Chinkoki! Listen to your dad!

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is/was a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

N.P.G. reporting as ordered, sir ! Parody onaholes !

“Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!” aka “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!” is a comedy anime with some sad parts in the story, the plot in a few words: an university student takes care of 3 sisters, at first during her parent’s trip, but then the parents die and the sisters remain in his small apartment. Some fun situations, little ecchi, nothing more.

And here you have it, choose the sister you wanna fu.. protect. Sora, the elder, is 14. Next comes Miu, 10. And finally Hina, 3. Each have a sharp personality: Sora’s shy, Miu’s playful, Hina’s innocent.


I choose you, Magicarp ! I mean…  Miu !


And… deceiving.

Look at the length and width of the onahole. Yes, my dick’s bigger. The result, as you can guess: it stirs so much that nothing from the structures can be felt. And oh you guess the onahole can’t really endure this: after a few times, it already started to tear apart. Can I cum with it ? Well I guess I can cum with everything now… Does it feel good ? Almost not at all. Somehow makes me remember about Haru Nyan Mini. Whatever. I guess the onahole breaking is for added realism…  The best with this onahole is, by far, the illustration. But I won’t keep it, let alone collect the other two.

ps: the onahole warmer also added to the mayhem.

Chinkoki! Listen to your dad!
  • 1/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 1/10
  • 1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 1/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Parody onahole. That explains it all.

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8 Replies to “Chinkoki! Listen to your dad!”

  1. Sorry for the overly long “review”, but I believe these products should get more in-depth feedback.
    I got Soura and Hiina (that’s what the packaging calls them^^) and they were the first two onaholes I got to use.
    My experience so far (WARNING, might be too explicit for some people):

    Sora: going in with my finger gets me stuck at ~70% depth, there’s a “wall” that I can’t really get past. With lube and using my penis, I get through all the way.
    “Down there”, I consider myself smaller than average, so I didn’t have trouble with the onaholes length, nor did I puncture it. After 3 uses I don’t even see tearing (though on the outside, where it’s held, there are small “scars”).
    I am using the lube from the “Hidachitukko” onahole, which has 50ml and doesn’t seem to empty at all. No idea whether I use less lube than others, but I’m satisfied. Just 1-2 small dots of lube on the entrance, 1 dot on my head, and it’s enough for the session.

    The actual experience has been awesome 3/3 times so far^^ As I’m new to onaholes and the general feeling, I can’t really say much, nor compare it to other holes. What I can say about “Soura”: simply AWESOME!!!
    The vagina looks nice, the tightness is great, the feeling just wow! IIRC the most stimulating part is the first few centimeters, which are very pleasant^^
    The stimulation is so intense, that I have to go really slow, which can be even more intense considering the feeling of the onahole’s inner structure. After cumming once, I stay inside and savour the feeling. Getting the penis out, the cum exits by itself, which is nice to see (reminds me of porn creampies). Rubbing my head at the entrance is really stimulating as well, and gets me hard again. The inside is still lubricated and pretty warm, so it feels even greater. Cumming a second time ends my session.
    What I find funny is the look of the cum… it gets kind of creamy and turns to little mountains on a piece of paper^^
    Well, all I can say is… AWESOME pleasure! Everything is perfect about the Sora onahole! My first session was my best masturbation ever (and I have fapped a lot) and I came three times, which were each very intense (never had that much cum, maybe I’m normal after all).

    Hina: I’ll keep it pretty short. Compared to Sora, this one is worse, though interesting! I don’t really dig the outside design, though the inside feels awesome with my finger. The entrance resembles a younger girl’s, meaning small and tight lips.
    Well, just to clarify… Hina really is a “loli manko”, meaning that it’s a tight fit. It is really hard to enter, as the lips are very slim and tight, pushing my head away. I don’t really want to use my fingers to pull the lips apart, so I have to struggle getting the head in, which in itself is a unique experience (and fulfills a pedo’s desires)… the problem ain’t the amount of lube, it is the structure of the lips. Sometimes it helps to enter “sideways”. Once you enter, you get your usual onahole. Weirdly, the inside is less tight than Sora and doesn’t feel as pleasant (not meaning it’s bad).
    My main issue is that I couldn’t “explore” the inner structure much, as once I leave the hole, it’s again hard to enter… so no quick in-and-out thing, leaving me most of the time inside -_-
    Another issue I have is that the onahole is pretty loud (which annoys me in general, as I’m currently living with my brother and his girlfriend, and I don’t want them to know when I fap). Around the middle of the onahole there is something like a chamber which creates quite loud sounds… and another minus, the cum doesn’t come out easily, even when I press it out. No idea if my “Hiina” is faulty or it just has that many issues…

    I won’t say that the onahole is bad or anything, I just never felt anywhere close to my sessions with Sora (3 Sora, 2 Hina, next will be Hina again). Sora was intense, had me cumming really hard, and I didn’t want it to end (though my lower body couldn’t keep going). Hina was still a nice thing, but just not the same (I’m repeating myself a lot lol).

