Fuwatoro Mochi

Please gather ’round, together we shall take a look at Fuwatoro Mochi, made by PPP!

Amazingly it’s been over a year since we last reviewed a PPP product. Sure it’s not the most popular brand out there, but their stuff remain quite noteworthy -and they’re currently quite in the Magic Face boom, iteration after iteration, and building up on it.

But they also do thicc onaholes, like this one. Let’s dig in!


As box illustration, PPP selected this artwork by Tomoe Sasamori [笹森トモエ] featuring a busty schoolgirl, bra pulled down, wearing pink panties, but no socks. And she’s showing you her sole on purpose.

hhhnnnnngg 2D girl feet


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, and a small sample of water based lubricant (enough for 1 use)


Fuwatoro Mochi counts as a big-size handheld cuboid-shaped onahole, weighting a beautiful 530g, measuring 65mm in height and 155mm in length, featuring a round hole and a closed bottom. And of course, it can stretch quite a lot of accommodate any penis size.

Fuwatoro [ふわとろ] means “soft, fluffy” and Mochi [もっち] refers to the 餅 rice cake. Don’t chew on the onahole, though!

Upon opening, one thing you notice immediately is the strong smell of the onahole: it’s very soft and mellow, but this also implies the slightly nose-stinging odour. But this is reduced significantly overtime and washes.

Ah also: being so mellow, the onahole gets wrinkles from the wrapping and whatever surfaces you put it on.


Fuwatoro Mochi features a straight single-layer tunnel, whose walls have a “wavy” shape all along, providing a very mild variation of tightening/loosening around the glans.

It also features ridges all around, who don’t account for much in regular use but make an interesting stroking sensation when you rotate the onahole.

The tunnel end with a little vacuum chamber, ensuring the onahole fits snug around the penis.

But the main dish for me here are the plenty of little ribs all along the tunnel. Given the proper thin lube, those provide a quite pleasurable and constant tickle, not unlike the Virgin Loop onahole for example. Without them, the stroking experience would be quite dull!

Overall, Fuwatoro Mochi performs quite good for an edging toy, the thickness of it’s walls contrasting with a hand-wank masturbation but at the expense of less tightness-control. It’s structures can match a variety of fantasies, from the softness of a vagina to the entrance shape of an anus, and skin-texture of feet.

Now thanks to the shape of the toy, it can more easily rest on a surface or be attached still, for handless penetration. But despite the available play options, Fuwatoro Mochi is not the craziest most mind-blowing onahole out there. For example, a light “S” curve of the tunnel could concentrate some more sensations to the shaft, and introduce a guessing game before penetration from the uniform external shape: “which side is the tunnel curving to?”


Bigger than average onaholes are usually more tricky to clean, but Fuwatoro Mochi being so stretchy it’s really not a problem to turn it inside-out for rinsing and cleaning. Simply use regular soap, rinse, pat dry with a clean cloth, turn back to normal, and let it finish drying in a well ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


Fuwatoro Mochi by PPP is not a bad concept by itself, it’s very soft and mellow but still gives out interesting play options and sensations for when you need something mild to edge yourself or your partner. The artwork has a pretty appeal especially for those who thirst for 2D feet, keep an eye on the artist!

One may wonder whether the thickness of the walls are a bug or a feature, between inability to significantly adjust tightness and reduction of the hand-penis contact. In any case, it’s single layer and mellow. Sadly to get it this mellow, processing requires a load of additives – leading to that quite unpleasant smell at opening.

The pricing is pretty good considering the weight of the onahole, downright very good if you’re European grabbing it from Motsutoys.

I’ve experienced much worse 😉

Fuwatoro Mochi
  • 9.3/10
    Appearance - 9.3/10
  • 4.4/10
    Sensations - 4.4/10
  • 9.4/10
    Price - 9.4/10


+ price
+ overall shape
+ thickness
+ illustration
– smell upon opening
– sensations tad too weak
User Review
0.83/10 (3 votes)

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