Puni Ana Miracle DX

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Puni Ana Miracle DX! Made by EXE!


Hoo boy, we got a big one today! To be honest, big toys aren’t really my type, I prefer small ones that do the job as efficient and quickly as possible, but I wanted to give this type of toys a try, since you can do so much more. I guess this isn’t an onahole, or hip, how should it be called… a torso? Onahole torso? I don’t know, I guess we will stick with “toy”. Well, let’s check the package first as usual.


The shipping cardboard box it came in was huge, and so is the box of the toy itself. It is really big.

The box next to a can of delicious brevage for size comparison
The box is very well presented, small details like this make it feel like a premium product.
Special material just for the inside of the boobs!

When you open the box, you see a hi-res picture of the Puni Ana character, which is quite nice, but from this point on I do have a few complaints about the presentation.

The bag of lube that comes with the toy is just left hanging from one of the duct tapes, which, by the way, looked very dirty, with small dots of dust all over them. It’s not very appreciable in the photo, but you will notice them right away.

And here is the toy, very well protected with foam and plastic molded after her shape.

When you remove all the stuff inside the box, you can see the full artwork.


And the contents are: the toy, and a small bag of lube… Not even a small bottle for such an expensive toy? Come on, EXE…


And here is the toy in all of its glory ⭐_⭐

Well, this isn’t your everyday onahole, there a lot of things to talk about. First, the looks. It looks frikin’ beautiful. The shape of the whole torso is very good looking and sexy, with the added “bones” inside it makes it look and feel realistic (except for a few parts, like the shoulders which bend). The breasts are huge and very well shaped, probably the prettiest part of the toy. The vaginal entrance has simple closed-like lips, which is fine, and both insides looks very good with that pink color. Now, the anus is a bit disappointing, it is just a machine-made hole, without any skin foldings (*) or anything… for such an expensive product I think small details like that should be present.

The skin feel is the same as your average onahole, you would need powder to keep it nice and smooth. This thing weights a lot by the way, 10 Kg. Lifting it, while a bit troublesome to move around, feels very nice, like you’re having a real torso in your hands. Storing it might be difficult if you’re living with people, this toy might not be the best option if you must be discrete, since bringing it to the bathroom to clean it would leave you hardly undetected. Even storing it could be difficult. What I do is keep it inside my wardrobe and cover it with a towel.

Now, its two main aspect: ass and tits. The ass quite big, squishing it with your hand and slapping it feels sooo nice, sometimes I slap it for a while since it’s so satisfying, lol. It is very fun to play with it. Now, the tits… holy shit, I think they’re the best part of the toy, even more than the holes! The different material used for the inside makes squishing them feel soooooo good. They fill your hand and sometimes you just can’t stop squeezing them, pinching the nipples, slapping them, etc. They’re really really well made. This is the fun part of using a torso rather than an onahole, you can play with it in many different ways.

But after all that fun, how does it feel when you fuck it? Well…


It feels good! Although, not great. Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty good toy, it does it’s job well, but I expected a great torso to come with a great hole. Let’s see a video first.

I was kinda getting turned on while filing it, this could almost pass as fap material, lol

As you’ve already seen, this toy has two holes, a vagina and an anus. The vagina is very soft, penetrating it is easy, although you need to be at least half erect, you can’t get inside if you’re a bit flacid. The tunnel hugs around your penis very nicely, but it doesn’t give you a strong stimulation. The feeling is there but since you’re moving your hips and not molding the walls around your penis with your hand, the stimulation is a bit lower, and that is normal, but for me it is a bit too low, and I think that is due to the very soft material used especially for the insides and the tunnel’s wideness. It is a bit too wide for me, and the walls to not squeeze strongly enough to give that ribs and bumps scratching to my penis.

The anal entrance is a bit more difficult to get into, you need to be fully erect, since the hole is very small. This tunnel feels a bit better since it’s more narrow, so I think I like this one more, although in dual-hole toys I prefer to use the vaginal entrance, and I was hoping the vagina would feel best, but it’s not the case.

