My Neighbor Girl

Childhood friends.

The people you shared your early social years with. Aside your family, they are the people who know the best where you came from and what you did. And so, they also know a bunch of embarrassing secrets about you. And that’s the experience ToysHeart brings forward with this onahole !



ToysHeart doesn’t shy away from some details on their product page: yes she’s the girl from the neighbourhood you fooled around with, and with whom you played “doctor”, exploring each other’s body innocently and learning what’s similar (and different) between boys and girls, shortly before playing tag and stealing sweets from grandma’s candy jar.

More than a decade later, after you both childishly splashed each other at the park’s fountain (thus making her white top slightly see-through), she brings up those memories.

We had played doctors and patients, right…?

You can’t help but look each other, pondering all the physical changes puberty caused you over the years. And so you decide it’s time for a follow-up examination…

Busty playful girl covered in water and wringing her skirt, looking back and grinning at you like “blushing, eh ? just you wait, you’ve seen nothing yet~”

I mentioned the fountain before because on one side of the box you see her with naked legs and feet. For the other common anime setting for splashing each other wet (the beach), she’d wear a swimsuit instead of a school uniform.

All in all, ToysHeart picked a very nice illustration for a childhood friend. Only complaint here: her huge breasts shoving to your face that “Japanese are crazy about oppai”.

Lastly, quick note: the original product name is εΉΌγͺじみ  [osananajimi], which very accurately translates into “childhood friend” in English. However ToysHeart and most shops use “neighbor girl”, ditching the concept behind the toy πŸ˜•


Inside the box, you find a plastic tray safely holding the onahole and a 12mL sample of Vanessa & Co lubricant (enough for 2 uses). The lubricant is fairly good. As with most onaholes, choose water-based lubricant once your sample is empty.


The onahole sits between medium and small size categories. Since the total size is exactly the average human penis size, westerners should take it into consideration. While the toy is really flexible…

… you maybe don’t want to poke too hard at the bottom. It’s also better to keep some air space at the bottom so the onahole can provide some suction.

The onahole is single layer, and features a tightening entrance, a ridged spiral, a clover-shaped “cervix” and a ribbed bottom chamber.

ToysHeart used their Pure Skin material for this toy, which is soft and has as good as no smell. The processing is okay, made in Japan, the entrance is well shaped, but the surface shows lots of little bubbles and minor imperfections. The base of the toy is kinda raw, as if cut with a blunt knife (see picture from NLS above). It’s all within acceptable margin for a toy in this price range, but those can get unforgiving if ToysHeart targets premium market.


Toysheart describes this toy as tight and below-average intensity.

Indeed: the childhood friend tightens quite a bit around you ! The narrow entrance prevents any air/lube leakage and gives a satisfying sensation upon penetration. The main structure of the onahole clamp down around you and slightly resists your penetration, and you clearly feel the ridged spiral gliding around your glans as you move deeper.

Yes it’s tight but not to the point it’s uncomfortable, it’s less “crushing” than Virgin Age Admission, but heck it doesn’t welcome you that easily ! This is not an onahole you can use with a half-boner. If you use this toy with your partner, make sure they have a strong boner before sliding them into the onahole.

Reaching the bottom, you can distinctly feel as your glans poke through the cervix and fill the chamber. The change in the walls’ structure offer a nice variation in sensations, and you can play alternating shallower strokes in the spiral and deeper pushes to the bottom. Still, edging with this toy is a bit challenging and more than once I felt some yet unwanted cum making it’s way out inside my tightened dick (it’s then a matter of control to prevent the actual orgasm from happening or else you won’t keep hard enough during the refractory period).

But when it’s time to cum, gosh !!! so satisfying πŸ’¦


The cleaning process is pretty simple and straightforward since it’s a single layer onahole: turn it inside-out, wash, soap up a bit, rinse, turn it back, clean a bit the outside, pat dry with a towel or tissue, and let it dry completely in the air (away from direct sunlight). To prevent dust, you can store it in a breathing toy storage bag.

Optionally you can spray some disinfectant inside (would highly recommend that if you share the toy with your partner, or if mold easily grows in your location), and if you want the external surface extra smooth then you can pat some talc or corn starch.


Overall it’s not a jaw-dropping product ToysHeart made here, but it strikes me as a well-made tight onahole (a property in which errors get easily made). Still, the factoring lacks some QA since the surface shows several little bubbles and imperfections. On the material itself ToysHeart scores high once again: it’s very flexible and doesn’t smell. The structures make an enjoyable experience while not being realistic. Made in Japan, and sold at a very fair price. Good job !

My Neighbor Girl
  • 7.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10


+ nice illustration + pretty good price + high material quality + tight and high sensations
– factoring imperfections (small bubbles, crude cutting)
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4 Replies to “My Neighbor Girl”

  1. Great toy let me tell you why:

    -Hard material, great stimulance
    -End chamber with suction
    -Good for large member

    I enjoyed this toy so much if you don’t like soft too much, than get this!!!

  2. I store all of my onaholes in two cardboard File Boxes. I have cut several pieces of PVC pipe or PVC pipe junctions, and I store the onaholes in them vertically, so when I take the lid off of the box, I am greeted by about 18 “smiles” from each box. I am also a bit of a handyman, so I have melted small exit holes on the back ends of my onaholes to allow for more easy cleaning. I have also manufactured a smoothe plastic “plug” that efficiently seals the onaholes during use, so I do not lose any vacuum features because of the exit holes. After washing and a thorough shaking, I lay my onaholes on a piece of cardboard and direct a small desk fan at the opening to get them air dry. For the ones that just don’t want to stay open, I put a very small piece of PVC pipe in the opening to ensure airflow.

  3. AkaiHebi did you rent a storage unit with all of your toys? :p Even if you don’t keep everything and some are easily broken you must have one hell of a collection.

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