Vagina? Mouth? Why not both?  Few such products exist all in one, and industry newcomer ONDO understood that’s how they can penetrate the market. Today, let’s take a look at NUPU, a double-sided onahole for twice the fun!



As you know, the packaging and illustration play an important role for Japanese sextoys, and specifically onaholes. And right from the start, ONDO doesn’t cut corners: the overall design reminds of G-Project’s products.

The quality box features a sharp printing, showing a blond blue-eyed young woman in a dress and garterbelt, opening her mouth, with drool on her face and onto her big exposed breasts. Fresh fuel for fellatio fantasies.

The information on the box is rather minimal and straightforward, showing the main characteristics of the toy, it’s inner structures and features.


Inside the box, you find the onahole wrapped in a plastic pouch (which is something quite uncommon in the onahole world), and a 8mL sample of water-based lubricant to get started right away. While the lube is rather good quality, with only 8mL you get about enough for one single session, so make sure to have a lube bottle ready.


Once the pouch is opened (by unbinding the top, or impatiently ripping it open), you get a good grip on the onahole and can examine it.

The toy is 190mm long, 74mm wide, 78mm high, and weights 458g.

One thing you notice right at opening: smell. NUPU got this distinct stinging odor you’re maybe familiar with if you own Tamatoys, A-One, NPG or Magic Eyes onaholes. Let’s hope that’s something ONDO can quickly improve upon. Luckily, that smell wears off and after some time (and a few washes).

À propos washes: ONDO added a little bonus to it’s product by painting the lips and vulva in pink. That’s nice and cute! Sadly, over time, and washing with normal soap….

… the paint vanishes, leaving the lips and vulva the same coloring than the rest of the toy. Let this be compensated with the onahole’s natural ability to reshape slightly it’s internal structures to adapt to it’s user’s dick.


The dual-sided design of this onahole provides a variation of sensations.

When penetrating from the “mouth” side, I enjoyed a slight scraping from the “teeth” that sweetly remind me of Bocca Della Verità. While ONDO! NUPU also features a tongue part, it’s internal structures give a very faint wavy sensation. Not unlike a real blowjob, actually. This side is nice for starting a session, edging, and visual stimulation.

The “vagina” side however attacks the penis all around, giving a medium-intense sensation. It’s bumps at the opening stroke along the glans and shaft, larger bumps deeper squeeze distinctively and keeping their grip no matter how fast you stroke. And right in the middle, a tunnel curving that can mimic the throat or… a cervix? It doesn’t take long until it drives me close to orgasm.

Inside NUPU, ONDO blended in two rubber rings set to offer some resistance and tightening, like sphincter muscles. The one at the vagina side is most efficient at it’s job, further squeezing around you with the bigger bumps.

For added fun: I penetrate deeper from the “mouth” side, until reaching the structures of the “vagina” side, giving somewhat of a nice deepthroat sensation. On the contrary, when penetrating deep from the “vagina” side, it’s visually fun seeing my tip poking between the teeth and sliding out.

NUPU also allows partners to have fun penetrating the toy from the two sides at once, teasing each other’s tip or “battle to push out” their partner’s dick from the toy 😁

Overall ONDO NUPU shows very decent performance, albeit missing the “suction” specificity of closed-end onaholes, and the certain risk to make a mess when stuff leaks out from the other side or flowing out if you’re not careful when carrying the onahole to the sink. (yup I left a drop or two of my semen on the hotel floor, leaking from NUPU).


The cleaning process of ONDO NUPU is not very difficult. It requires just carefully cleaning the mouth side as to not rip out the “teeth”. Since the hole goes all the way through the toy, you can easily wash from one side and “flush” out all from the other side.

As usual, clear water and standard soap does the trick. Additionally, you can use disinfectant spray inside, and baby powder for smooth surface outside.


Although new on the market, ONDO got me nicely surprised with NUPU. Sure the toy suffers some flaws (the vanishing painting, the smell upon opening), but with everything the toy has to offer for the price, it’s definitively a noteworthy product.

A vagina and a mouth, 2-in-1, that’s a risk taking. And they managed to do it, crafting a very decent dual layer design including tightening rings, hard teeth and loose tongue. And sure enough, the vulva’s lip shape is not neglected. I like the neat box design, and although the illustration girl isn’t 100% my cup of tea she’s still printed with fine details.

Last but not least: ONDO’s website.  I’m monitoring this.

  • 7.7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7.7/10
  • 5.2/10
    Materials and cleaning - 5.2/10
  • 6.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 6.5/10
  • 8.1/10
    Price - 8.1/10


+ lots of features+ variety of sensations + box design + good pricing + neat website
– smell upon opening-only 8mL of lube – painting vanishing
User Review
6.83/10 (3 votes)

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8 Replies to “ONDO! NUPU”

    1. TPE is not toxic per se, but please don’t eat it 🙂
      Kissing it sometimes should be okay, although unpleasant (yeah the taste of TPE is kinda yuck, trust me)

  1. Oh man, I’m sensing an “all the way through” thing with this if you’re too big…

    It’s the reason why I poked a hole in a few onaholes I had… they’re too small…. given those specs, i’ll likely make it look like I fucked her vag and my dick came out her mouth… kinda like that precure hentai movie where cure black and cure white got banged by a monster (it’s on pornhub if you search)

  2. remember some doujin hentai where the womb act like real mouth? this onaho looks like it can satisfy that kind of fetish

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