber ends in a hook-like curve and is covered in small nubs.

This little curve ensures that, no matter how deep you go in, you’ll still experience some suction right as you start to pull out. And the “cervix” is unmistakeably there, squeezing your glans and tightly sealing around you to preserve the suction effect as long as possible.

But just as Toysheart classifies their toy, G-19 Secret Uterus is not a penis-strangler, and less so a nerve-bully: all the focus in on the cervix, with the vagina part just in the background rubbing along your shaft. And just by making shallow insertions and barely “kissing” the cervix with your tip, G-19 Secret Uterus becomes a pretty relevant edging toy: light balanced sensations, and hecking good suction.

If you’re into cervix penetration, you’ll love this product!


G-19 Secret Uterus is a sturdy single layer toy, and as such very easy to clean:

  • turn it inside-out
  • wash off any remaining fluids
  • clean with regular hand soap
  • rinse and turn back
  • pat dry with a cloth
  • leave out to fully dry in a well ventilated room away from direct sunlight

It’s surface doesn’t get oily or particularly sticky, but for extra smoothness you can apply baby powder.


G-19 Secret Uterus demonstrates once more how Toysheart makes their toys: a quality and durable material that doesn’t smell, and a little something for any kink you may have. With this one, cervix-penetration fans have a pretty good pick, and the toy is polyvalent too if you just wanna edge with extra “suction kick”.

The packaging illustration gets you in a summer mood, opening to fantasies such as accompanying the girlfriend on the beach, holding her hand and fooling around. But she knows how to blow your mind as she rides you deeper and deeper!

Finally: the price. Toysheart products have a tendency to pull up the price tag a bit, but that’s what you pay for a quality toy made in Japan!

G-19 Secret Uterus
  • 7.1/10
    Appearance - 7.1/10
  • 7.5/10
    Sensations - 7.5/10
  • 6.5/10
    Price - 6.5/10


+ quality material
+ noticeable cervix
+ cute illustration
– price tad high
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13 Replies to “G-19 Secret Uterus”

  1. So how exactly do you turn this onahole inside out? I’m a little nervous that I might accidentally damage it somehow despite it being made of sturdy material.

    1. You can go ahead, it’s good stuff πŸ™‚
      Open the opening wide (for example with your thumbs), then push the bottom out through the hole with your fingers. Tada, the inside surface is now the outside!

  2. Can the G-19 Secret Uterus safely turn inside out for cleaning like the steps you shared above?

  3. Hello everyone.
    Maybe this comment section is a wrong place but…

    I have some troubles with otonajp for the last few months. Do you receive your orders?
    I’m waiting for mine for 3 months. OK it’s COVID situation but eventually I want my money back. And what otonajp support replies:
    “Thank you for your mail.
    We are sorry but the order can not be cancelled anymore at this point. You also still have the option to upgrade this to DHL Express if you are interested in this. Upgrading to DHL would cost $13.56 for this order. We will request it back from Japan Post which would take around 3 days.”

    I really don’t understand them. You can get parcel back from post office but still refusing to return money to customer? What’s wrong with those people at otonajp?

    Maybe I’m not correct? What do you think? What would you suggest in such situation?

    1. Well that means they shipped out already, and the package is waiting at the airport for a free cargo slot on a passenger airplane (shared transport). Which, as you can guess, are very scarce currently (as tourism during a pandemic yeah nope). But seemingly if they request Japan Post to retrieve back the package to the sender, Japan Post doesn’t issue a refund (and that’s understandable: it’s not like the service is disrupted, Japan Post just struggles getting enough cargo slots to ship as fast as usual).

      So their proposal to retrieve the package and have it re-sent with DHL instead sounds like a relevant option: DHL has their own plane fleet and shipping hubs dedicated to cargo, and thus only marginally affected by the pandemic. Would take mere days to fly your package to your country.

      1. Akai,
        thanks for reply.

        “Japan Post doesn’t issue a refund” – well I’m not sure about that. I’d paid 46USD for EMS and I remember DHL was even more expensive. Now onotajp proposes me to pay 13USD more for upgrade to DHL. So it looks like Japan Post does a refund.
        Service is not just disrupted it’s absent. I think otonajp should accept their responsibility for those risks. 3 months of no delivery must be enough f or that.

        Question: what legal authority can participate as a third party in such disputes? I mean who can judge with legal consequences? Is there any legal protection for international orders?

  4. Hey hello, would you recommend Onahole to me? I can’t try and find Onahole the way I like. If you have advice for me Thank you very much. My favorite Onahole type is having a womb or having sex with the womb. And I do not have a budget on the purchase, if you have any idea, please tell me.

      1. Sorry to mislead you, “do not have a budget on the purchase” in what I mean is “can afford Onahole. Even though Onahole How expensive will that be? “I use Google. In the translation of languages ​​it makes the communication malfunctions

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