Ritopuri – Little Princess

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, the selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is/was a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

Yahaloo !!

It’s been such a while since I haven’t posted anything on the blog, it’s really a weird feeling to come back here after all this time ! Plus, today is very special since I’ll introduce to you a new brand called ONAGAN and that has still never been showed on Onahole.eu before.

For my first experience with this company, I requested from the nice guys of OtonaSekai the loli themed hip “Ritopuri – Little Pincess” ~ let’s check this out !



The reason why I choose this onahip instead of other products is simple. Firstly, because it was a loli themed hip, secondly because both her pussy and ass were double layered and finaly because of that BEAUTIFUL box design !

I know I already said that many onahole artwork were part of my favorites, such as Puni Ana DX, Puni Ana SPDX, Sujiman Kupa Cocolo or Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000. But I’ve NEVER had such a crush over an illustration than with the Ritopuri. I didn’t even care about the hip itself at first, the only thing that I was so pleased with was that super exciting drawing with all the fluffy stuff all around the packaging which ends up in making the box look super MOE and KAWAII while being on quite a lewd hentai side too.

So to this moment, I consider this packaging as my most favorite one EVER over all the product I’ve already tried !

I admit that for an otaku freak like myself, it just scores all the fetish that I love in hentai ~ first a super lewd pose with this girl being completly naked, her tiny, pinkish, lolicious nipples fully erected while she’s being fully spreading her pussy to let us have the best view on her wet, tight, insides. It’s truly something Japanese are fond of, either in hentai, doujinshi or JAV, you oftenly see the girl spreading her vagina like this before sex or after she’s got creampie. In short, I fucking love this too and I’m glad to see it on such a packaging. It’s super lewd but also so damn cute !

Among that, her shy and innocent expression is definitely a turn on and finaly as a thights lover as myself, seeing such beautiful zettai ryouiki is definitely the cherry on the cake to make this illustration the best I’ve ever seen.

After a bit of research, I ended up founding the pixiv gallery of the artist behing the illustration ~

Strangely enough, both the Ritopuri and the Puni Ana DX features the exact same box proportions. I don’t really know why, but at least seeing these two together fill my otaku heart with tons of MOE and lolicon HENTAI thoughts…


And finaly this is how it looks like when you take her out of the box ~ I’m glad to see that ONAGAN, even as a new brand, went for that kind of setup with plastic bag and plastic stand in order to ensure safety of the product during the shipment.

And like always a small stick of lube, not too bad but only good for 1 or 2 uses. If you’re like me and you plan on fucking those holes a lot, then it would be better to get the appropriate loli juices to go with her, like the Ubujiru – Aroma Rose ! The strawberry smell combined to that lolicious hip is just too good…


Honestly and despite that beautiful artwork, I was still quite worried about the quality of the product regarding many aspects ~ quality of the molding, durability, smell, quality of the material, feelings etc…

And surprisingly, comparated to other relatively bad experiences I had with other makers (like the Squishy Sisters from Rends *cough cough*) the Ritopuri – Little Princess is doing quite some impressive job.

The molding quality is very nice and tries to reproduce to the best the pose of the girl of the artwork with those wide spread leg and that half opened pussy. It kinda looks like the scene of some hentai anime were the girl’s vagina can’t close up properly after being fucked for hours…

It has some tiny flaws though, like those two tiny sort of square marks on each of her thighs. We need to look very closely to see them though so it’s not that bad to bother me honestly.

Her pussy is very nicely shaped on the outside with the outer lips and clitoris. But in the inner side you can see some pieces of TPE scraped a little bit on the walls and which makes it looks a bit bad. Otherwise she’s pretty heavy, more than 2KG and her skin feel so smooth that it’s nearly addicting to pat her thighs and belly while inside her.

Instead of the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 the color of this one is much more realistic and less “white”. The shape looks also less toyish and more real. It seems that Onagan tried to add some tummy muscles above the pussy as well as on her belly button and I admit that it looks truly exciting.

Her insides are made in a sort of red layer in the pussy and a more pinkish one for the anal. It looks really, really good and lewd. You just want to pull out your dick and start thrusting inside her as quickly as possible…

On the following pictures, you can clearly see the differences between the Mochi2000 and the Ritopuri ~ those two onahip are very similar in the shape while being quite different regarding many other aspects such as as the sensations, the insides, the material or like I said the color.

This pussy to pussy view looks so good, just looking at it already brings up lewd hentai yuri thoughts in my mind…

Last but not least, this onahip is still quite something and won’t fit in your pocket like other regular onaholes. The weight is around 2KG like I said which is pretty average in this price range. I would say the Ritopuri fits actually in the same hip category as the Puni Ana DX and Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000.