The toy is very fun to play with (the torso), and the insides feel nice. Moving it around and trying different positions is really fun, definitely the best part of a toy like this. I tried once a cowboy position, and after a while I came very fast. The feel of a heavy body jumping on top of your hips is veeeery nice =v=, but I probably won’t be trying it again since lifting weight is not my strong point, haha, I think I’ll stick to missionary. One thing to note, while using this toy in missionary, when I’m close to cumming, I like holding it by the hips, and then it starts to feel very good. The illusion of actually fucking a real body gets very strong and it always gives you a great orgasm =v=. Be sure to give it a try 😉

Now, while I love laying on top of the toy/or a dakmiakura and fuck a hole, I do have one issue with this toy, which is that I never can’t find the right angle. It is always a bit hard to thrust, it feel like my penis is hitting a wall or bending the wrong way. Not sure if because of the bone structure, or because I end up losing my erection from time to time, but it’s a bit of a struggle turning it around, trying the different hole, etc. to get some nice thrusts. I tried laying it on top of the bed, then on top of a dakimakura (way better), lifting the upper part with a pillow (the worst way), lifting the bottom part with a pillow… but none seem to quite work. Maybe I’m just too used to onaholes, I don’t know. This might not happen to you, but keep in mind that this might not be the most comfortable toy to use.


The cleaning of this toy is difficult, mainly because of its size. Getting this bad boi under the sink is not very easy, you have to hold it and depending on your sink type, you might not be able to pour water directly into the holes, which happens to me. What I do is insert the bottom part in the sink, leaving the upper part hanging while bending by the middle of the back area, open one hole with the hand, and when it gets a bit of water inside, fisting it while removing the liquids. Surprisingly the holes stretch quite a lot, especially the vagina. This process also makes a lot of noise, so keep that in mind. On a funny note, always when I fist the anal entrance, it makes a farting sound… guess they went overboard with realism, hahaha 😂

After you’re done removing the liquids from both holes, repeat the process while using soap, and then dry the insides with a microfiber towel and the exterior with a regular towel, leaving it completely dry.


This toy is very fun to play with, especially the boobs which feel godly. Moving it around, trying different positions, and the overall experience of fucking a body is really nice. With a few drawbacks, I think this body is a fantastic toy if you are tired of your regular onaholes and want to try something different.

Puni Ana Miracle DX
  • 10/10
    Appearance - 10/10
  • 7/10
    Sensations - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ great packaging
+ beautifully shaped
+ very fun to play
+ gives you the illusion of fucking a real body
+ dual hole
– box interior could be better
– holes might not feel too great if your penis is not very thick
– difficult to move around due its weight
– very big not a discrete toy
– very noisy while cleaning
User Review
4.27/10 (26 votes)

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10 Replies to “Puni Ana Miracle DX”

  1. I seriously don’t understand how one can review these products professionally without hardly ever mentioning basic information like how deep the canals are etc. in almost ANY of the reviews. Nor how the manufacturers can get with it as well.

    1. I know right?? Neither can I… good we are just a group of pals doing this for fun as a hobby and we don’t need to worry about things like those 😛

  2. The Puni Ana Miracle DX was very fun to fuck, very stimulating and it feels like your getting a workout every time that you fuck it because of its weight. Sadly mine broke after a few months because I accidently poked a hole in the skin with my fingernails while I had it riding on top of me and then water started to get inside of it every time I washed it in the bathtub. FYI the toy has sections of internal parts that are wrapped by a thin layer of skin.

    After it broke I started using hip toys without tits because their less expensive and the majority of the time the part that your fucking is the hip section anyway.

    1. Oh yeah… You’ve got a point. I don’t really touch the top section… Just the hip part.
      Hmm. So after the session just hugging pillow dakimakura would be useful.

    2. Oh yeah… You’ve got a point. I don’t really touch the top section… Just the hip part.
      Hmm. So after the session just hugging pillow dakimakura would be useful.

  3. Living in Australia, is there any risk of importing this if I make sure all the packaging is removed?

    1. Well, I don’t know how is in Australia regarding sex toys, but this toy and artwork aren’t loli at all, so… there shouldn’t be anything to worry about? I don’t think you need to remove the packaging at all, but I don’t know.

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