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Finally ! I get to talk about Hidachitukko, the onahole N.P.G threw into the market with a few interesting features. It came third in the previous poll, I wasn’t the only one interested in it.

“Hidachitukko”, “Hidachitsukko”, J-List decided to add “NEET girl” to the title, and adding “Watamote parody”. Time for some comments.

The front side shows this loli with her kimono, it’s falling from her shoulder, revealing her developing breasts. That’s not everyone’s taste, especially for picky people guarding the borders of your country against bombs and drugs. But that’s totally mine, and her face expression makes it easy for me to go into lewd fantasies in old Japan. Gonna repost the pictures from Amazon, so you can take a goooood look at it.


It complies with Japan’s obscenity regulation law, and so the second picture is censored. Yes it is. Nice job !

Actually, that girl…  You know what she reminds me of ? The obscene book’s incarnation in Haru no Yume, hentai manga drawn by Kazekawa Nagi. She’s just short-haired and more “tsundere”, but hell it works pretty well ! But please… “Watamote parody” ?! Look at what Tomoko looks like !


Haircut doesn’t match, expression doesn’t match, also clothing doesn’t match, period doesn’t match.. wonder if the breast size matches. One thing’s for sure: Kuroki Tomoko is a highschooler. “NEET” being the British acronym for “Not in Education, Employment or Training”, and Tomoko being in education, Tomoko’s not a NEET. She’s a bit weird and lovely, but not NEET. NEET is Yuuko-chan, from Kami-sama no Memochou <3


Bottom line: nasty trick used by J-List to sell a product as a parody when it’s not. Or if it is, the guys at N.P.G went full drunk from sake before choosing a design. Who knows ? We’ll never know. We just get to enjoy the cutie sweet kimono girl, it’s all what matters and the little bell somehow tells us something interesting: she’s actually a ghost with tentac… strings coming out from her pussy. These strings gonna grab your balls and prevent you from pulling out ! She wants you to fill her with your human seed and suck out all your vital energy !  (see, fantasies come easily with that packaging)

Strings. I’ll talk about it in a moment, first I wanna point out…


.. never mind 0_o


Handy, soft in touch, a bit smelly even after washing. Comes with a little bottle of lube, enough for ~6 times. The entrance shape is weird, bigger than the rest of the toy, it makes it unbalanced because basically it’s a small onahole. The entrance hole doesn’t seem “cleanly cut”, I don’t know if it’s faulty fabric or supposed to mimic a broken hymen. Inside, we find the strings.


Putting strings inside the onahole made the Bangee Shake very veeeeery popular, some time after release it sold more than Tenga Deepthroat and Seventeen Bordeaux on Amazon Japan. Do the strings alone make all the difference ? The answer is: no. Judging on how Virgin Loop feels and how Hidachitukko compares, I’m convinced the strings alone don’t skyrocket the pleasure you get from an onahole. Not only Bangee Shake and Virgin Loop have these little ribs, but also the material RIDE JAPAN is using, that all pushes Hidachitukko away from this league. Sadly.


Structure-wise it’s pretty similar to Magic Eye’s Open my Pussy Roa, nothing innovative here. Putting a few strings in it are not enough. To me the biggest flaw is the material: it doesn’t quite feel as good as current types of RIDE JAPAN, Magic Eyes or ToysHeart, my my, I’m even in the thinking A-One improves faster than N.P.G on that aspect. Or freaking Tamatoys, which is quite concerning. Much better to expect from a dual layer onahole nowadays.

Of course it’s somewhat biased, I compare Hidachitukko to toys who cost almost twice as much. I guess for that price, it’s not, like… robbery. The packaging is worth it.

Short word about the lube: is a water-based lube, not very sticky, little stringy, I enjoy it with other onaholes to feel perfectly all the little stuffs inside.

On plain performance, yes of course you manage to orgasm with Hidachitukko. Getting the job done is the main point, right ? The strings, I didn’t felt them as good as Bangee Shake. Why ? Because Hidachitukko’s are more stretching. While it prevents them to pop broken when you use the onahole (which may feel funny but oh well), I think you actually push them to the bottom instead of finding your way between them with your dick. Hence the problems to reach the bottom with my minicam, which is thinner than a pencil.

Nice try N.P.G, but it seems you wasted that cute loli on this onahole πŸ™

  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


A dull smelly onahole in a great packaging

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3 Replies to “Hidachitukko”

  1. I bought it for the box from Amazon US. The outside Amazon box was completely fine. The packaging was a black bag wrapped around the onahole box.

    And the box… the bottom half of the box looked like it was crushed open… The onahole and lubricant was new and fine, but the half of the box illustration was completely ruined. The loli art was one of most cute and amazing art on an onahole that ever caught my eye. What a waste -_-

    About Jlist, I hated them before because of the pricing but I just hated them more once I saw the “Watamote Parody” tag because of the blatant false advertisement.

    Finally, the onahole felt somewhat good, but I love how you rate the rate the art as 10 stars~ I might reorder the same one again in the future just to get the box.

  2. Hiii! Sorry to request this in here, I forgot where the PMs go. There’s one item that I would really love you to review, It’s called “Puritto Hip Operation” by Tamatoys. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EXG1CBS/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A32CVWNMIA48AL

    The reason I think this should be reviewed is because from what I’ve seen on your reviews, Tamatoys doesn’t really come up with the best quality toys, or atleast onaholes. But this isn’t really an onahole, I mean it does come with one, but rather an accesory that could really improve onaholes experienses. I know there’s still like Meiki hips and other hips, but this could easily allow you to keep changing the sleeve to make it more enjoyable, but it’s quite pricey so one wouldn’t know if it’s worth the risk. My main distrust about the product is how you need to use a towel (comes with the whole package) to prevent the sleeve from sliding back. It just feels quite unprofessional.

    So yeah, I beg of you, could you review this product?

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