Puni Ana SPDX

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is/was a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.


Over the last few years, OutVision (aka EXE) has truly achieved to find its very own place in order to satisfy the needs of a large and important otaku community craving for some more unique and well designed product.

Let’s face reality. Barely everyone with a slight interest in the onahole industry should be aware that the Puni Ana DX (hard) is currently the most popular onahip sold both inward and outward Japan. This clue only gives us already a clear idea of how qualified and hard working the people at this company are to be able to release such tremendous product that would litteraly shake the entiere market.

But they did not stop at that stage.

In summer 2015, one of the most outstanding product was announced under the name “Puni Ana SPDX”. More than a simple hip, they decided to go all in and bet on a design based on a full lolicious torso featuring a weight of about 4KG with 32cm in height, double-holed (pussy + ass), double layered vagina, tiny nipples, cute ass and last but not least a fully bone structured inner structure.

The body has been designed by the famous erotic illustrator Maruku, along with the cheeky female MOE mascot already present on the packaging of the former DX.

No need to tell you that I was litteraly left jaw open when I saw the pictures of this awesomeness for the very first time…

Now let’s put and end to the useless talk and start the review of this lolicious torso !



The packaging used for that torso is simply incredible. First of all, I really loved the material used to imitate that goldish/shining feature. SPDX originaly standing for Super Deluxe, it truly gives a premium feeling to the product and I really loved that touch ! An other thing would be the sketches from Maruku. I really think that it is a super smart idea to have added all those drawings which were originaly made in order to create the basic design of the torso. It’s actually the very first time I witness such a feature on a packaging and I really find this interesting.

Once again, the staff thought about each and every details for their new creation !

Apart from that, the loli-mascott is present in absolutely EVERY parts of the box. In big size on the front cover as well as in chibi version to help you finding out the informations you are looking for. Honestly, it’s just super cute ! We can also find tons of detailed pictures of the torso, of both inner tunnel and mostly of that so called bone-structure. It really helps to understand how the product is actually build.

I also noticed that the cardboard used for the box was really sturdy, hence it should last for quite a long time if you are like me and love stocking your onaholes/hips/torso in their original boxes !

Anyway, I honestly think this is one of the most amazing onahole packaging I’ve ever seen. Yeah ok I know I keep saying the same thing at each new review but trust me this time I really had a big crush ! Beware though, the box itself is just the most MASSIVE one I’ve ever got, so take that in consideration if you are living with people LOL


As expected, the inner packaging is really good, the same type as Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE or Kaitai Shinsho. The torso is safely wrapped in a plastic bag but also in a sturdy plastic case to avoid any kind of damage during handling.

From my experience, there aren’t any safer way of avoiding marks and streaks on the outside than with this type of display. It symply IS the best and fortunately they did it with the SPDX ~ it would have been a real downside if for a product that they consider themselves as premium the content was simply delivered “as if” without any added material to ensure some security.

However including such a small stick of lube for such a big product is truly hilarious. Come out OutVision, considering the global amount of money people would have to pay to get their hands on this product (nearly 200€ on average incl. shipping) you guys could at least have included a biger bottle of lube or something ~ like the SARASARA PUNI ANA JUICE or the THICK PUNIA ANA JUICE (not reviewed on the blog yet!)

Seriously, you even DID make some bottle of lube based on the exact SAME artwork of our loli so why didn’t you include a sample in the box ? At such a price it would have been much appreciated and I don’t think it was that much of a deal to break your bank on it.

Anyway, next ~


Now to the main dish of this review, let’s talk about the product in more details (since I’m sure that’s what all of you are looking for xd)

In terms of specs first :

  • This torso is the heaviest one I’ve ever tried, standing at over 4 DAMN KILOGRAMS. You are a lazy shit like myself ? Then if you wanna practice some physical activity regularly and get some rock hard biceps after a few week then fap with this product. Well it didn’t work for me but I’m certain for you it will. Probably.
  • The size is HUGE! I first thought Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE was already something at the limits in terms of size, but that was before getting a hold of the SPDX. Twice heavier and so much larger/longer including an entiere rib cage… simply insane.

Talking about the rib cage, let’s not forget that among everything else THIS asset only still remains one of the main characteristic and selling point of that torso. Never before a product including such a detailed bone structure has ever been done, or if it was then I didn’t know about it.

So in those terms, I guess the challenge here is a pure success.

Having only tried one other torso featuring such a gimmick with the Kaitai Shinsho which left me a rather bitter taste in mouth following the events that happened with the bone parts (unaligned, got broken and detached from the inner material) this one is truly something else, much, much more realistic and fortunately much more durable.

