Long time no see, G-Project !


NUKO NUKO, is the name. ぬこぬこ. Mmmh…


The NUKO-NUKO series consist of G-Project’s first “onaholes with chest”, and as of today 3 versions exist:


While version 2 is basically the same as version 1 but with “tanned skin”, version 3 introduces a “double ring” inside for extra stimulation. Also, while version 1 and 2 are the same girl on the packaging (respectively taking a shower and having fun at the swimming pool), version 3 is.. the donuts queen or something. “Rings”, you see ?

I had trouble deciding what to ask to NLS, so I thought I’d just wishlist the first one and see how it goes, and the internet approved by vote. There’s a little something about the packaging, I’ll let you discover in the stream 🙂

So now, for the onahole:


In shape and material, NUKO-NUKO reminds me of Onaho Fairy. The momochi material feels nice to the touch, and has hardly any smell. Really good quality.

But, notice the hole ? Seems a bit small, right ? Well, I don’t know if it’s “by design defloration” or not, but that entrance ripped wider at first use.


Not good. Now, inside.


Looked promising, ended up deceiving 🙁  The first half has a few little bumps that feel okay but lack some tightness (that’s where NUKO-NUKO version 3’s ring should come in handy). Then a “slope” where not much is going on, and a final part that’s too small to wrap the penis tip fully or provide some suction/vacuum effect. Oddly nothing’s really keeping the lube inside, the walls being quite slippy, and you quickly end up feeling as if you need to refill with lube. Too quickly. You turn the onahole around, “fucking the onahole from behind” works for a moment, then it’s the same story: you feel you aren’t sliding as easily as before, you pull out, reapply lube, and go in again. The entrance gives the most stimulation but you die to slide deeper, but deeper is less stimulating the glans.

Version 3 would make much of a difference ?


.. I doubt. While ring 1 is at a good spot, ring 2 is well too deep and will bring nothing big to the glans. And remains this flat slope in the middle where you can only wish a few ribs.

So really, NUKO-NUKO’s not for the stimulation. Results may vary with your penises.

Quick and dirty: cleaning’s no uncommon hassle, it’s easy to turn inside-out for flushing out all the stuff. And the including 2-3 times bag of PePe lube plus storage bag are really positive. It dries rather fast, and doesn’t get too sticky. No really, material isn’t G-Project’s weak point.

Music: Journey to a Legend, by Orchestra

  • 3/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Nice material, good packaging ideas, but lacks in stimulation

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3 Replies to “NUKO-NUKO”

    1. Most onaholes are okay 🙂 but how small and thin ?
      Right now I used “Onii-chan is pervert” (not blogged yet), this fits 6cm/2.3″ length and 1cm/0.4″ width 🙂

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