From top to bottom it’s around 18cm long while the inner tunnel of both pussy and anal might be around 15/16cm ~ quite a good size actually, I haven’t encountered any major issue with that even with my gaijin penis. Or maybe only when I’m 100% rock hard, my glans kinda create a sorta bulge at the top but so far I haven’t noticed any tears nor anything so I would say it’s alright.


Ok now to the main dish, the sensations. Let’s cut it short, this onahip feels SUPER GOOD !

The pussy is a sort of mix between Sujiman Kupa Cocolo and the Love Style 48, getting your dick inside while previously warmed with an onahole warmer will gives you some fucking gosebumbs. While inside, you’ll be feeling her vaginal walls clenching down on your penis like crazy, trying to milk you out as quickly as possible in order to fill her baby room with your seeds.

For a hip, the vacuum truly is something. Usualy it’s a feature you would mostly find on regular onahole, but here this little princess won’t be letting down her grip from your crotch that easily. It’s quite incredible once all the air is out and her pussy filled to the brim with your cock to witness her tummy muscles litteraly moving and tightening down your shaft at every back and forth.

The dual layer is playing a major role too since it helps enhancing the sensations on your glans. It’s even more effective here since both her vagina and pussy use two different type of inner material !

Grabing her loli ass while making her jump on your lap is also something indescriptible !

Usually I always prefer pounding the pussy with my hips, but here the anal sensations are truly unique.

Getting inside is a bit harder than the vagina due to the tight and small entrance, but damn once in her innermost place the sensations is truly…. indescripable. It’s so hot, tight, wet and you feel every part of it clenching down like crazy on your member. I think it’s the first toy that ever made me enjoying anal sex so much to be honest.

If I only use her ass, I definitely won’t be able to hold back my climax for more than 10 minutes so much the sensations is intense. That’s why switching between the anal and pussy is the real trick to enjoy your faping session to the best.

On the other hand I adore the pussy for one simple reason : she provides amazing feeling but just the right amount in order not to make you cum too quickly. She always pushes me to my limit without making me crossing the line, hence my dick can enjoy the intense pleasure for a long time before cumming.

Because yes, cumming means the fun is over… 🙁

I am oftently using my Bocca Della Verità in addition to this hip in order to alternate a bit with some oral sex, it’s the best blowjob onahole anyway so it’s only good to use it with such a good hip !

So there I have anything I need from a girl, anal, mouth and the most important her pussy ! What’s left ? Oh yeah her boobs, well I also own a pair of Imouto tits from Magic Eyes that I use in addition LOL


This hip is quite easy to wash, at least if you already have experienced other type of product of the same weight and size. Instead of the Puni Ana DX and the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 the Ritopuri does not feature an open ending for easy flushing, but honestly I don’t care much because it does not really make cleaning easier.

Flushing is useful for product where you can’t quite reach the bottom with your thumbs, like the Puni Ana SPDX for instance. But here you can easily scrap the insides of each holes in order to get every fluids out without any trouble.

As always I recommend adding some baby powder from time to time so as to enjoy the incredible smoothness of her skin. Yeah I know the saying “cornstarch is better, talcum destroy your toys”, but from my experience the only thing that sometimes screw my onaholes is my dick. When the insides are too fragile it all becomes a real mess and sometimes it’s even unusable after only one or two times. So frankly, I have other things to think about rather than this debate between baby powder or cornstarch. Talcum has special bottle which makes powdering easier so why would I bother why a shitty package of cornstarch in the first place ?


For a brand I didn’t know anything about a couple of months ago, this hip is truly an amazing surprise. Durability is awesome, to this date I only have a small little tear at the top of the vagina, sensations are great and in BOTH holes, it smells good, it’s well molded with an attractive and lewd shape and finaly both tunnels are double layered !

I definitely put the Ritopuri on the same scale as the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 and the Puni Ana DX.

In short, it’s just 2KG of pure happiness ! It truly worth it, and I hope to see more awesome stuff from ONAGAN in a near future ~

Ritopuri - Little Princess
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ BEST PACKAGING EVER ! + Super MOE and CUTE + Safely displayed + Awesome material and moldind + Amazing feelings in both holes ! + Durable + Easy to clean
– Pussy lips are a bit scraped on the inside – Vagina is a little bit too short for my size

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41 Replies to “Ritopuri – Little Princess”

  1. >a super lewd pose with this girl being completly naked

    What are you even talking about? The box clearly has her wearing thigh-high black socks, so she isn’t COMPLETELY naked.

  2. thanks a bunch for the heads up do you also happen to own Kokos SAMANDA big hips as well? seems pretty good

    1. Sorry, don’t have that one but I have very mixed feelings about it. Tunnels themselves look quite interesting, but since they’re open-ended and overall design is kinda meh, I probably wouldn’t even try, especially with that price tag.