In a way, the kaitai wasn’t really realistic. One shocking thing to me was the fact that it was simply a whole piece of bone stuck in the middle of the body, and that was it. For instance, when I applied some pressure on the belly, it wasn’t squishy at all like one would have expected but rock hard due to the huge bone stuck underneath.

With the SPDX they took that problem in consideration and worked to improve the feeling. In the end, it feels realistic as fuck. You can feel all the ribs along the chest, the bones of the waist, and even the pelvic bone above the pussy but on an other hand the stomach and the area around the belly button are 100% soft and squishy.

Playing with those body part while fucking her tiny pussy feels like reaching a new world, litteraly.

Those are actually the sketches I mentioned before, but in higher resolution. As we can see, the torso has been designed from the very beginning to look like a loli body, and I must say that it was a really wise choice (I probably wouldn’t have liked it that much if it was based on a granny’s body…. urgh)

There is just a very small difference related to the top parts of the drawings.

You saw it too right ? Of course you did !

Yup, the molding is a bit different than what we can see here. In reality, the neck and shoulder parts aren’t included on the body. Personnaly I would have prefered having them since I don’t really like that flat separation at the top. Plus, it would have been so nice to be able to grab her by the shoulder while staring at her naked and defenseless lolicious cleavage… argh that’s too bad ! You really fucked up there OutVision xd

Ok so we mentioned tons of things about the body and stuff so what’s left now… ?


Two holes :

  • The Pussy: As you can see on the pic, the inner structure of the vagina is the only one being dual layered. However this layer is very thin and colored in a very light pink. Personnaly, I didn’t even notice it at first since it simply looked like the skin material. Also, it’s absolutely not as with product from Magic Eyes where the texture is really thick, bright pink and gives a harder stimulation. With the SPDX, I couldn’t really feel any change from the anal which is single layered. I guess it’s a bit more smooth but that’s it. Also the pussy is much deeper than what you see on the current scheme, you can easily go balls deep inside without any trouble. The walls aren’t that special, lots of small little ribs up to the end and that’s it. The tightness is perfect for my tastes, not too strong and not too loose ! Lastly, the light curve leading downward is truly AMAZING since it stimulates a lot your glans. Feeling change a lot from fucking her from the front or from behind. You can also try fucking her from the side like in doujinshi and hentai, it’s pretty amazing !
  • The Ass: Instead of the pussy, this hole is single layered and tighter which means a better durability and a harder sensation. Notice that those two are actually connected at the back so that cleaning should be a bit easier than with a closed tunnel. Instead of the pussy, this hole has a more detailed structure with dots, numbs and a few ribs. However it’s damn straight so there aren’t any delightful curve or anything to pleased your dick. I’m not that much into ass-related thing, I prefer the pussy. But switching from one to the other before cuming is truly a good experience to try with this toy =)

Let’s conclude this description with the look of the genitals. Being based on a lolicious body, I must admit that the molding of this toy is one of the best I’ve ever seen. More than just being accurate, they even achieved to reproduce some parts and curves that I’ve never witnessed before with any other type of torso.

It really looks super exciting. Being a true lolicon, I can assure you that simply looking at the body makes me go rock-hard in a few seconds. The pussy is molded in a “virgin camel/toe” shape. I totaly approve that choice, camel toe and lolicious pussy are justice ! Again, one of the most beautiful looking pussy I’ve ever seen. The ass is more simple shaped. Insertion in the pussy might be a bit tricky at some point though while getting into the ass is much easier =)


Images are better than words so there you go, a bunch of lolicious pictures =)

See by yourself, the look of the actual product matches perfectly to the promotional pictures ~ it’s simply amazing, a real piece of lolicious art!

The torso doesn’t come with any noticable factory smell. It was just a bit sticky right out of the packaging so I recommend rincing it first under clear water. The material feels really, really durable ! It was really smooth to the touch and even more once I applied some baby powder ~ it just felt like I was caressing the body of a “real” 2D loli !

Simply a mind-blowing sensation which used to turn me on as fuck LOL

The skin color isn’t exactly like the loli depicted on the box ~ HECK she doesn’t comes with sun tanning 🙁

But that’s fine, honestly I won’t complain for that since I think it would have looked really strange. Here we have a light, barely white color which looks so freaking innocent ! For instance, it really reminds me of the skin color of Illya from Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya where she used to look so cute with that pale lolicious skin of her !

That’s it. In fact, the SPDX is the true embodiment of Illya’s body in our shitty 3D world !

Every lolicon who respects himself should know what THAT is ! 🙂

What else can I say ?

