Puni Ana DX

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is/was a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

In today’s article, I’ll finaly be reviewing THE most popular and famous onahip of the moment. Made by the awesome staff of EXE and aimed to satisfy the lust of thousand of fellows lolicons over the earth, I’m truly pleased to introduce to you this super adorable girl : The Puni Ana DX.

As some of you might already know, I’m a 100% lolicon who truly loves faping to lolicious doujinshi and hentai anime. So of course, my corrupted heart was filled with joy when the awesome guys of OtonaSekai agreed to send me one for review !

Having already tried the Puni Ana SPDX which litteraly left me specchless, I honestly had high hopes considering its little sister and let me tell you this : I wasn’t disapointed in any way !

Now let’s put a stop to the useless talk and jump head first for a new lolicious review !

The Puni Ana DX and all its related content is certified “Official Lolicon Faping Material”  by our Partner


And to not disturb to the tradition, let’s start with a bunch of pictures of the packaging itself !

Holly fucking shit ! What an amazing artwork he have here :0 And even the sketches of the artist who designed her body… Nice pictures at the back with each tunnels structure clearly visible

The packaging of the Puni Ana SPDX always used to be one of my favorite along with the illustration of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo (yes I only love artwork featuring loli, got a problem with that ??)

But here, I must honestly say that I once again fell in love with the box. I mean, just looking at the front cover with that cute loli in such a lewd pose is enough to make my nose bleed for the rest of the night… that’s typically the type of loli that I love, doing all kind of perverted stuff while still featuring such a pure and innocent expression. Ohhh my heart is melting away…

And here, it’s even more special since she’s got those adorable tanning marks on both her arms and legs that were most likely made while she was wearing her school swimming suit…

And now even though this is something very embarassing for her, she is showing herself completly naked to you, her beloved Onii-chan ~ With such a pose, both her lolicious tits, ass and pussy are now completly exposed to your sight. That tiny chest, those smooth puffy pussy lips, this tight asshole, all featuring such a cute pinkish color…

Dammit ! Even though you know you shouldn’t, you suddenly feel like a massive urge of blood is actually rushing down to your crotch and making your dick go rock hard. Not only this, you also just realize how much seeing the immature body of your own little sister is turning you on…

But it’s too late now. Fuck all of this shit, you just wanna fuck her raw all night long until her womb will reach its limit and won’t be able to keep any more drops of your cum inside her… and there it is. You raped your own loli sister and became an addicted lolicon.

[Fantasy time : END]

Oh ! That’s an other wonderful add-on of this toy, but more on this later… Even the top opening looks gorgeous… I just can’t get tired of her loli shapes !To finish with, a last bunch of picture of her loli PUSSY and ASS ! xD

The box itself beside being really beautiful is also quite smartly made as expected from EXE. Detailed picture of the outside on the lower face, detailed ones of the inner structure at the back, informations about each tunnel’s structure/tightness, they even decided to include the sketches of the designer of the hip (aka MARUKU) which simply is to me a wonderful idea !

Overall a very, very nice packaging. Beside being sturdy and durable, the material used is also kinda glossy so it makes a really nice touch to it, like if you want to put the box on display in your room or something (that’s what I did LOL)

Looks great doesn’t it ?


Pan Paka Pan ~ content is finaly being revealed !

WOW ! That sure is a lot of stuff !

First things first, let’s start with a quick review of all the items provided in the box. So you have :

  • The onahip itself ~ safely wrapped in a plastic bag as well as in a hard plastic case to ensure security and avoid any damage to the product during handling (which can sometimes oftenly be kinda rough….)
  • An entiere bottle of lube ~ Now that’s something great since usually it’s rather a simple stick of lube which is provided as a sample.
  • Finaly we are also being offered a DVD on which you’ll be happy to find TONS of artwork from Maruku and featuring some of his cutest loli character !

Quick note about the lube, as you can see the design is quite… plain. A bit disapointing when you know that there actually exist an “official” lotion of the Puni Ana series also made by EXE and themed on the same packaging design as the SPDX. Of course the loli featured on the cover is the same too. But well, it’s already very nice from them to provide this so I won’t be too picky on that…

Quality wise, well I would say that this lube is pretty good and gets the job done. No odor, doesn’t seems to leave any stains, doesn’t dry to fast, not too thick or slimy and also very easy to use with only one hand thanks to that cap… simply perfect !