      To be honest, if we’re getting into higher price tags, I’d rather try some of those automatic onaholes with multiple programs, or throw a bunch more money and buy a full doll from Piper.

  3. Hi!
    Was considering whether to get this Hip or a hip from Tamatoys something called メスはめ do you by any chance own that hip? they both really look alike

    Thanks in advance

    1. Depends on what you’re into. I bought Ritopuri with a mixed feelings and I must admit it’s really underwhelming – while multilayered (or “only” double?), the tunnel lacks any stimulation for me, it’s too smooth. And this rugged entrance looks even worse in real life. I wish I’d buy Fuwa Mochi 2000 instead, even if it’s an open tunnel, or this Mesuhame because it seems to have more stimulating holes.

      I bought a bunch of onahips to try them out and I have to admit – only Cocolo feels nice, and Puni Ana DX while not as stimulating (and open-ended) at least looks fantastic with those buttocks, and is damn easy to clean. 😀

      But Ritopuri, sorry, is a huge disappointment. For me, that is.

  4. Hi Cr4zyDuck!
    I have a question, Is safe to use baby powder inside the pussy or just for the outside surface?

    1. it’s not safe to use at all. it’s not about the toy. talcum was recently revealed to contain asbestos. just use corn starch

  5. In my opinion the pleasure and joy you have with the toy is the most important thing, durability is secondary. I have researched countless Onahips on different blogs and read reviews about them. In the end I decided to buy the Ritopuri as my first Onahip and I hope I did the right thing.

    I wanted to ask you Duck about your opinion and experience with Onahips (>=1kg).
    Out of all Onahips you tried so far which one would you say gave you the best orgasm?
    And what are your all time top 3 Onahips in terms of pleasure / sensation / feeling?

    And compliment on these reviews, they are really helpful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words on my review =)

      So for my top 3 onahips at this time I would say :

      – Hanjuku Succubus, I haven’t made a review yet I’m a bit lazy, but this toy gave me some crazy orgasms and it looks so beautiful

      – Ritopuri, even though mine has damages now and I had to repair it, the sensation still remain amazing mostly in the ass which is super intense

      – Puni Fuw Mochi 2000, I reviewed it quite a long time ago but I still love using it, especially because it’s the only one where my dick pops out at the end ^^

      I also include my tops torso which are above 1kg

      – Puni Ana DX, quite expansive but super cute if you love lolis <3 and the feelings are so incredible

      – Sujiman Kupa Cocolo, a classic from magic eyes with one of the best and realistic pussy feeling I have ever experienced with a toy, 10/10 for sure !

  6. This is my first time using a onahip and I got to say that it feels awesome! I got it a week ago after reading your review because it made me so horny! And I got to say, I really like this toy! And I’m a lolicon too :3. Although the durability of the anal hole is a bit questionable. Mine has a small tear that almost goes down to the pussy, so the entrance is not as tight anymore. Honestly it’s not a big deal but it is quite visible which is a bit of a shame because it kind of breaks the illusion. Other than that, I’ve had so much fun using Ritopuri, lolies ftw!

  7. Do you live in the US? I really want to get both this and the Rose Ubujiru with their respective box/label for that lolilicious art, but since they’re even worse than Cocolo in terms of indecency I’m worried about customs. How’d you get it through?

    1. I live in France sorry buddy :/

      I guess your only choice is to buy it through a Japanese retailer. But lately it’s becoming hard since NLS has closed its international website and otonasekai is in a strange situation so better not ordering from them atm.

      Your only choice would be to get it from OtonaJP if they still have it in stock, and ask them to undervalue the package and change the shipping content to avoid custom trouble.

      I did that for absolutely all my loli related stuff, including dakimakura, shirts, bedsheets, poster, games, onaholes of course and MOSTLY figure and I’ve never had any control. The only thing custom care about, at least in France, is the indicated value. Otherwise I never got any package inspected if I undervalue the shipping label.

  8. I just got this but the top of the vagina ripped after the first use and after a couple more uses there’s a good 1 inch rip in the inner layer.

      1. So far, it has two major damages. The first one, not too important, occured a few uses after the review was published. It reseulted in a tear of about 1cm from the clitoris to the inner tummy. I guess it was due to my erection size which might had been too big for her. I read other people complaining about this and for all of them the pussy lips tore somewhere because the vagina couldn’t handle the stretch.

        Btw I’m between 17 and 18cm with a hard on so I guess for smaller size you shouldn’t have this problem.

        Either way it’s just a matter of look, it doesn’t affect the feeling so that’s a relief.