Well, nothing much to be honest. Based on the shapes of her body, I guess it’s also clear to all of you now that this torso is really well made and even looks scary real ! According to the size and the weight, I assure you that having this thing jumping on your laps while riding your dick feels exactly the same as having a “real” 2D loli right in front of you = the dream of every lolicon

The pussy is one of my favorite part. Just look at the pictures where I’m holding the torso and you’ll see that her molding is just splendid with those gorgeous puffy pussy lips and that lolicious camel toe. An other thing, I love the V-shape that you can see on every girl body (coming from the top of the tighs up to the crotch). It really is something that turns me on and here it just completly fill the bill.

The belly button also looks super arousing with that soft and squishy tummy ! The nipples are sooooooooooooooooo tiny and looks soooooooooooooo cute ! I admit that they are not super detailed, but I really don’t care. Of course maybe having them colored in pink would have been a great addon, but in a way I’m really fine with how they actually are.

Last but not least, the buttocks is… SO LOLICIOUS !

*pants, pants, pants*

Ok I’ve calmed down, sorry. But truly, grabing and playing with her ass is really a good and pleasant experience. I found that it really added a lot to the stimulation even though sometimes is was a bit tricky to keep a good balance due to the weight in her higher parts.

So far, it was all green and good to me. This product definitely was one of the most incredible thing I had ever tried in my life !

But beware though, because I also encountered a major inconvenience. Actually, that wasn’t even related to something I broke myself during use but was there from the very beginning. I’m actually talking about the hole you can see on the spine in the picture picture right above.

Actually, there is an entiere vertebra missing on the spine. It’s just, nothing… a hole. You feel the spine with each vertebra from the bone torso and then once you reach this particular part, you end up finding nothing on 2-3cm before again having some bone parts a few cm later. No damages on the outside, no tears both inside and outside the tunnel… I had absolutely no idea what could have caused this.

Hence, I ended up deciding this was litteraly a factory defected because I couldn’t think of anything else that could have induced it.

And it seems I’m not the only one having some issue with the quality control of thise series ~ I saw a couple of people complaining on amazon too and an even WORSE TROUBLE happened to our fellow reviewer InfernalMonkey while he was trying the product for his review.


As you can expect after everything I’ve been saying so far, the feeling are really good and you probably shouldn’t be able to last for a very long time once you get inside her loli-holes ~


Ok so as I mentioned before, the pussy is double layered with a nice curve. You can’t really feel nor even see it since it’s so light-pink but it still adds a little more to the sensations. It is apparently said that this material “adapts its form to the shape of your dick” = marketing purpose

I’m really not that convinced of that gimmick… but in a way, going balls deep inside with your glans reaching her most intimate parts “kind of” gives a really nice feeling. In a sense, I would say that it gets a little bit more tight once you reach the ending parts of the pussy, and that feels great.

There are no womb chamber included on this torso. Hence, all the air gets out trough the ass since both are connected. But I found a way to REALLY enhance the experience. For this, I simply stick my New USB Onaho Warmer inside her butt when my dick is completly inside her pussy. Blocking the release of air, it then creates a delightful and rather strong vacuum. Hence, the walls of her loli vagina will be clinging to your chin-chin like crazy and provide a way more intense stimulation. On an other hand, it helps keeping it quiet. Because yep, as expected the regular release of air through the butt kinda make some noise which can be troublesome if you are living near or with people.

With the second tunnel blocked, simply keep in mind that you gets an incredibly good vacuum with no noise.

In a picture, this is how good the SPDX feels

The ass is more intense than the pussy, as expected with that wall structure. It’s more straight so you can fuck it faster if that’s what you are looking for. On an other hand, you can do the same trick as before and create some vacuum by blocking the vagina. I use the warmer because I don’t have anything else, but I’m planing on someday getting a small vibrator egg from Magic Eyes and then sticking it in one of the unused hole. With the vibration pattern it might truly adds a lot to the sensation so I’m really looking forward to it !

What is great with this torso is that you can play a lot with it. Of course having her riding your cock while being sitting at your computer watching some hentai or reading some doujinshi is really cool and that’s what I do the most. But being able to fuck her in two holes, both from the front, back and even from the sides adds a lot of possibilities to your imagination !

Knowing big product like those are usualy aimed for long play, I don’t really recommend it for people looking for something really hard and tight which will make you cum in a few seconds. That’s absolutely not the purpose of this body. I sometimes spend an hour or even more fucking her at a good path and then once I climax it simply feel super good and satisfiying.

With such a good weight, hand-free stuff is easily possible. I tried on a desk in doggy style and it was reallllllllllllllllllllllllly INTENSE ! I guess if you don’t fap for 1-2 days, resisting to the pleasure she’ll gives you might honestly be a challenge xd

But one of the setup wchich made me have the best orgasms to date was with daki sex. It simply is undescribable. The amount of pleasure is stark raving mad and she might surely gets every last drop of semen out of you ! For those owning dakimakuras, preferably lolicious ones, I HIGHLY recommend you guys to give it a try.

