You know, I have a wide expectation about onaholes. But this one…  well…  I guess it can still be called so.

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“Why the fuck” ? Because it’s weight/price ratio is pretty horrible: I wanted the R-1 special campaign without ruining on import taxes. And I succeeded. Among the random stuff I got: this.

Let a picture tell you what’s all about:


Bags. No, you don’t blow it up. At least not with air.


Once it’s well filled with warm water, you do the good old “in-out, in-out”:


Done ?


Ok. Let’s comment.

This system is interesting, Rends came up with an.. interesting idea. The lube is good. My water is warm. My dick likes it when I wrap it in something warm. The pocket is warm and gently wraps my dick. My dick feels the warmth. I stroke. No structure at all. It’s flat, totally flat, I’m barely feeling I’m rubbing something around my dick. I actually gain more pleasure by rolling the..  “Hot Girl” around my dick. I’m kinda scared water leaks out or Hot Girl explodes because big European-dick, but nothing happens, not half a liter water on the floor. Somehow manage to cum (I think it’s this hentai-manga’s fault, not Hot Girl). Because surface totally flat, semen and lube flowing out. What now. Back to sink. Wanna let water out. Doesn’t work. Dafuq. Put straw. Water barely gets out. Ok that’s a good valve system, it makes sure it’s really disposable onahole. Put out scissors. Stab a few times. Hot Girl “bleeds” out all the water. Disgusting mass of foiled cold wet sticky plastic. Trash bin. End of story.

You wanted a disposable onahole ? Here you have it. NLS says “You do not know’s Onaho even as it is to throw away after use is also a beauty.”.  Don’t. Ask. Me.

What the hell. And I did cum. God I guess at this point I could cum 24 hours a day just when my underwear touches my dick… How did I… What….   Oh fuck it.

Here, get a “Hot Handjob”.


  • 1/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 1/10
  • 4/10
    Materials and cleaning - 4/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 2/10
    Price - 2/10


Plastic bag you fill with warm water

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2 Replies to “HOT! GiRL”

  1. i know this type of onahole (if you can call it that) they sell it from time to time via condomautomats in (more or less public) restrooms (germany), strange things, don’t import them.

  2. My first homemade onaholes used a similar principle, I used water filled condoms. Have you heard of Soloflesh? It’s a reusuable onahole which you fill with water. It looks pretty interesting.

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