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Alright today it’s finaly time to dig inside and explore a cute virgin’s pussy. Provided by MotsuToys and made by Toys Heart, Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin ~ is yet one of the few onahole that I’ve tried including this particular “cervix penetration” fetish with that bright pinkish part at the back.

The main gimmick is actually the abrupt change of sensations. Switching between the soft one from the beginning to the hard one at the back inside the womb, all this while getting through a tiny little cervix of only 5mm width. This is something I’m not quite used to but which I found very interesting when selecting this product for review.

So if you have you always wondered how the insides of a virgin 2D girl would feel like, then this review is for you !



Same as usual, let’s first start by taking a closer look at the packaging !

I guess Toys Heart is really one of the best brand concerning the attention they pay to the packaging of their product. Once again, they truly impressed me with that super cute and colorful artwork of that tiny virgin girl.

Just look at how cute she is !

Wearing lolicious twintails along with an unbuttoned shirt (with cute little nekos!), stripped panties (OH MY I LOVE THAT), kneeled down with that childish/embarassed look on her face, just like she was staring right at her Onii-Chan ~

O…Onii-chan, daisuki !!! Dokonimo ikanaeide ! Zutto ishioni io ne ? Onegai, O…Onii-chan, motto atama no nade te ! 

Fuck. I’m getting a boner writting those lines. Stop fantasizing you stupid perv.


Great pictures, safety/quality labels, nice drawing, cute 2D girl, nice colors, parts of text (in japanese)… I honestly can’t think of anything else they could have added to the packaging.

To me it’s simply perfect !

But for once, let’s be honest: Onahole makers all brands included ~ Toys Heart, Magic Eyes, Outvision, G-Project, RIDE, PPP, Rends for my favorites, are always used to provide top class packaging for their product. It’s really something Japanese are gifted with. Not only onaholes, but just take a close look to the packaging of their figure, the cover of some manga, videos games and even foods or candies !

I mean, for an otaku it’s really something unique that couldn’t be thrown away that easily…

And HEY look at that ! ~

Cherry on the cake they even bothered adding a booklet of some sort of story related to the girl depicted on the box. Even though I have absolutely no idea what it’s talking about (my japanese is shit) I find that it’s still a very kind gift to add inside the box, and for those who are able to read it then it’s even more interesting =)

(if some of you understood those lines please tell me down in the comments, I’m curious to know if it’s related to some kind of perverted stuff :v)


Once again and same as for Cum Maid – Uterus Sex and Virgin Age Graduation, the onahole comes safely wrapped in a plastic bag and displayed in a hard plastic box along with a small bottle of lube. Hence, it’s hardly possible to get any dammage during the handling. This lube is not that bad by the way, at least way better than those shitty stick provided by Magic Eyes…


Now to the onahole itself ~

First of all the shape is the same as 99.9% of Toys Heart line. Good thing, bad thing ? Everybody has its own opinion, but to me and after having already tried a lot of onahole from their company, I’m seriously starting to get bored of always seeing the same design being used again and again without any new innovation to make it looks different.

It’s really one of the main weakness of Toys Heart and even now I can’t understand why they don’t try to improve that point.

For example, a company like Magic Eyes which is always doing its very best to bring someting new and original for each new onahole’s release is truly more appealing to me than having the same thing brought up to your face over and over again.

Please Toys Heart, take notes.

The inner structure is actually quite simple to undersand. You have a first SOFT part up to the middle and then a HARD part from the middle to the bottom. Halfway through, you’ll encounter that famous cervix that you’ll have to penetrate to access her deepest and most sensitive parts.

Exciting isn’t it ? At least, it sure looks promising !

The first half is single layered, while the “womb” is double layered. I don’t really understand why they didn’t make a whole double layer like with other onaholes… my guess is that they absolutely wanted to conserve the gentle sensations of the SOFT part. On the bottom, we can find two large bumps with some tiny little dots. Apart from that, it also has on the top a few sort of “tentacle” thing right after the entrance and aimed to stimulate your glans. I didn’t expect them to be that big though ^^

The womb has nothing that special to be mentioned, apart a few grooves and little dots. However the material feels much harder and that’s a really good point.