You won’t be disapointed, trust me =)


As expected, cleaning a loli of this size isn’t that easy. It actually requires an entiere technique, so I’m going to explain mine so that it will make things easier to understand =)

First of all, both holes are very deep. On one hand it’s a really good thing since you can fuck them balls deeps without worrying about tearing a hole at the end or something. But on an other hand, it gets cleaning a real pain in the arse to deal with since even with your middle finger, you shouldn’t be able to reach all the way in.

The U-Shape being the most important place where water might get stuck and turns into mold if you don’t pat it dry thoroughly, it’s really important that at least 90% of the inner structure is dry and out of any remaining water before putting it back into its box. With this thing, molding marks and bacterias might be your worst enemies.

Cherry on the cake, the inner bone structure make the cleaning even harder since you can’t twist the torso in all cardinal position to clean the holes (like Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE for instance)

So here is what I’m used to do :

  • Firstly – Rince and wash the torso thoroughly under your faucet with tepid clean water. Scrape all the remaining fluids (sperm, lube, saliva…) out of each holes. The best thing to do since the tunnels are connected is to plug the tip of the faucet in one of the holes and then rince the inside with the power of the jet. Everything will come out from the other unpluged hole and in a couple of second you’ll see that the insides will be completly neat and clean. To check that, put you finger inside and see if you still feel that sticky/slimy sensation. If not, then that’s good so go on to the next step.
  • Secondly – Once your torso is all clean, wrap it in a big enough microfiber towel. After a couple of minutes, the outside should be barely dry. If not, dry the remaining water with the towel.
  • Thirdly – For the inside, first start by drying the labia of the pussy. Due to the shape of the puffy lips, water can easily get stuck there so it’s important to pat it completly dry. After that, start going inside very carefuly, don’t force your way or you might get some damages on the inner pinkish layer. Do the same thing for the butt. For both, go as deep as you can and stop as soon as you reach the limits even if your are not a the bottom.
  • Fourthly – Use an other microfiber towel, this time a thiner one (you’ll see the both I’m using down bellow). With this one, you should be able to reach all the way in. Even if you don’t, you wanna have to force it a bit even if that means pressing the torso to reach the end. You absolutely HAVE TO pat the U-shape dry ! Don’t worry about the bone structure though, it can bends a lot and won’t break anytime soon. I’m doing this on mine since the beginning and never got trouble yet.
  • Fifthly – Once done, press the tummy. If you can hear some PLOP sound with air, then you are good. If you still hear some water, then it’s not dry enough yet.

The cleaning with this torso is really the worse part. Not impossible but kinda hard and which requires a good technique. You have to keep that in mind if you are planing on buying it.


The Puni Ana SPDX is truly a mind-blowing torso. Never before I have tried such an incredible and complex product. The large size combined to the inner bone structure along with those massive 4KG makes this thing something really unique. The curves and shapes of that lolicious body are amazingly well molded, the rib-cage feels super realistic and even the buttock feels really good to grab !

Each holes feels fantastic ! I have a preference for the the pussy but the ass is really good too ~ switching from one to an other is awesome and allows you to play a lot with her ~ having her riding your cock while being sitting on a chair is very nice, but I also loved using her for dakisex !

Compared to that, the Punia Ana DX might truly look like a simple toy.

The only major issue with the Puni Ana SPDX would be to me her HIGH price, the difficulty to clean her insides and finaly the numerous factory defects which tends to be quite troublesome in some cases…

Anyway, for me it was one of the best experience I’ve ever had with a toy and I highly recommend her if you can afford her ! Of course barely 200€ is REALLY expensive, but keep in mind that you are getting something really unique here. Price are relatives… of course for someone used to spend 20€ on a one-handed onahole this price might sounds insane. But all is a question of point of view and to what you are comparing it to. So personnaly and after having checked the price of other similar toys, I find that it’s in a rather good price-range.