By the way now that I think about it, this cute loli doesn’t even have a name right ? Fuck that’s too sad, I wanna give her one myself ~ Hmmm, let’s see… I’ll settle for… Yui ! Yeah, Yui-chan fits her perfectly don’t you think ?

The packaging really has a “premium” feeling to it
Uwa ! But the DVD itself bring us back our loli, I like that !

Now if you are wondering what’s on this DVD I think I should answer the question with the easiest and quickest way possible : Hentai Lolicious Artwork all made by MARUKU’s genius art style. Here is a small batch of my very favorites ones !

Take a good look and enjoy ~

What do you think ? Looks fucking yummy doesn’t it ?! All these super cute lolis playing with themselves and doing such perverted things as spreading their vaginas filled with slimy cum, playing with their sensitive pinkish nipples, peeing on a boy’s dick (this one turns me on as fuck, probably a new fetisch of mine…) getting fucked in the ass, sucking a rock hard cock, playing with their hot, tight, wet pussies or even being cumming while having a huge dildo deep inside their womb.

MARUKU sure does have a lot of perverted imagination… but hell I love him !

Since I’m a good person (LOL) her is the official CoverGirl folder.

Let’s free our girl from that plastic bag !Simply BEAUTIFUL !

And there she is ~ our cute loli freshly out of her plastic packaging ! And WOW… what a molding, I’m still impressed by how beautiful she looks! No ugly molding marks, no trouble in the joints, no fucked up structure, no horrible factory stench, no disgusting stickiness… (yes, I am refering to the Squishy Sisters here)

However I found quite a funny note at the back of the packaging while I was searching for the manufacturing country of the hip, take a look :

“Produced BY JAPAN” however “Made in PRC

Honestly Outvision/EXE is a bit playing on the words with these kind of label. It kinda looks like in order to reassure the people who might buy their product, they feel the need to hide a well known reality.

Of course, everyone knows that MOST of everything we buy nowaday is made in China. So obviously, thinking that onahole or even anime figure would be made in Japan only would be truly naive. MADE IN PRC shouldn’t ring any bell to anyone, but its meaning is actually : People’s Republic of China.

It’s really a rather smart way to avoid having to explicitly write “Made in China” on the box.


As expected, the entiere hip is molded in order to look like the lower parts a prepubescent loli (bonus points here). As such, we can clearly notice that most of the work is a pure success once you pay a closer look to details such as the belly button, the pussy lips in camel toe shape with the clitoris clearly poking out or even the perfectly round buttocks.

Adding to that the awesome quality of the material used, which feels so smooth to the touch and doesn’t smell at all… to me this is without a doubt one of the best design I’ve ever seen for an onahip.

Dimension wise, we are on a total weight of about 2.2Kg with a height of 22cm and a width of 21cm. If I had to compare it to the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 for instance, the DX is still a step ahead in those terms. Like, for the Mochi 2000 I said that everytime I’m using it, the inner depth isn’t long enough for my size so I constantly have my glans poping out of the exit hole at each and every trust.

This actually doesn’t bother me at all since over the time I found that it even add a new type of stimulation to the glans, but to some extend it can be quite annoying.

With the DX, even though there is also an exit hole at the back, I don’t have this problem. Actually, my dick isn’t even long enough to allow my glans to get passed through it, the only thing when I’m a 100% rock hard is that I’m able to slightly see my urethra tiping it’s head against the hole, but that’s it.

