Goku Hida Virgin Soft

Ahoy and hewwo everyone, long time no see! In fact.. 9 months since my previous review?! Damn, kudos to AnonD for bringing fresh content on the blog during that time, I did some back office stuff but yeah.. life has it’s twists and turns.

Anyway, today let’s take a look at an onahole made by the folks at G-Project: Goku Hida Virgin Soft!



To catch the eye of the customer and illustrate the product, G-Project selected a young woman in full catgirl attire, stretching her back and arm while looking at the viewer. A good kitty!

Profusely explaining the characteristics of the product, showing it’s internal structures and it’s squishy material, and showing the maker’s usual statement: “Feel good, feel right, Goku-Hida Virgin not only feels great, it’s well-made, durable, functional and it feels right with new and experienced users alike. With Goku Hida Virgin we strive to satisfy and not dissapoint” (sic)

Well, let’s be the judge of that 😉


After opening the box, the user finds the following content: a storage bag with zip locker, a 5 mL sample of lubricant for a convenient first use, and the onahole wrapped in a plastic bag. It’s the usual package for G-Project products, and the inclusion of a storage bag is definitively a thoughtful addition for when you carry your new toy home after a first fun at the internet café.

When I first open the plastic wrap, I always take a sniff to inhale the smelly chemical odours many new onaholes exhibit. Except G-Project products live up to their reputation: just like with Toysheart products, they don’t smell. So far, so good.


Goku Hida Virgin Soft is a closed-ended small/medium sized onahole, weighting 300g, made in thermoplastic elastomer material. Nothing revolutionary here, it’s just your good standard onahole for masturbation or sex games for yourself and/or your partners, fitting nicely in the hand.


Needless to say, from experience I kinda knew what I’m getting myself into: the internal structures of the onahole feature four “spines” running all the way down the hole, with lots of tiny ribs on their surface. This kind of structure works surprisingly well to create a significant yet not excessive sensation on the glans and the shaft, and the softness of the toy ensures that the fun lasts for many minutes.

The hole ends in a “cervix” mini-vacuum chamber, but really at this scale the suction effect is negligible. The heavy lifting relies solely on those spines, and damn do they feel good. Using the onahole is easy, doesn’t require constant re-lubing, doesn’t wobble around and doesn’t crush the cock or bully the sensitive glans. It’s right in a sweet spot that makes it a great fun companion. But…

But. It must be said that while it shines for a time, I’m definitively concerned about the durability of the material. Because well, despite my cautions, the onahole started tearing open after the 30th use or so. While it’s not a total disaster like toys breaking apart during the first use, I still have many onaholes in great or good condition after.. years of occasional use. Granted, they don’t all perform as good as Goku Hida Virgin Soft in terms of sensations, but.. yeah, no luck this time. The perfect onahole doesn’t exist.


As with other regular onaholes, after using Goku Hida Virgin Soft simply rinse inside with tap water, rub inside with your fingers and some soap, rinse again and let the onahole dry hole down and away from direct sunlight.

Optionally you can use a microfiber cloth to pat it dry, and apply baby powder to it’s external surface to make it extra smooth.

Now considering the risk of tearing mentioned before, I would suggest not turning the toy inside-out for the cleaning process. Over time, any microscopic tear can develop to a full rip, rendering the toy unusable.


Goku Hida Virgin Soft is overall a great toy, it ticks many checkboxes of what one awaits from a regular small-medium onahole, the illustration features a catgirl (yes that’s a selling point too), the material is squishy and doesn’t smell, the internal structure guarantees quite some fun times and the average price is fair. Only cloud in the otherwise clear blue sky: the question of durability. Perhaps my exemplar had a minor defect that remained undetected and evolved into a bigger issue, maybe was I not gentle enough during use or cleaning, or maybe it’s the design that can’t withhold for a long time. But if I encountered this issue, then potentially other users too. Perhaps it can help G-Project improve their design in a new iteration.

I might say.. maybe it was a good thing it took me quite longer to find the time to redact the review, so I could notice a potential durability issue? Who knows.

Anyway: see you soon for the next review, definitively before year end 😉

Goku Hida Virgin Soft
  • 5/10
    Appearance - 5/10
  • 8.8/10
    Sensations - 8.8/10
  • 6.6/10
    Price - 6.6/10


+ great sensations
+ no smell upon opening
– durability
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