Just be careful for customs, it would be too bad if they were to kidnap your loli 😛

Hope you enjoyed that “long” review =)

Puni Ana SPDX
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Cleaning - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ Large and durable Box + Very Nice Artwork + Nice packaging (goldish/shining) + Plastic case to ensure security + Wrapped in a second plastic bag + No noticable factory smell + Super good and cute material + Durable + Feels super sweet to the touch (when talc is applied) + Smells good ! + Amazing molding + Cute looking pussy, tits and ass + Very good weight (4Kg) + Inner bone structure to provide more realism + Pussy is double layered in a cute pinkish layer + Both pussy and ass are connected which makes the cleaning easier + Awesome sensations in both holes + Allows you to play a lot with her (hand free, dakisex…) + High price sure, but for such a thing I don’t find it overpriced + All in all, for a lolicon, it’s simply the most incredible thing to own
– Difficult to dry – High Price – Just a stick of lube… GIVE US THOSE BOTTLES ! – Beware of factory defects – Troublesome for shipping, be careful of custom and find a good place to hide the big box =)
User Review
3.62 (13 votes)

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56 Replies to “Puni Ana SPDX”

  1. So I just got my puni ana torso but when I finished using it I saw that the skin had kind a like black slime and it is a challenge to take it out, how can I prevent this and what can I do to remove it cause I don’t want to damaged the skin, and as a last question, do I really have to use a powder to make the toy last longer?

  2. so i got the puni ana 3d witch is just the handheld version of this and the skeleton was backwards I didn’t know if this is something that happens very often

    1. Could you make a review about the Puni Ana DX Kiwami? It costs a bit more than this one, but I don’t get why.

      1. it’s a lot bigger. 28cm wide at the hip. 4 different materials if you count the “bone”. it’s 5.7 kilos

  3. I’m concerned to ever buy this in the case I could get arrested on the grounds that it’s a “loli”” sex toy. Is there anything to worry about? (I live in Canada)

  4. Best looking onahip there is and i’d love to buy. Motsutoys can remove the package but I’m still worried about the shipping process in EU. Do you think I’d get in trouble if someone intercepted the toy and saw it (without the box and its artwork) or not?

    1. If you can afford it so yes go for it. If yopu are more limited on money, trust me you won’t regret anything with cocolo, she’s fucking incredible too.

    1. Well, a lot. She’s tighter, heavier, and the whole torso allows you to have lots of fun with her entier body, like licking her nipples, grabbing her ass or touching her belly button…

      It brings the word masturbation to a whole new level, mostly if you use her on some loli doujinshi or hentai where you follow the pace of the sex scenes.

  5. I just want to know what doll/ona that is in that one pic with the loli doll holding the dildos.

    Where can I find similar ones like this? Is that even a ona, looks a bit like hard plastic.

  6. I have this one, and it is my favorite; for those who are asking about what panties fit, I tried with 1-2 years old girl panties with nice results, as shown in the following pic:
    As for the little dress, it is a 3 moths baby dress.

  7. Hi. Will the bones break if I place my whole body weight(70kg) on it, as in fucking her while I’m on top?

  8. i love using cocolo, but i think this one might NTR me from her….

    i gotta save up some money for this….

  9. Hello, I love your reviews! I was wondering if you fit panties on this? I recently got the Cocolo and it just shy of a few inches or so from fitting into one.

    1. I don’t unfortunately, because most of the panties you’ll see on retailer shop are usually way too big to fit the toy. Iy’s really a pain in the arse, there should be more maker for panties dedicated to onahip and torso….

      But I love seeing her cute slit so I leave her like this, same for cocolo which is quite smaller than the SPDX !

      1. Hmm, I think I am gonna have to sew the panties I bought from en-nls to make it fit better. The cocolo for me is already getting close to be overwhelming lol. I can’t imagine handling the SPDX, my arms would definitely getting stronger XD. When I figure out a good way to sew the panties, I will make a post on the forums.

  10. Does yours have an indent at the top where the neck would be? I just got mine today and the top is sunk in or indented like half an inch. Wondering if thats normal. I had to go to work so i didnt get a chance to really inspect it but it seems like the bones are lined up properly

  11. Hey !

    Il n’y a aucun probleme, deja que tu partages ton experience sans rien demander en retour c’est la moindre des choses que de pouvoir attendre quelques jours ! Tout le monde a le droit de prendre des vacances après tout !

    J’ai hâte de voir tes prochaines reviews pour le coup 😛

    Encore quelques questions pour toi … (Je t’en demandes beaucoup je sais xD)

    – as tu entendu parler du torse nikaido rio ? https://www.otonajp.com/real-body-3d-bone-system-nikaido-rio si oui qu’en penses tu ??

    – aurais-tu un warmer à conseiller en particulier ? Il y en a de toute sorte et le moins cher est continuellement “épuisé” sur motsutoys …

    Merci encore Cr4zyDuck !

    Haha je m’étais dis la même chose en passant à la japan devant les stands présentant des dakimakura ! C’est vrai qu’en france les onaholes sont loin d’être entrer dans les moeurs !

    1. Oui et heuresement encore ! Car tenir tous ces longs mois sans congés je te dis pas la douleur surtout quand tu fais un taff difficile physiquement.

