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It’s been about 3 years since I started using onaholes and all the other amazing kinky stuffy right from the Japanese sex industry. After having experienced lots of product such as regular onaholes, hips, torso, blowjob, fake oppais and even mini-doll, I had only thing left to try : butt-toys, or more precisely prostate stimulator.

Motsu Toys kindly sent me a product of this type a few month ago, and even though I had absolutely no experience with that kind of stuff I still wanted to test it and try to write an article about it !


The one I choose from their large list of product is a quite expansive one, the Nexus Revo Stealth. I am really a newcomer in this field but I heard this Japanese brand is quite reliable on its product regarding hygienic and materials standards. Because that’s actually what I fear the most, since instead of an onahole, here you’ll be inserting something possibly dangerous inside your body so safety was my #1 priority.

I would never give a go with the cheap products from amazon, I really can’t trust those shaddy brands…

Anyway, first things first, let’s try with a quick look over the box itself ~

The box in my opinion looks super class. If you are not aware, I’m sure you wouldn’t guess about what is actually inside 🙂

After removing the first layer, youll find the box containing the vibrator in a very stylish design featuring glossy-style letters. Nexus sure knows how to sell their stuff in a nice packaging !


Inside the box you’ll find the “large” vibrator as well as a remote controler which has a capacity up to 15 meter. Bellow that part, are some other addons such a booklet that explain how to use the toy in details, the USB cable for charge-up and finaly a soft little bag in which you can store the product between sessions.


This is how the charging cable looks like, it’s very well made and super easy to use. Actually the part with the two little dots is magnetic and sticks to the vibrator without any problem. You just have to connect the USB and adjust it properly on the toy for the little light to blink in red (aka = charging).

The remote controler has a capacity of reach up to 15 METERS. It is quite a high number and I personaly don’t find it that useful as for myself I’m always using it at my computer with some good hentai, doujinshi or JAV so the distance really doesn’t matter at all.

That is only if you are a lone user like myself. I guess those 15 meters of reach capacity can possibly come in handy in cases where you would be up for some perverted play with your girlfriend, like getting the plug in public and having her tease you from the distance or some stuff like that.

As you can see the plug itself looks very well made but also quite big. The insertable lenght is around 10cm and the diameter is around 3cm ; even though it might be small for some experienced user, as my first toy of this genre I had some real difficulties to get it inside the first couples of time ^^

The power button is located bellow, you need a long press of 3 seconds to switch it on. As indicated on the box, the whole vibrator is water-proof which makes washing easier. The material used for the upper inserting part is made with safe medical silicone so this product is really safe to use.

The bottom part resting against your scrotum has countless little dots aimed to provide more stimulation during your play time. There are also two vibration bullets with a total of 6 patterns (Slow, Medium, Fast, Lo-Pulsating, Hi-Pulsating, Escalate) ; one is located at the base (with the dots) and the second one in the upper arm. Finaly right at the top, there is the 180° rotating head which has 2 different speed (normal and fast).


Let me get right to the point, the feelings provided by this toy are INSANE ! Being used to countless stimulation on my dick, this was the very first time I had my P-spot stimulated and it truly gave me some of the hardest boner I’ve ever had ^^

But damn getting that thing in the first couples of times was truly something. I guess the experienced user won’t need my advice, but for the newbies like me please be careful and take your time for the insertion process. Forcing it in won’t do any good trust me…

Apart from that, the toy is truly perfectly designed to tease your most sensitive parts. Just sticking it completly in and I could feel the pressure from the head against my p-spot, giving me a rock hard boner in an instant.

To spice things up (as if it wasn’t enough lol) you can turn vibrations ON, the rotating head or BOTH at the same time !

Personnaly, I don’t use the vibration pattern much because it seems that I just… can’t feel anything ? I don’t really know how to express it in words but it feels like without any vibration my insides are really sensitives but once I switch them on I loose the ability to focus on those stimulation point, in a word it becomes numb and I don’t feel much.

On the other head, the rotating function is a pure joy to use ! It’s so freaking intense, like, at each stroke I can feel it poking right against my prostate and it gives me such gosebumps of please…

With this mode ON and a stimulation of my dick with an onahole, trust me the feelings are SOOO STRONG that I can barely last a few minutes before cumming buckets !


Well not much to say about this, it’s water-proof so just wash it with soap under clean water and that should do it !


Honestly I can’t say I was not a bit stressed about trying this new spot of stimulation for the very first time. But I still wanted to know how the stimulation of this so called P-spot really felts like, and no need to say that I didn’t expect that much !

Sometimes I even feel overstimulated and can’t last for much long so I try to use it from time to time otherwise I won’t even be able to finish all the 120mn JAV I bought during my trip in Japan (article on a special subject coming soon).

Anyway this vibrator is truly amazing on every aspect, however such feelings and quality worth a price… and what a price standing at nearly 200€ ! If you have the budget and the lust of trying this kind of stimulation, go for it ; if your budget is smaller then go for something a bit cheaper but please be careful and do not neglect on quality =)

Nexus Revo Stealth
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ Nice Packaging
+ Good and safe material
+ Very intense feelings !
+ Easy to wash
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