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Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Julia+! Made by EXE!



Wow, look at all those vendors! It seems like this onahole is quite popular, and for a good reason, it’s damn good! But before we talk about how it feels, let’s take a look at it.


I’m reviewing again yet another onahole that features 3D women artwork.

Not that I’m complaining, she looks pretty hot. She is a famous JAV porn star, so here is my personal recommendation for one of her movies 😉 [MIMK-045]


And here are the contents of the box: the onahole, and a small bottle of lube.

I like this bottles, normally the lube lubricates very well, so you don’t need to pour too much, it will last for a bit. Also it’s size is great, you could take it with you for traveling for example, and it’s easier to hide, specially if you don’t have much space.

Here a few photos of the onahole.

It feels great in the hand.

The boobs a very nicely shaped, and that is not something common to see in onaholes.

Shaped lips, awesome! There is a lot of detail as you can see.


The onahole is very well shaped, it resembles Julia’s body, with very good looking boobs and vagina lips. These features do not have a very practical purpouse when it comes to feeling, except for the shaped lips, which help a bit to hold the lube so you can lubricate the tip of your penis more easily.

As I said earlier, holding this onahole in your hand feels great. The smooth skin material, and the curves give you a firm and pleasant grab of the onahole. This is an important aspect of an onahole, because there are some onaholes that you don’t wanna even use because of how awkward are to grab or annoying is the skin material.

This onahole also has two layers, which has its pros and cons. The pros are, it could give a stronger stimulation, and it looks way better on the inside than a single skin colored layer, but the bad thing is that with time it could rip off, luckly I’ve been using this onahole for more than a month now and it doesn’t show signs of tear, so it looks durable!


I love Julia’s pussy. Yep. This onahole feels absolutely great. The entrance is not perfect, I like the entrance being VERY soft, for the first insertions when your glans is still sensitive, and then get hard as you go deeper, but as you can see on the picture below, it is almost the same during the whole tunnel, but it’s not really a problem, the inner layer is actually fairly soft, but still manages to give you a very nice stimulation.

In the picture it might look like a tight-type onahole, but it isn’t, the tightness is just right, I really like it. Also, the second layer around it feels awesome to squeezing right when you ejaculate, it’s just amazing. Plus, at the bottom there is a lot of, which is also great since when I ejaculate I like pressing the onahole towards me very hard, and the soft second layer just feels really nice squeezing around the base of my penis.

Here a video of the onahole in action.


Also something else to note, is that the onahole is silent, so you can ninja-fap without worrying somebody will hear you in the next room 😉


The cleaning of this onahole is easy, just like any other onahole, pour some water inside, remove the juices with your fingers, wash the inside again with soap, and finally dry with a thin towel, and you’re done!



In conclusion, it’s a great onahole that definetly makes it one of my favorites, great feeling, fun to squeeze, very nicely shaped body and lips, and it comes with a small bottle of lube. It is a little bit more pricey than the average onahole, but it’s worth it. Definetly recommended, I’d say is great for beginners too, not too tight, not too lose, just the right tightness and feeling to start! (remember to buy lube too!)


Author: AnonymousD

Professional fapper. Member of #2dmasterrace. Ask me any questions about the review in the comment box below!

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  1. Hm I am not sure if I like this one…
    I am not really against 3D women but I don’t like her face!

    I think there are much cuter JAV models but who cares. Someone shound try it instead of missing the great feeling you describing here.

  2. If you ever decide to get one, you should do a review for the Real Body Julia model. I’ve very few reviews (existing ones aren’t detailed) of it, but it could probably be due to the price. I found out about it on otonajp.

    • *I’ve seen*

    • AnonymousD

      Ohh, that’d be awesome, but the problem is that I don’t have the space to hide it, I live with my parents :/. I’d actually prefer to get a 145cm Doll from DS Doll, but my problem is that I have no space for it to keep it discreetly.

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