You waited so long and you voted for it, and here it is, made by ToysHeart and provided by NLS: R-20 PUNI !


ToysHeart are among the market leaders in onaholes, and this for a long time. While creating new things, ToysHeart also sometimes takes classics and gives them a refreshing look. One of the biggest hand-held onahole I had was Age Series Twenty, aka R-20. And to say the least, R-20 was kinda troublesome to use as, having an average length for a westerner, a good part of it was “wobbling” around. Issue fixed with R-20 PUNI: R-20 got “punified” and made much shorter, along with the improvements in the material ToysHeart achieved in these last years.

But let’s begin with the box !


Similar, yet different. R-20 PUNI has more warm colors, flashing panties, more insights of the breasts, and…  oh hell I love that confident look and smile of her’s πŸ™‚  She’s got something in mind and won’t settle down ’til you surrender and spurt out all your cum !   (btw Infernal Monkey figured out something, and somehow I can’t unsee it now)

Inside the box, you find the actual onahole and a little bottle of “Moisty” lubricant. Just enough for 2-3 times.


Awwww yeah, ToysHeart’s freaking Safe Skin material. Whoever the fuck invented the formula deserves a Nobel price in chemistry. It feels so smooth and silky, and it has hardly any smell at all. Touching and licking the material is almost orgasm-inducing by itself.

As you can see, R-20 PUNI is more like a regular onahole in size, shrinking R-20’s 18.7cm down to 13.5cm. That’s what it was like:


So the onahole’s shorter. But how about inside ? Side-by-side comparison, scaled accordingly:


Again, similar yet different: most structure are there, including my beloved frenulum-bully spine in the middle, and the shaft-stroking gears of war. But it’s not exactly a compressed version of the already-existing: new are the bumps in vacuum chamber, an actual cervix opening, … good good, would be boring if it felt exactly like the not-PUNI. IMO, it was lacking a bit of suction. Oh the pic is misleading: it’s a single-layer onahole, not dual layer πŸ˜‰


Enough chit-chat, how does it feel ?

Well, my memories tell me that -yes- the sensations remind of R-20. But R-20 PUNI is just the right size, and clamps down on your dick like it doesn’t want to let go of you. Something is lacking there, maybe some more softness in the middle. ’cause … how to describe..  you don’t glide “smoothly”, it’s fitful. 3 “hills” you feel going into. And what happens next usually with me is that I go rough, stroking hard, and thus killing most sensations and end in a sketchy orgasm. So please, try to keep it slow with it to fully enjoy the structures πŸ™‚

The cleaning difficulty is average for onaholes this size, I had no particular trouble and the material is stretchy enough for turning it inside-out without worries.

Lastly, there’s something odd with the price. Shrinking down the R-20 makes you expect the price is lower, yet ToysHeart added 5 dollars on top of it. ToysHeart has been pitching their average prices higher these last years, yet I think they could have been price-matching R-20 PUNI with it’s ancestor R-20. That’s unfortunate.

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  • Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • Price - 5/10
User Review
4.25 (4 votes)


Bringing back R-20’s sensations to the scene, mixed up with their awesome upgraded Safe Skin material, yet R-20 PUNI has a few shortcomings like the fitful and hard feeling of it’s structures or the questionable pricing when compared to it’s big ancestor


Author: AkaiHebi

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7 Replies to “R-20 PUNI

  1. Was a pleasure reading this review. The pictures were very informative. πŸ˜€

    About the pricing… If Toysheart are as good as you say, then they’re simply playing their position raising prices. “Corner the market, raise the price; basic economics” – Walter White, Breaking Bad.

    Reblogged on Tumblr!

  2. What is the most realistic feeling Onahole? I want one in times when my girl won’t put out. xD Not a fan of all the unrealistic stuff, the design is a little extreme for me. Thanks in advance!

  3. Which would yo u reccomend, this or Tight innocent pussy?
    I’m looking for somewhat of a womb penetration, but I don’t want to give up on the overall pleasure.

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