So I would say the inner size of the hip, in both pussy and ass is perfect to fit every size (unless if your member is as large as the one of a horse…)

Now regarding the inner texture of each holes ~

  • The Pussy walls are made of linear ribs right after the labia. This allows for a better insertion and also a better lubrification of the tunnel. Right after that, you’ll find numerous dots scattered all over the insides up to the end. The type of stimulation is actually very similar to the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 thanks to that same inner dots patern. The vagina is also following a wavy shape with two main curves right near the end. Finaly the tightness of the pussy is also quite stronger than the anal hole.
  • The Asshole instead isn’t as tight, but the inner structure is more stimulating due to the change of ribs pattern. Its shape is completly straight but at some points the tightness of the walls change which allows for a very nice stimulation of the penis. Being a linear structure, you’ll be able to trust inside quicker than in the pussy. (might be good for those who love beastialy sex…)

Very nicely molded belly button Fuck ! A camel toe pussy ~ looks so yummy and lolicious :0 KU-PAA ! Looks so beautiful, even the inner lips are very nicely detailed as well as the clitoris Here is the asshole, looks quite good too And this is how the inside of the vagina looks like… Fingering her childish pussy is so hot !I love pinching that little cherry of her :3

All in all, I guess we can all agree to say that this hip looks really beautiful. The pussy is REALLY well molded, proably one of my favorite over all the toys I own. The camel toe lips which once spread reveals the cute inner labia are truly exciting ! Plus, her tiny clitoris is so fun to play with and to pinch once you’re inside her. However I don’t really undersand why she actually has… 2 of them. I mean, there is the one on the picture above than I’m used to pinch (and which is not anatomically right), but her labia also have a tiny one. I don’t know if they messed up or if it was intentional xD

Not only is her pussy beautiful, her design also allows for a super easy insertion which is great because having to struggle to fuck my rubber vagina is definitely something I hate !

Her belly button is an other part of her body that I love touching while being inside her, and this time EXE did some great effort since unlike other toys that usually only have a small little cut, here they really made an entiere hole which truly looks more life-like and cute !

Her tummy is quite soft
Grabing this lolicious ass feels like grabing a giant marshmallow, so good ! PUNI-PUNI ~Here is the exit hole……with the connection of the pussy and anal tunnel

Personnaly I truly love her skin tone. It’s not too white nor too tanned and looks quite realistic ! Adding to that the incredible smoothnesss of the material, I can assure you that I sometimes take her out of her pakaging only to cuddle her tummy all over the place xD

Also, material wise she is rather soft. Not too much of course since it’s the normal version but still quite a bit.


Let me get right to the point : The Puni Ana DX feels FUCKING AWESOME !

I always used to be quite curious about the performances of this hip due to its tremendous popularity among the otaku community. So many people were praising it, but by simply seeing the inner pattern which I didn’t find that impressive at the time, I was quite worried if it could worth a try or not.

Damn I was such an idiot to have such thoughts, after having tried it I can claim for sure that this simply is one of the the best onahip I’ve ever tried ! Yes only “one of the” since comparated to the Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO or the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 having to choose only one over the 3 would simply be impossible for me.

Regarding the pussy first, it simply is the hole that I am using the most and that always makes me cum. You know it now, I’m not that much into anal even though the asshole on this hip also feels very good.

But damn, this loli pussy is just too gorgeous ! First by her look of course, but then trusting only your glans inside is an other story. Honestly, I tried not to fap for a few days before testing her and I can assure you that in a few minutes I was already at my limits. You can reach the bottom in one go and even though the inner patern isn’t THAT incredible, the stimulation on the penis is still quite intense. You can squeeze her tummy for different feelings, and even try to plug the exit hole and ass with an onahole warmer for instance to create some good vacuum !

And cherry on the cake, fucking her from the front is totally different than in doggy style. I really love toys that features things like this since it offers even more possibilities. From the front you can fuck her very deep but from the back not as much, however I find that in doggy the stimulation is more intense on the lower side of the glans, and I truly adore that ! To add more stimulation, grabing her perfectly round buttocks makes the experience truly mind blowing !

Of course onahip are usually not the tightest hole, but this is not their main goal. When you use a hip, it’s for a long term session with a lot of play with the toy. So personnaly when I’m using her, I also go for a few lolicious doujinshi first to then conclude with a nice lolicious hentai. Then climaxing litteraly makes me convulsing for a few seconds so much the ejaculation is strong and intense…

Some of the best experiences I had with her were on doujinshi masterpieces such as Kodomo datte H nano ! ; Shinazu no Himegimi ; Tsukimisou no Akari and all the masterpieces of Tanabe Kyou featuring Shinobu from the monogatari series like Akuowarimonogatari  .