      Pas de problème, sa me dérange pas du tout si t’a des question. C’est assez rare que ce soit un français qui me demande conseil en plus donc sa me fait plaisir de repondre et d’aider si je peut 🙂

      Alors pour ton torso, j’avais juste vu vite fais a l’époque sur otonaJP quand il est sorti mais sinon c’est tout…

      Alors pour le warrmer moi j’ai toujours eu celui de RENDS mais sa fais le 4e et j’ai continuellement le même problème avec a savoir que a un moment donné, même branché sur lordi il arrête de chauffer du jour au lendemain… (https://www.otonajp.com/rend-usb-onahole-warmer)

      Par contre je sais que un tout nouveau est sorti récemment de chez G-Project donc meilleure marque avec une meilleure qualité et donc meilleure durée de vie normalement. (https://www.otonajp.com/onaho-heating-system-usb-2-0)

  12. Re !

    Ecoute, merci, je suis agréablement surpris par le contenu de ta réponse, je n’en demandais pas tant !

    Je vais suivre tes conseils pour le coup ! Je suis impressionné par ton expérience et ton recul vis-à-vis des onaholes, tes reviews sont de l’or en barre !

    Cependant j’ai encore deux questions substantielles :

    – as tu eu l’occasion de tester le lube “La Bocca Della Verita Sweet Lotion”, le concept me fait rêver mais je ne sais pas si il serait aussi approprié pour le lolinco virgo (je comptais commander plusieurs bouteilles …)

    – concernant l’entretien des onaholes, utilises-tu du talc et si oui à quelle fréquence ?

    Merci encore Cr4zyDuck !

    1. Désolé pour le temps de réponse, je suis tout juste rentrée de vacances en Espagne hier soir ^^

      Eh bah je suis content que mes reviews te plaisent autant, sa fait vraiment plaisir à entendre. C’est vrai que mine de rien c’est beaucoup de boulot pour chaque article donc recevoir des messages positifs et des likes sur les vidéos sa motive toujours =)

      Oui j’ai une assez grande expérience maintenant vu le nombre d’onaholes que j’ai déjà testé, mais bon vu les nouveautés qui sortent encore actuellement, je pense que je suis pas au bout de mes surprises et que les japonais ont encore beaucoup d’imagination pour de futurs concepts. Il suffit de voir la toute nouvelle création de Magic Eyes avec leur tout dernier “Little red riding hood” qui me fait littéralement baver depuis sa sortie xd

      Après oui effectivement j’ai un état d’esprit assez différent de la “masse” de gens qu’il y a chez nous. Mais bon il le faut pour être blogger sur des onaholes. En France de toute façon les gens sont compliqués et n’assument rien de ce qu’ils aiment. Genre tu vois un stand qui fait du hentai à la JE et tout le monde ricane dans son coin en passant devant, je te dis pas ce que ce serait si y’avais un stand d’onaholes LOL

      Mais bon c’est un long débat et on pourrait en parler des heures sans que rien ne change xd

      La mentalité est complètement différente des Japonais.

      J’ai justement demandé à l’un de mes partenaire de me procurer ce lube, donc normalement si ils sont OK j’écrirai un article dessus. C’est vrai que en ayant une bocca dela verita, avoir ce lube avec doit vraiment être une super expérience !

      Par apport à l’entretien, perso mes onaholes après avoir “fini” je les rince juste sous de l’eau tiède. Sans savon, j’en utiliserai jamais d’ailleurs. Ensuite tu sèche bien avec un tissus microfibre et ensuite tu applique le talc. Pour ma part j’ai un gros pot de CADUM depuis plus de 1 an et il me tient encore LOL

      Mais je n’en met pas a chaque lavage parce que c’est chiant et j’ai souvent la flemme, et puis comme le talc absorbe l’eau, tu peux tenir 2/3 utilisation sans que l’onahole devienne super collant.

      Donc en général perso je part sur ce rythme, tous les 2/3 lavages je remet du talc xd

      Sa garde l’extérieur de l’onahole propre comme dit, et puis c’est bien plus agréable de l’avoir en main tout doux et tout plutôt que collant, crade avec plein de cheveux et de conneries accrochés….

      J’ai déjà vu des photos d’onaholes de gens, OMG quoi…….

      En espérant t’avoir aidé!

