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Soon, there will be shonens and shojos knocking at your door, saying “trick or treat !”. Goddamn I wish I could review a certain witch onahole instead… À propos tricking: this is Trick Girl. You decided. But it’s not your fault, internet. You couldn’t know. I’m filled with regret for shoppinglisting this onahole. But let’s keep our heads up ! We must warn other people from the dangers of the trick leopard-girl !

Look at her:


No, that’s not a cat-girl. That’s a freaking leopard luring humans into it’s jaws and claws and then she rips your neck open, cuts your stomach and takes out your bowels. As you feel your life leaving your ruined body, she takes you up a tree to enjoy her meal. That’s what you get from getting closer to a woman with boobs so huge even underwear in G-Project’s TPE material wouldn’t resist. J-List says it’s from N.P.G, well, it could be. But while N.P.G can sometimes do good stuff, so can RIDE Japan do bad stuff. And this is made by RIDE Japan. Our friend Infernal Monkey went first, and this leo-girl leaves the same impression on monkeys and snakes alike. Beware, humans ! here’s what you’re going into:


A big heavy cluster of TPE plastic rubber. Not exactly as big as Twenty, big enough to fit penises up to 25cm and above. Would you rather invest in this stuff or a fleshy Fleshlight ? Because this pussycat is tricking you more than once:


You feel something’s off when neither NLS or KanojoToys go into the trouble of shooting their own photographs. They have better to shoot, I guess.

trick girl inside

Quoting Infernie: Trick Girl pretty much has absolutely nothing going on. Seriously, the first half of its internal structure is just a blank canvas with like one notch.

That’s it. You slide in, wondering if you ever gonna feel good as you sink deeper and deeper, then just happens a little ribby portion, and then the vacuum chamber. That’s it, end of the trip, everyone please exit, make sure not to forget something behind. You pull out, the smelly wobbly Trick Girl waiting, but you freeze in doubt. What if it creates a black hole due to it’s mass ? What if you get sucked inside, crushed by plastic, left as informal energy plasma ? Trick or treat !

Why would RIDE Japan put “DANGER” signs if this onahole was harmless ? I ask you.

Again: this is a big piece of TPE plastic rubber, and a smelly one ! What happens when you use a smelling material and make something big out of it ? You guess right: it smells stronger ! Oh hell, on first opening I felt dizzy…

And what happens to an onahole that isn’t thoroughly cleaned ? Mold starts growing, bacteria flourishes, and a disgusting stench comes out from the hole. This may be an issue here, since this onahole is a pain in the ass to clean correctly, and turning inside-out isn’t exactly that easy with such a big piece of whatever. For something ending up in a trash bin so fast, the price is definitively high. Remains only the hope I don’t get testicle cancer from this onahole. Her ultimate trick against me.

Comes with a 15mL bottle of Virgin Lotion®©™, pending review by the USFDA and the EU Commission to check if it’s really lotion from a virgin. Approved by Infernal Monkey’s dolphin:


And now, a video:

♫ Z Asmut – Anxious Thoughts

Trick Girl
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    Materials and cleaning - 2/10
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  1. This was one of RIDE’s older holes, admittedly. It’s selling point was a big “mass”, so: lots of weight, for a fair price. It’s cheap and big. It’s no surprise then to me material used isn’t the best. Too bad the internal section is a let-down as well.

    Good review!

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