Of course I do have more doujinshi in my fav list (currently around 400 of them) but I won’t list them all LOL

For hentai anime, I just go for loli masterpices like Shoujo Ramune ; Seikatsu Shido ; Shoukoujo ; Suki de Suki de, suki de The Animation ; Toshi Densetsu series and so on… the result is always the same : AWESOME !

Finaly let’s talk a bit about the asshole. As such, there is nothing that special I can say about it since I’m usually only using it to regain stamina when the pussy is near from making me climaxing too quickly. Its stimulation is quite lower than the vagina since there are no delightful curves to tease your glans. However due to that nice inner structure it still feels good and I’m sure that many anal lover might find what they are looking for with her =)

If I had to compare the Puni Ana DX to its Onee-chan, the Puni Ana SPDX I would honestly say that the people who go for her have nothing to be envious about. There still is a huge price gap between the two and to some extend I’m not too sure if it would worth it since the SPDX has much more chances of getting damaged than the DX (due to the bone structure, the double layer…)

But to me the SPDX still has the upper hand in terms of “stimulation” and “fake illusion of really fucking a loli” ~ 


Dakisex !

Looks awesome doesn’t it ? Of course dakisex with such a hip is possible and even highly recommended ! Just think about placing a towel underneath since juices might leak out from the exit hole. I did some session already and even though they weren’t quite as intense as with the SPDX, it was still highly enjoyable !

However I personnaly don’t go for dakisex that much. First because I’m a lazy shit, and secondly because I always prefer faping to awesome doujin and hentai while being peacefully sitting at my computer =)


Surprisingly, cleaning this hip is not as difficult as I expected. You can reach the exit hole very easily with your finger so you just have to flush each tunnels and everything while go out. As usual I recommend drying both the inside/outside with a microfiber towel and powdering it with some cornstarch or baby powder every 2-3 washes once it gets too sticky.


Honestly, you can buy this thing blindfolded. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Like, if you don’t have any experience with onahip and wanna start with a cute, durable one with awesome feelings, stop looking around and just go for Yui-chan. She is waiting for you dammit so hurry !

Puni Ana DX
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Awesome packaging + Cute loli character (became one of my new favorite with Cocolo) + Hip wrapped in a plastic bag + Plastic case to ensure some security + Nice add-ons (DVD pictures, bottle of lube) + Good molding of the hip + Good material + Not sticky + Doesn’t smell + Durable with two fuckable holes + Feels super good with a personnal preference for the pussy + Lots of possibilities to play with (dakisex…) + Easy to clean and dry + I guess quite easy to hide too ?
– Uuuh… sorry but I can’t see any defects for this hip
User Review
2.85 (20 votes)

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25 Replies to “Puni Ana DX”

  1. Hi,

    first of all great review. You made me want to but the onahole.

    However I have a question: do you still have the box? if so, could you tell me the measurements (LxWxH)?

  2. I’ve already get a Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000, do you think this will make a big difference between mochi 2000? If they’re very similar, do you have any recommendation? I’m interested in puni ana dx so much but it’s too expensive…

    1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      I must say that the weight and size took me by surprise. I really underestimated 2 kgs o_o.

      Other than that, it’s pretty firm and fun to play with

    1. I printed some myself and for others I requested a seller on aliexpress to get all the custom ones I wanted featuring hentai scenes.

      1. thanks for replying, hm i didnt now aliexpress had sellers that do custom poster im gonna take a look at that. I usually use a dedicated custom Poster Website but thats rather expensive.
        btw. you might want to check out those two artists on Pixiv: 夏奈なつ and クロカジ
        they got some godlike loli content imo. sorry for the off-topic :S