    Summary: Sora is the best fap I ever had, recommended. Hina is “nice” for the pedo lips stimulation, but nothing else (well, the green packaging is quite nice), doesn’t even have loli tightness!
    The cleaning is no problem, as you can turn them inside out. No idea whether I clean thoroughly enough, I just hope nothing bad happens to the onaholes or my penis^^
    The Manufacturer is NPG (Ika Musume and Hidachitukko, too). The packaging is nice, and includes a 5ml lube for one-time use, which sucks in contrast to 50ml lube bottle with Hidachitukko!
    The length CAN be a problem for bigger penises. I’m smaller than average and sometimes the head is visible at the back or side of the onaholes. So I can understand that people can pierce through with a bigger dick and masturbating at a faster pace. Still, these onaholes are quite cheap and nice. In hindsight I should have gotten Miu as well, but I was a cheapskate.
    Definite recommendation: Sora

    Funny thing: with my finger Sora feels kind of boring, with my penis it feels awesome! Hina feels awesome with my finger, but just okay with my penis… weird world.

    My other 2 onaholes are the blue Ika Musume and the rather new “Hidachitukko”.
    I just had to get Tako Musume because I’m a fan and the packaging is adorable, which is the reason why I haven’t unpacked it (I don’t want to destroy it). I should have gotten two, now I understand the Japanese motto “1 for use, 1 for archival, 1 as extra”.
    I haven’t used Hidachitukko yet, because I’m unsure about the cleaning. I once tried to turn the inside out, but some of the strings seem to get stuck and I don’t wanna rip them, especially not before the first use… This onahole is definitely longer than the others, no idea what that will be like. The lube is great. Oh, and the outside of the vagina looks like an abstract face lol.
    BTW the packaging is VERY risky and explicit. All sides show explicit stuff. Luckily my package got away from customs, no idea what would’ve happened otherwise. The backside of Hina was already risky at it shows her sleeping topless… showing a nipple. I took the risk for the sake of experiencing a loli.

    That’s it for my long review. Maybe it helps other souls out there who consider these onaholes. Not everything that gets bad critics from a couple of people HAS to be bad, it all depends on the individual’s perception.
    In this case I can say that I’m happy to be a fan of PapaKiki AND the character Sora. Otherwise my onahole graduation might not have been that amazing 😉

    Happy fap, everyone

    1. A new plastic fucker, welcome to the club ! 🙂
      Thank you for your exhaustive review, oh maybe I should have chosen Sora instead of Miu. I added Hidachitukko to my shopping list, wanna know how well NPG can compete with RIDE for “stringy” onaholes.

      Anyway, if you wanna post reviews of other onaholes with added pics, feel free to post 🙂

  2. I got all three and they were some of the better ones I’ve gotten. Granted I’ve only used each of them once. I think Sora was the best of the three with Miu coming in second. Hina for me was exactly how you described Miu. Guess I’m just “smaller” -_-

  3. Well, seems i didn’t miss anything by not ordering one of those 3 onaholes.
    Although i wouldn’t order it anyway (not as attractive as my first onahole).
    A great diffrence between the object, and the picture printed on his box.
    I quite liked the anime except the sad parts and others details to similar with our sad “reality”.
    Ah, talking about reality, you said than you guess the onahole breaking is for added realism.
    Well, that is quite scary to think about it –‘
    Even if the onahole itself isn’t really a double of miu’s pus… oups, never mind ^^’ lol
    (well i told “double” because my english gap [“google trad” can help some but not everytimes])

  4. Wow, it is that bad huh? Looks like I won’t be getting this… Thanks for the review! I can finally start ordering.

  5. Oh, i have watched that anime, I saw this article in the NLS new items, but I did not noticed it was a parody, lol. Well yeah, they look very bad, they’re so cheap for something. Lol @pokemon-reference, haha. I’m looking forward to see your review of Fella 3.. I just LOVE that onahole <3

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