        Second damage, the most important one. The back of the vagina tunnel ended up breaking (the joint weren’t very well molded and started giving way after some months of use) and now I can see my glans poping out if I’m not careful to not trust too deep inside.

        I guess it’s once again a matter of penis size, the product doesn’t seem to handle westerners dick too much and hence after ponding her womb too deep during my faping session this is now the result. Hopefully I’ll try to repair this with a soldering iron by melting the TPE to close the open ending and make better joints.

        Hope it’ll handle it over the time, but so far the product in general is still perfectly clean and feel as good as the first time. Asshole is amazing and doesn’t have any damage nor tear, probably because I use it less than the pussy.

        All in all the damage is just on the vagina, all the rest is all green !

  9. When you order onahole lolicones products, they do not bring you problems due to the law of the United States, and when you ask the onahole they bring them to the door of the house or you have to go elsewhere. and another question kanojo toys is reliable to send packages to the United States, I ask because I was reading that some sexshop, they are fraudulent and can defraud people

  10. Is there some way to sort reviews by score? I need an easy way to find the top rated ones for my first purchase.

  11. Would you say this or the Puni Ana DX feels the best/is the most lolicious? :3
    How would you compare them? Trying to decide which to get.

    1. Both are super lolicious to me while being quite different. I love both artwork but as I said I had a realy crush on the Ritopuri.
      The Puni Ana DX is more durable since it’s made in single layer, but due to the open ending of both tunnel, sensations are weaker than the Ritopuri (no vacuum).
      All in all it’s just a choice regarding what kind of experience and feeling you are looking for, with the DX being a bit softer but more durable and the ritopuri more intense but fragile with the two inner layer.

      In any case, you will probably not regret your purchase =)

  12. So which one wins out in your opinion, this or Cocolo?

    Been using Cocolo for months and looking for another big investement

    1. It’s like asking me to choose between two lolis, sorry but I can’t really answer this. I guess if you already enjoyed cocolo then it’ll be the same with the Ritpuri. Even though it’s a bit different since you’ll be switching from a torso to a hip.

      1. well, i had another option i was thinking about too, Puni Ana SPDX….

        i’m torn choosing between Ritpuri and Puni Ana SPDX right now…

  13. Hey, thanks for the reviews that you have done so far, are you by any chance going to be reviewing “love style strawberry” from magic eyes, since it seems to fit into your comfort zone. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thann you for your kind words 🙂
      Actually yes I already have her since a couple of weeks now so I’ll write the article soon. But before that I have an other product to review and which is super awesome ! So stay tuned 🙂

    1. Sorry you won’t see any review of toys heart product from me. I kinda got bored of this brand since I find that all their onaholes looks always the same. But maybe AkaiHebi or AnonD will review it, I dont know.

  14. I FEEL THE SAME WAY! The art of this product is just superb! I’ve wanted to buy ritopuri for quite some time. I haven’t seen ANY reviews, so I wasn’t sure if i should go ahead! thank you for showing me there’s nothing to fear. 🙂

      1. you should get in on puni ana miracle even if youre not a breast guy, and you like lolis. The puni ana loli growed up!

        1. That puni ana miracle is fresh from the oven! That thing is 10kg/22 pounds XD. I can’t wait for a review on that.

          1. Oh I love Bishoujo boobs too ! From time to time it’s nice to see such wonderful breast, even though lolis and lolis chest will always have the upper hand for me LOL

            I already thought about the Miracle DX. I would love to give it a try. But those 10KG is a bit too much for me so I don’t know yet. We’ll see with the provider if he can send me one once its available 🙂

            1. It’s nice to know that you have rounded tastes such as I. 🙂 Good luck! I crave that size!

              1. It depens actually lol
                Sometimes I’m in periods where I can’t stop reading cute loli doujinshi, and some other time I prefer hentai (or dounjinshi too) with beautiful bishoujo 🙂

                Shoujo Ramune is a pure blessing for me since it combines the loli that I love so much in doujin in an hentai anime ! <3

                But yeah I'll definitely consider the Miracle DX once available. Knowing how good the DX and SPDX were I have high hopes for this one. But once again those 10kg kinda turns me down, it might be so big and heavy… annoying for shipping, storing, washing and hiding…

                1. Actually I just got the gokujyou beautiful body! its 2.5 kg of pure SEXINESS!!! I’m starting to question my sexuality because of these fuck rubbers…. *strokes the onaholes softly and assiduously) ..I’m not the only one, right?

  15. You need to try the Fuwatoro version of the Puni Ana dx. It is amazing. I would say as good as the Puni Virgin 1000 fuwatoro.

  16. Welcome back, Cr4zyDuck!

    Another great in depth review. It makes me wish I got this one instead of the Cocolo. Though I would have the same problem, as this hip would not fit those pantsu that well.

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