  3. Hi, is the Fuwatoro edition of the Ana DX getting a review by anyone here anytime soon? The Ana DX seems like the best compromise between everything I’m looking for in a onahip, and I prefer softer materials, so I’m interested in the Fuwatoro edition. To add to that, it’s $10 cheaper than the regular edition on Otona Sekai right now. My only concerns with the Fuwatoro is whether it will have enough stimulation, since you mentioned here that the regular edition isn’t very tight, and also whether the softer material would effect the durability. For me to spend this amount of money, I would want it to last at least a year, using it around once every 3 days. I won’t be super rough to it but not gentle all the time either, and my size is pretty average.
    If you think it’s a good choice I’ll get the Fuwatoro and maybe report back with my experience.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. I recently got this hip, and sadly I have multiple defects in mine, first off the exit hole has a huge bubble area which feels extremely weak and is falling apart out of the box. To add insult to injury the vaginal hole isn’t even connected to the exit hole, it’s off an a completely different angle to the left making it a pain in the arse to use and clean.

    I live in the UK so total cost with shipping was around £115, if I want to return it I also have to pay the £40 shipping, honestly this isn’t worth it for me, I guess I’m just super unlucky but I’m pretty pissed about £115 going down the drain.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. I guess you were really unlucky since the Puni Ana DX is one of the safest buy you can make…

  5. Hey, I thought about buying this, but Im unsure where to order it from considering that all these sites have at least 50$+ shipping. is there any shop with cheap shipping/ no shipping cost if you buy more? not sure if Im interested in paying 160$ for a single piece that is supposed ti cost 80$-100$.
    maybe someone has a tip for saving some money there
    (probably need to order lube as well)

    1. If you live in Europe, MotsuToys offer free shipping for order above 80€. But the unit price is more expansive of course. Otherwise I see no other solution than ordering it from a japanese retailr like Otona Sekai, OtonaJP or NLS.

  6. Absolutely stunning hip, I’ve had my own Puni Ana for a couple of years now & my only critique is the orientation of her pussy tunnel. Rather than having that oddly rectangular shape ( tight on the top & bottom, but not much stimulation on the sides) if the makers would have kept the existing texture with a more cylindrical hole like her asshole, the Puni Ana DX would be a near perfect Ona toy for the selling price.

    9/10 will definitely bang again

    1. *EDIT* my apologies..to be fair it would be more accurate to describe the top hole as a horizontally oriented oval, not rectangular, that’s just silly :3

  7. Will you favor this over the hard edtion?

    p.s: I’m having the hard edition, thinking about getting this.

  8. Hi, I don’t quite have the money for a toy like this one…
    but what onahole around 50euros would be the best fit for only dakisex ?
    It should also last around one year before it’s too worn to be pleasurable.

    As there’s only so much available at motsutoys (which is my only option) I already picked some that seem to have good reviews and are affordable enough for me.
    -seventeen bordeau (not enough heft for really good dakisex?)
    -sujiman Kupa big rina (too tight?)
    -la vie en rose (freaky lips but my current one is way worse looking)
    -some meiki sleeves but the ones they have look small and fragile?

    I’m looking forward to your good advices!

    1. Hey there and sorry for the late reply !

      According to your list here is what I can tell :

      – I won’t recommend the seventeen bordeau. First I own it and it’s really not one of my favorite when it comes to good feelings. And then as you noticed, it is really small and mainly dedicated for hand stroking session so it would be way too light for dakisex.

      – I haven’t tried the big rina even though I’m planning on getting it soon. With 600gr, it would already be a lot better for dakisex but you might wanna have to attach it to the dakimakura or hence it might roll off. Magic Eyes product always tend to provide a much more realistic feelings, so this would be an other valuable point.

      – La vie en rose could be nice too, I enjoy using it a lot and I have it since more than a year. Of course, with those product featuring double layer and stuff you wanna encounter tears and scrathes over the time. It’s just regular and unavoidable damage for an onahole you’ll be using weekly.

      – I have never tried any meiki sleeves so I can’t help for those.

      Big Rina would be to me the best bet from your list.

      For my personnal recommandation I would say the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo (https://www.motsutoys.com/big-lolinco-virgo.html) would be perfect but its currently out of stock so you might wanna have to wait.

      Sensation wise, its one of the best and most stimulating onahole I’ve ever tried and I keep recommanding it to people looking for something awesome and durable. And here, its weight is 900gr so it would be even better for dakisex !

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