Goku Bira Virgin

Hey there, the backstage kitty publishes a review again 😸

Today let’s take a look at Goku Bira Virgin, made by the awesome folks at G-Project!



To illustrate the packaging, G-Project selected the drawing of a cheerful anime idol, jumping and heating up the audience as she reaches the song’s climax. She wears a voluptuous frilly dress designed between a maid outfit and a fairy attire. She has plenty of energy and one can tell she’s gonna make the party last all night!


Inside the box, you’ll find the usual supply from G-Project: the toy itself inside a plastic wrap, a storage pouch with ziplock (neat addition!), and a 5mL sample of water-based lubricant to get started on the spot (always handy as you buy and use the product within the comfort of the internet café in Japan)


Goku Bira Virgin is a rather typical small-sized onahole, made from TPE material, measuring 135mm in length and just shy of 300g in weight. It’s closed-ended, has as good as no smell upon opening. So far so good!


There’s quite a lot going on inside:

The internal structure is so complex and diverse, like wow. They crammed as much stuff as they could there, a chaotic maze of bumps and crevices, it’s like a swiss clockwork machinery. I’m not really sure about the idol theme there, this could totally be “mad steampunk engineer” depiction.

And indeed, ooh gosh that little onahole packs a punch, the glans are attacked from all sides by structures never-fucked-before, screaming in utter confusion as this doesn’t feel like anything remotely organic. Really, it dwarfs R-20 PUNI. It must be remarked tho that Goku Bira Virgin has no suction chamber, so it’s not as “wrapping-squeezing” as one could wish for. It’s a wacky experience, but with no risk on the user’s sanity.

Now, please be gentle when using it on yourself or your partners:

Ooof, same story as Goku Hida Virgin Soft: shortly after the first few session, tears started developing on either side of the hole, and quickly stretching along the central fold, resulting in this rather wide crack. Now, I used Goku Bira Virgin for quite much longer (something like 40-50 uses?) but it didn’t get worse than that. Thus, compared to Hida Virgin, the tearing starts way earlier but doesn’t get as severe, the onahole remains usable without falling apart (unless you get rough).


The cleaning procedure for Goku Bira Virgin follows the usual jazz: washing off the remains from inside, then sanitizing with hand soap, wash it well then rinse, pat dry with a piece of cloth, then let it fully dry in the open air away from direct sunlight, and finally store it (using it’s storage pouch if you want: it has many little holes to keep it breathing).

The onahole can be safely turned inside-out for more thorough cleaning and drying, but keep in mind this will develop tears at the entrance faster. If it’s teared already, well then..


With Goku Hida Virgin, G-Project provides us with a pretty complex internal design for a small onahole, of which the link to the box illustration is lost on me, but showing G-Project’s manufacturing skill (quality of the material, no smell,..). That said, sadly the design suffers weakness at the entrance, with a tearing developing early and significantly. But in comparison to the sister product Goku Hida Virgin Soft, it still resists better and the onahole remains usable despite the crack.

Now G-Project is not known for compressing prices low, and indeed in my opinion it’s a rather hefty price for that product, not fully justified by the mechanical steampunk engineering marvel that is it’s structure maze right off inspired from Ghibli movie cities.

Goku Bira Virgin
  • 4/10
    Appearance - 4/10
  • 9/10
    Sensations - 9/10
  • 3/10
    Price - 3/10


+ outerwordly sensations
+ material touch
+ no smell
– price
– kinda too small
– quickly tears at entrance
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  1. Curious as to what you guys think about the Goku Ibo-Virgin. It has better quality than the past G-project ones that were reviewed. At least from my experience it hasn’t had and damage.

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