Connecting the two, the CERVIX is the shiny star of the onahole. With a width of only 5mm, its goal is to actually stimulate the fact of getting/passing “through something”. No need to say that with such a small size, you wanna have to force your way through…

With a weight of about 300gr and a lenght of 15cm (12.6cm for the tunnel) this onahole allows quite some fun. Concerning the dimensions of my own ChinChin ~ I didn’t encounter a lot of trouble getting right to the bottom of the womb. At this date, I still haven’t teared a hole at the back so for once I’d say that I’m quite lucky… however, this is not the case for the cervix which ended up tearing apart after the first use.


Alright now comes the most important part of the review, let’s finaly talk about the feeling provided by this onahole ~

Honestly the first couple of times I didn’t enjoy it that much for a simple reason : I didn’t understand how to use it properly. This onahole is really different than all the other that I’ve already tried so far, mostly due to the abrupt change of tightness and the cervix.

With Tight Virgin, you won’t be able to stroke yourself at a regular path like you would do you with other onaholes. You’ll need to learn first, and then practice. That’s why to me, the very first session weren’t that pleasant…

Actually, the cervix is REALLY tight. Getting through the first part is a piece of cake, but then you are suddenly stoped at this point and you can’t go further in. Hence, you have no other choice that applying more force to finaly get inside the womb…


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there we go !

Once the cervix passed, you’ll finaly start feeeling something. Because honestly, the first part is shit and useless as fuck, I couldn’t feel anything. But once inside the womb, things are getting serious.

With your ChinChin all the way inside, air is all out implying a great vacuum. Vacuum also implies that the womb will be clinging to your glans like CRAZY and as I mentioned before, with this harder material and all those grooves and dots, the feeling is completly overwhelming !

Adding to that the extreme pressure of the cervix on your glans, I’d say the second half of the onahole deserve a good 10/10.


Over the uses, I also found a couple of annoying things.

  • The lube LEAKS from the pussy. Beside being messy as fuck, lube isn’t free either. Plus, if everything leaks out, the insides will feel dry so you wanna have to refill it, and again everything will flows out. You damn vicious circle !
  • Getting used to the onahole might be quite troublesome. You’ll always have to apply more power to fuck the cervix, and that for each and every back and forth. Hence, it was 100% sure that the material wouldn’t be able to stand the repetead pressure and so (at least on mine) the cervix ended up tearing apart.
  • What I was hoping for was that once inside the womb, I would be able to STAY inside and keep on pounding her like that. But it’s not really possible since the womb isn’t deep enough ~ so you’ll always have to go out-in-out-in…


Tepid water, rince it under the fosset and pat the insides/outside dry with a microfiber towel. Powder it every 2/3 washes to prevent dust and shit to stick on it, DONE !


This onahole is really unique in its conception. I’m glad because after all this time, I’ve finaly found a product reproducing the penetration of the cervix along with the womb ! However, you’ll necessarily have to get used to it before getting some pleasure. That’s kind of troublesome.

Nevertheless, I really love using this onahole. Now that I’m used to it, I can honestly say that it actually worth it ~ but I’d rather recommend it to people with a womb/cervix penetration/defloration fetish. Otherwise, you probably won’t like it that much.

By the way, the best experience I had was with the Insert Air Pillow !

Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin ~ Cr4zyDuck
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Nice deflorating sensation + Good for cervix/womb lover + Feels very good once you get used to it + Easy to wash + Esay to hide + Durable material + Doesn’t get sticky (apply powder!) + Smells nice + AWESOME artwork (VIRGINS LOLIS are justice) + Safe packaging + Small bottle of lube provided + Good price range
– Basic shape – Lube LEAKS from the pussy – You need to learn how to use it – Cervix tore apart after first use – Womb isn’t deep enough (you can’t stay inside)
User Review
4.5 (2 votes)

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  1. Just wondering, do you have a top 10 favorite recommendation? Iwant to buy my first onahole thats really amazing and easy too hide. Thank you,

  2. This was one of my first onaholes along with virgin age. Never really liked it, so i put it back in the box and its just been collecting dust ever since. The entrance feels… Gelatinous. Should be more firm imo.

    1. About Toy’s Heart: yeah there’s a discrepancy between their logo (no space) and their brand text (with space). Anyway thank you, I merged the tag πŸ™‚

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