Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku

Hello you perverts, today let’s talk about Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku, aka “Realistic Touch Mucosa”, an onahole made by RIDE Japan to get as close as possible to the “real thing” !


Gradually, RIDE Japan is getting closer to joining the “classics onahole makers world league”. While there are better products, RIDE Japan still provides good stuff. However it’s been some time since I last reviewed a RIDE Japan product, so I was fairly curious how well they hold up to the competition 🙂

“Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku” roughly translates to “raw feel mucosa“: the goal of this onahole is to reproduce as good as possible the vaginal walls of a woman to bring realistic feeling to it. There are two things I should inform you about:

  1. As of today I don’t know what a vagina usually feels like, as I can only make assumptions based on anatomical characteristics shown on various pictures (not only porn)
  2. I have no idea how RIDE Japan judged it realistic (did they create it from scratch based on their personal experience or did they actually mold it by injecting silicone inside a woman’s vagina)

But first of all, let’s take a look at the packaging.

Oh, can we have more from this young lady ?


Classic Japanese style, and quite large breasts, she seems kinda embarrassed, horny, and.. sweaty 😉

The box shows plenty useful information, like:

  • Made in Japan
  • BungeeTouch material
  • RIDE Japan’s website (I was happy to find it, it’s almost impossible to find the relevant website through Google because of the company’s very generic name) – and I see those sly foxes also registered “”, very strategical domain name for onahole makers
  • “Phtalate Free”, it’s a good think to state it on the box exactly like ToysHeart (phtalates are endocrine disruptors)
  • onahole weight: 340 g
  • total size 165 x 65 mm, with 150 mm inner hole
  • material type: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), like almost all onaholes on the market
  • usage guidelines with pictures, so stupid gainjins who can’t read kanji characters like me can easily understand how to use the toy
  • and of course pictures of the toy, including a section view

Inside the box, you’ll find the toy, and also a small pack of “Virgin Lotion” lube (just enough for 2-3 times, it’s performance is rather medium).


One thing to say is that the toy is less “shiny” / “oily” as it appears on the official pictures, they did a quite weird choice making it look oily and going heavyhanded on the contrast settings.

The material feels rather good, it’s lightly oily and sticky however so I recommend using corn starch powder to make it real smooth to the touch. The structure in the middle allows for a good grip and it’s pretty useful. At the entrance they added labia, on my personal taste I prefer them smaller but oh well, it goes a great job at retaining the lube and it’s fun to feel them touch your scrotum during play. The vaginal entrance here, a clit there, pretty nicely done and overall quite realistic. The smell is kept at acceptable levels, and it fades away pretty well after a few washes. It doesn’t leak much oil, yet you’ll immediately see the effect when you roll it on a paper sheet.

One thing I must report about the material: RIDE Japan should upgrade the processing quality, as mine shows plenty little bubble defects:


They don’t affect the performance or weaken the toy much, but those spots could harbor mold pretty well if not dried properly. Time to get inside !


When I look at this structure, it really reminds me that certain TOMAX onahole named Venus Real, that I have yet to stick my penis in (no-thanks for it being sold exclusively by a couple sellers worldwide). It’s a rather spongy structure, featuring little waves and veins. The bottom has a kind of cervix/uterus chamber, but sadly it doesn’t provide significant vacuum/suction effect. Well okay, a woman’s uterus doesn’t quite act like an air pump, I’ll give them that. Also to mention, in the middle there’s a single nub, which is pretty nice when it strokes the frenulum. I am not totally sure what part it’s supposed to simulate, so I translated the kanji, and it says… “raw feel”. My guess: it’s the G-spot.

This onahole gives a really pleasing snug feeling, it’s a tad loose and provides a soft stimulation. It can be rather frustrating if you want to stroke yourself silly while watching hardcore hentai, and it takes a few times until you find the right amount of lube to use (and without surprise I got the best result with the Onatsuyu lube). But I wouldn’t recommend this onahole for those who have low penis sensitivity or suffer from severe Death Grip Syndrome. It works great for edging before your first orgasm of the day, just take your time and let yourself melt of pleasure slowly, ruin yourself in a sexual agony 😛 If you need a toy for a quick fap or to empty yourself a second or third (or forth or more) time, then it won’t be for you.

Cleaning it isn’t very difficult, it can be turned inside-out and it doesn’t seem to affect it’s durability much. Since it’s rather long and has a “fleshy” inside, cleaning it with your fingers alone won’t be very efficient. Turn inside-out, get soap and water, rub it, clean, dry, turn inside-out again, repeat with the outside, pat dry, store it in air breathing bag for a few hours, then you can powder it if you want to.

Finally about the price.. it’s really good ! For a product that is made in Japan and with such material quality, RIDE is very competitive. Very nice !

Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


RIDE Japan made a quite good product, with (allegedly) realistic features driving yourself nice and slow into bliss, very good price, but suffers from a somewhat dull packaging and bubble defects in the otherwise really good material. Enhance a little bit, and you’ll supersede Magic Eyes !

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