  13. Salut Cr4zyDuck !

    Je voudrais avoir ton avis sur une de mes futures commandes … Si tu avais le choix entre le Puni ana SPDX ou le lolinco virgo + la bocca della verita, que choisirais-tu ? Je n’ai pas les moyens de m’offrir les trois malheureusement …

    Sinon que me conseilles tu comme revendeur ? Je comptais commander sur le site néerlandais Motsutoys, que penses tu de ce choix sachant que je vis sur Paris …

    1. Salut a toi !

      Perso je pense que cest mieux de commencer doucement et de découvrir de nouvelles sensations petit a petit avec des produit plus imposant comme les hips ou torso voir même des love doll (le love style 48 par exemple qui est juste incroybale selon moi)

      Tu ne peux pas te tromper avec Lolinco Virgo et la Bocca, dans les deux cas ce sont des best-seller de chez Magic Eyes et des onaholes que j’adore utiliser.

      Pas besoin de chercher plus loin avec d’autres marques pour un bon onahole basé sur le blowjob, la bocca pour une 20e d’euros a peine te rendra heureux comme un prince !

      Pour lolinco Virgo, pour moi c’est simplement mon onahole “a une main” préféré, et dieu sait que j’en ai déjà testé pas mal maintenant XD

      Pense plutôt a passer a un torso un peu plus tard une fois que tu sera ennuyé de ces deux la et que tu cherchera de nouvelles sensations. Ce qui est super avec les hips et tout c’est que tu peux beaucoup tamuser avec et faire durer le plaisir pendant bien plus longtemps. Pour ma part je me fais souvent des session de plus dune heure avec le SPDX, c’est juste extra !

      En plus du SPDX qui est de loin mon torso préféré, je peux te conseiller une autre loli qui est toutes aussi mignonne avec de super sensations ! Sujiman Kupa Cocolo. Un peu moins cher, j’ai la version soft qui commence a bien s’user maintenant mais vraiment c’est un super hip aussi a essayer ! Une fois mon SE complètement détruis je vais sûrement me racheter un normal tellement je l’adore XD

      Et pour lenvoi, motsu toys c’est vraiment ce qu’il y a de mieux pour l’Europe. Tu reçois me paquet en 3-4 jours par GLS et pas de soucis de douane ou de taxe, ni d’attente de 2-3 semaines. Même si les prix sont plus cher que sur les sites japonais (NLS, otonaJP, otonaSekai…) une fois les frais de port ajouté au prix plus la possible taxe de douane sa te reviens au même prix.

      Donc autant le prendre chez motsu toys 🙂

      J’espère avoir répondu a tes questions, hésite pas si tu veux d’autres conseils

  14. Hey! May I ask where you got that Shinobu daki? A friend is interested!

    It’d be so damn neat to buy this hip..one day… Hips are too big for this house…

        1. that’s a bootlegger man, but it really is an amazing daki, have it myself(albeit being a bit careless a few times the feet side of it has been damaged slightly, curse my feet)

  15. I hesitate with 2 models the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo or the Puni Ana SPDX , for you i take the first or the second ( or if you have a better proposition with loli 😉 )

    And what is the better between Sarasara Puni Ana Juice / Thick Puni Ana Juice ( or if you have a better lotion for my onahole i take )

    Thank you i love your blog 😀

    (Sorry for my english i’m french)

    1. Hey! Alors pour moi tout est une question de budget en fait, si t’a les moyens de prendre le SPDX dans ce cas je peux que te conseiller de foncer. Si c’est plus ric-rac, tu regrettera rien avec cocolo crois moi !
      J’ai une cocolo SE perso (soft edition) et honnêtement elle arrive au même niveau que le SPDX en ce qui concerne mes préférences. Je dirai même qu’elle donne de meilleures sensations.

      En restant dans le genre lolicious, le Meiki Cherry 2 est un excellent hip! Plus petit tu as Chibiko Idol Sakura de chez PPP que j’aime particulièrement. Sinon pour le doggystyle je peux que te conseille le Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000, son look est tellement ka-wa-ii ! ~ plus lolicious que sa je pense pas que sa existe. Ce sera mon prochain article d’ailleurs xd

      J’ai pas testé les lubes du puni ana, mais je pense que le sarasara (liquide) me conviendrai mieux. J’aime vraiment pas les lubes épais… mon lube préféré est de loin onatsuyu de toys heart, rapport qualité/quantité/prix c’est le top ! Et la bouteille est super MOE !

      Hésite pas si t’a d’autres questions xd

        1. Un bon onahole pas trop cher pour l’insert air pillow serait Virgin Age Graduation. C’est l’un de ceux que j’utilise le plus avec le mien. Sinon je peux que te conseiller le Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo.

          Lolicious, un double layer donc l’intérieur est rose super cute avec une forme en camel toe et des petits seins avec lequels tu pourra t’amuser… et les sensations c’est simple: elles décoiffent !

          Je suis pas un si grand fan de Toys Heart, pour moi ma marque préférée restera toujours Magic Eyes. Leurs produits sont tellement plus beaux, innovants et donnent de superbes sensations.

