Real Body 3D – Maria Nordal

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Real Body 3D – Maria Nordal! Made by WILDONE!


Yes, another body/torso onahole! And provided again thanks to MotsuToys ;). The good thing of getting 2 torso toys (this and Puni Ana Miracle DX) is that I can now compare between the two, allowing me to point out easier the ups and downs each one has. As you will see in the pictures below, it’s another beautiful piece of ᶠᵘᶜᵏᵃᵇˡᵉ art, but before that, let’s check the box.


And here is the box.

All sorts of information on the box, even sketches for the character!


And what do we have inside?

A huge torso! And… that’s it. No.. lube… welp.

I can’t read japanese, but watch out, it looks like she might have back pain (don’t apply force on the back, it might break).

Btw, after removing the toy and getting ready to throw the box, I noticed this!

So cute! A small detail but it is very nice 😀

When removing everything, the full artork is in display, and as I said, veery juicy.


Well let’s take a look at the toy!


And a video.

Well as you can see, it’s a big toy! Not as huge as the Puni Ana one, but still a very big toy. Let’s discuss every aspect.
The size, while big, is quite good actually, even though a bit small, it makes it much easier to move around and use, unlike the Puni Ana toy, and a bit easier to wash as well.
The boobs, while not as big, which I would have preferred, are very pretty! So well shaped, I love the way they look. Fondling them feels nice, it’s addicting.

The hips are not huge, but still quite big. Slapping the ass feels just as satisfying as any bigger ass, so no complains there!

The pussy is okay shaped, but just okay. I mean, for a toy this expensive, the holes should be appealing to the eye, even if it will mater just the very first uses, which gets me to the anus. It’s horrible. Just a hole, no skin folding or anything. But at least they’re colored inside with a nice pink color, which is pretty cool.

The toy overall feels good in your hands and the bone structure keeps it rigid. Feeling “bones” when you press certain areas is interesting.


This toy feels… good!

How could I describe it… it’s pretty much your average tunnels, but if I were to compare them to Puni Ana, they feel slightly better and more narrow, so in terms of holes, I’d say this one is the winner.

I think I like the anus the best, is the most narrow one and fucking the toy from the back feels very good.

I tried both missionary and cowboy, and for cowboy this toy works better than the Puni Ana due to it’s size and not being so heavy, so for stuff like using a VR headset this is a pretty decent choice, although I wish it had bigger boobs, lol.


I believe it’s obvious, but cleaning is not very easy, due to the toy’s size, BUT, it is a lot easier that the Puni Ana toy, I’d say. The smaller size and more rigid structure allows it to get easier inside the sink, without it bending too much and needing a lot of force to hold it in place. It is harder than your average hole, one for size inconvenience second for having two holes, but it’s not too bad. For cleaning, this would be a winner between the two.


This is a pretty good toy which I’m enjoying a lot lately. The tunnels, while not something too great, provide a good enough stimulation with the right angle, and it’s body size is perfect enough to be easy to use and sort of, clean. Also the price is good.

  • 8/10
    Appearance - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Sensations - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ beautifully shaped
+ big yet compact
+ good feeling
+ maintenance not too hard
+ good price
– poorly shaped vagina lips and anus
– no added extras like lube
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8/10 (3 votes)

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11 Replies to “Real Body 3D – Maria Nordal”

  1. I like this review and I will definitely get this one. Can you tell me if drying sticks fit in there completely, so that they can reach the end? It would be my first torso and I’m more worried about the drying process other than cleaning.

  2. Thanks for the review, you are the only one I found out there who does such extensive review of toys. Really helpful in deciding if I want to get a toy or not.

    I see that you had mentioned that Puni ana miracle DX boobs are great, so how does the Maria ones compared to that? Does it feel soft or hard inside?

    Since the Real Body 3D line have a few different choices, this might help me deicde if I want to get one from their lineup. Personally I like the look of the boobs on the Anya Kiryan ones.

  3. Hey I’m new. Was on the fence to get this one.

    Do you know if it’s non porous and body safe?

    Like safe to use without a condom for just myself.

    1. Hi! Yes, it is non porous, and it’s completely safe to use without a condom, like most of the sex toys, as long as you wash it later after use.

  4. Too bad it has a foam core, usually companies try to have foam cores to save money but it makes the toys stiff and if you ever accidentally poke a hole in the skin it will get into the foam core causing mold and water issues on the inside of the toy.

  5. hey, thanks for this great review !
    It help a lot and I bought this one 🙂

    It’s a really great product, loved it !

    Now I was wandering to buy the puni hana miracle DX as well…
    Do you think it worth having both of them ?

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