          C’est simple, après avoir tester leurs produits j’ai plus jamais vraiment réussi à utiliser d’autres plus simples comme ceux de toys heart, au final ils ont l’air de simple jouet lorsqu’on les compares a certaines perles de Magic Eyes.

          Pour une expérience innovante, tu peux toujours tester un type fellation avec La Bocca della Vertia (de Magic Eyes aussi!) ne cherche pas chez d’autres marques pour les blowjob, pour 20 balles t’a un truc de dingue et qui déchire là ! Et alors les sensations…….. c’est vraiment extra !

          1. Franchement le Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo donne envie mais La Bocca della Vertia me gène car elle a des dents et j’ai peur de ne pas aimer cela :/

            1. Avant de me la prendre j’avais lu des coms de gens qui disaient avoir carrément enlever les dents car sa leur donner trop de stimulation etc…

              Mais au final, j’ai quand même décidé de franchir le pas et j’ai jamais été déçu, sa a été un coup de coeur instant. Les dents font tout ce qu’est la bocca, si tu enlève cette partie là franchement j’y verrai plus aucun intérêt car c’est la partie qui offre le plus de sensations sur le gland.

              Après je suis circoncis donc j’ai besoin de plus de stimulation et cet onahole convient parfaitement a mes attentes sur ce point, autant sur l’aspect qui est magnifique que sur les performances.

              J’aurai vraiment du mal a prendre du plaisir sans les dents, car une fois passée cette partie le reste est pas si stimulant que sa…

              Lolinco virgo tu peux y aller les yeux fermés, c’est une perle. La version normale est bien aussi mais un peu trop petite pour ma taille donc j’ai fini par le casser, mais il rentre dans l’air pillow donc c’est un bon point (virgo est bien trop grande par contre)

  16. Good instructions on the cleaning; I would’ve never thought to just “plug and wash” the inside.
    It works really well.

  17. I just got mine the other day, and immediately I noticed that the layers at the entrance of the vagina were already separating. Their QC leaves much to be desired considering how much this costs.

    I’m going to try to fix it up with a soldering iron and hopefully that goes well.

  18. I used to own (Amazon being the awesome people they are allowed me to RETURN it!!!) the original puni ana (soft) and I believe i remember someone saying xs panties fit it.

    I plan on throwing this into my amazon wishlist and waiting for a decent sale. Do you know what size panties would fit it well? Thanks for the review!

    1. I actually tried the pair of panties provided with secret twin tails and it did fit perfectly (I already used them for my MC2). But the size is really small. It’s indicated XS on the tag but it’s definitely smaller than real XS. Lolicious XS I guess… xd

        1. Also, would you say this hands down the best hip available? I’ve been looking at the cocolo too which is a bit cheaper however it seems all the ones with actual boobs are of lower quality. How would you rank this compared to maybe your other 3 favs?

          1. Yes, without a doubt. I just used it yesterday night and once again I thought “damn this is really the best thing I’ve ever tried”. It’s really hard to put words on how good this torso feels…

            1. Awesome, ill have to keep an eye on it.

              As far as onaholes go, do you have a top 3? Kinda looking for something aesthetically pleasing that isn’t overly stimulating.

              1. Knowing all the product I’ve already tried, giving a top 3 is really difficult. However I have my own preferences ~

                For single handed onahole, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo is my by far my most favorite (I like many other of course, but this one is realy really good); the masterpiece of blowjob is without a doubt la bocca dela verita (crazy teeth and tonge) ; concerning average sized onahole around 1kg and 1.5kg, Chibiko Idol Sakura is amazing, probably my favorite. I also love “measuring the girls growth” from Toy’s Heart and more recently I bought girls dungeon from magic eyes which is really awesome and fun to use ; for onahips, I had awesome experiences with the Meiki Cherry 2 and more recently the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 (review incoming soon) ; finaly for torso my most favorite is the SPDX (actually it’s my most favorite product of my entiere collection all types of onaholes included) but I’m also fond of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE (I’ll probably get the regular version once this one gets broken, but so far it’s still good)

                1. I own a few Fleshlights and they seem to be superior to just about any onahole in existence in regards to production and quality.

                  It would probably be wise to just get a hip/torso since I already own those, huh?

                  1. So, I went ahead and got the SPDX, it just looks too amazing to pass up on. I’m going to buy a few different panties (Amazon has free returns yeye), would you be interested in knowing my findings on that?

            2. In your review of the Cocolo SE you said you preferred the Cocolo, but here you are stating that you prefer the SPDX. Can you clarify which you actually prefer? I own the Cocolo and am considering purchasing the Puni Ana DX or SPDX, so it would be helpful to know.

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